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Three-Card Tarot Reading

Get a Three-Card Email Tarot Reading for $9.99

These short, quick email readings are fan favorites!

I will email you to chat with you about the theme(s) we will look into with the cards. Your reading will include a photo of the cards, plus an empowering interpretation of the cards and any sort of intuitive messages I get from our Guides while I am working on your reading. Even though these readings are short and sweet, they tend to be full of depth and insight. *Please allow 72 hours from the time I get your question until the time you receive your reading.

Tarot cards from the Aquarian deck. Jungenstil/Art Nouveau-styled tarot cards. Bright tarot cards

In-Depth One-Question Email Tarot Reading for $30

More cards allow us to form a better picture of what lies ahead. Celtic Cross or Custom Readings Possible.
I will email you after I receive payment notification to find out what you'd like me to focus on. These readings work best if you pick a topic in your life: relationships, career, and general life questions are great topics. You will receive a beautiful PDF tarot reading with a picture of the cards I pulled along with a detailed discussion of the cards' meanings -- both together and as individual cards -- and any intuitive messages I receive from our Spirit Guides while reading. *Readings can take up to 72 hours to prepare and send out.

May 4th Card Choice Reveal

Get a personalized reading that will help you explore your life. Readings include a full interpretation plus insights and images of card pulls.

Chat with me in REAL-TIME. $1.99 per minute

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Just received a reading from amazing Susan Ellis-Saller spot on ❤ can highly recommend her

Normally, there is also a nice story being told by the cards, and I take a step back and allow that story to unfold when I analyze the meanings for you. In email readings, you will get a write up of not only the meanings of the cards but also how they interact with each other and what that means for you. There are some questions that work wonderfully with tarot, angel, and oracle card readings – and others that don’t work so well. Here is a little breakdown:

Good questions for tarot, oracle, and angel card consultations are:

What can I do to bring more love into my life?

What can I expect if I choose A, or B?

What do I need to know to best relate to or help (person in my life)?

What is the most likely outcome of this decision?

How does it compare to the outcome of that decision?

What do I need to do to move to the next step?

What do I need to know in order to bring more balance and harmony into my life?

What can I expect from this situation?

What are the positive points? The negative points?

What are my most positive and or negative characteristics?

What can I do to heal myself/my situation/my relationship?

Questions that aren’t good tarot, oracle, and angel card consultations are:

Will I ever… (find love, get a good job, move to the next step)? Of course you will, but in due time.

What does (insert name) think of me?

What does (insert name) think of this other person?

Will we end up getting back together?

Should I leave my spouse for my lover?

Anything medically related, including, ‘Will I conceive,’ and ‘When will I die or am I going to die?’

When will this happen?

What is my future love’s name?

Yes/No questions. (I have a pendulum that works quite nicely for those.)

Your highest and greatest good is my focal point for every tarot reading I lead and I bring my entire toolbox along to serve you. My background as a Certified Transformational Life Coach combined with 30+ years of tarot reading and more than ten years as an Energy Practitioner gives me a rich store of knowledge to use to help you resolve your most pressing issues.

When preparing for a reading, I connect with Spirit, the Wisdom of the Earth, and I call in your angels and guides and mine as well, asking that they make the reading pertinent to your situation and easy to understand and communicate to you.  All readings are given from a loving, non-judgmental space. I use quite a bit of intuition when working with the cards, especially my Angel Tarot deck, and I listen and look for cues and clues that influence the meaning of the cards in each reading. 

Cards pictured below from Erik C. Dunne's Tarot Illuminati Deck.

My Reading Style


I am a Sensitive Soul, with a definite edge. My readings will reflect that – I won’t avoid the nitty-gritty that is going on in your life or try to wash over it. What I will do is hold true to my nature and help you to see what possibilities are open for you. Tarot, angel, and oracle cards are not fortune telling tools in my hands – they provide bits and pieces of visual stimulation that help to bring a person’s conscious and subconscious thoughts to the front of his or her mind so that decisions can be made and action can be taken. I use to help a person to draw out his own thoughts toward what is going on in his life or help her choose the right path toward a happier future. My readings do not guarantee a particular outcome, as the ultimate outcome in any person’s life rests on the decisions that person makes and the actions that person takes. I will not tell a person what to do. My opinion is oftentimes irrelevant and mostly uninformed of the totality of the situations we look into. Knowing this, I gently but firmly place the decision-making process into the hands of the person I am reading for. I use my intuition in our readings, and I will also use my Life Coaching skills as well. Because I am sensitive to energy, I will likely also be able to pinpoint specific blocks that might be holding a person back from fully realizing his/her potential in life. This point is especially prevalent in voice to voice readings, as I will be able to pick up on a lot of subconscious cues from the person I am talking to. You will get insight into different things, but my word is by no means the law! **If you are looking for a reader who will tell you what WILL happen or what you NEED to do, I am not that reader. From my perspective, you are the person with the power to create your life, and the cards and their interpretations serve as tools to solidify your own thoughts. Please be advised and aware before booking with me. For more information about what to expect from me in a reading, please see my Ethics Page.