the element earth

  • The Element Earth

    It’s interesting to look at the different Elements and how they play into your life. The Element Earth has been on my mind for a while now.

    The Earth can symbolize nature, the home, body, MONEY, physical issues, schooling and education — material things.

    Earth makes cities, forests, families, and fortunes. It balances budgets and makes a home a home. It reads, learns, and teaches. It strategises and creates long-term solutions.

    Earth is the Pentacles or Coins in Tarot.

    One characteristic of the Earth is that it requires time and patience. It’s not quick moving, like Air, and it’s the most grounded and practical of all of the Elements. Earth ain’t going nowhere…

    When it does move quickly, it might not be the best thing for anyone. Think earthquake. And really, Earth isn’t known for its flexibility, either — so it might come off as a bit stuck in the old ways or “but this is the way we’ve always done it.” Earth can be a real stick in the mud.

    But the Element Earth is loyal, steadfast, solid, grounded, educated. It has worked hard to get to where it’s going and has built something sublime It’s not afraid of doing the hard work and making the most of its fortunes.

    Earth knows what the fine things in life are and thoroughly enjoys them. Fashion, food, and headonistic pleasure are totally earthy topics.

    Easy ways you can work with the Element Earth

    Things that represent the Element Earth. Working with the Element Earth is really easy, too. You can use rocks, sticks, money — really anything you associate with the Earth as a tool or representation of your Earth-based goals.

    Grounding is super easy and completely relaxing. One thing I LOVE to do is ground myself, either with a rock I picked up out of the fields near us where I walk or by going for a walk the woods. I might sit on the ground out in the fields for a while, releasing what’s bothering me into the ground to be cleansed.

    The best stone for working with Earth. Honestly, IMHO, there’s no better grounding stone than something out of the area around your home.

    Honoring your body is an Earthy practice. I’ve started going to the gym, and really enjoy lifting weights and doing yoga. I feel much more connected to my body. It also teaches me about when to go light and when to go heavy, when to stretch and how far is too far. It’s interesting to explore my boundaries.

    Little changes now equal big changes later. Micro-adjustments are really important in Earth-related activities. Not only do the little things end up turning into big things, small changes can mean the difference between growing and hurting yourself.

    Honor the Element Earth through your interactions with the Earth. Honor the Earth by being mindful of how you interact with its energy as well. Honor your cashflow. Release anything around the house that is broken or no longer serves you. Tend to your gardens and families.

    When you think of the qualities of the Element Earth, what comes to mind for you? Please feel free to share in the comments below!