• Using Intuition When Reading Tarot

    There are many different ways to read tarot. Some people prefer to memorize all of the “classic” meanings for each of the cards and read strictly by applying those definitions to their readings. Others have never bothered to use the books, and read solely based on their impressions of the pictures that represent each card. Using intuition when reading tarot can add insight to a reading. Personally, I do a combination of both, depending on what I intuit for the reading.

    Today, I did a reading for myself about which energy class to take next. A little background for you: I recently came across a new mode of energy healing, and – being me and totally stokable about new forms of energy work – I immediately looked up the school that offers these classes AND found that they offer the classes in Vienna (which is a God send because odds are sometimes not in favor of having classes near me to participate in). I emailed the woman who is holding the course to inquire about taking it. Then my little balloon of enthusiasm deflated for some reason.

    Well, to save you about 700 words of me babbling about pros and cons and background and…and…and…, I decided to consult with the tarot about either taking this new energy course or to continue on with my Reiki training. My Angel Tarot Cards were sitting on the table, so I used them. The card that came up for going to the new course was the Temperance card (14 Major Arcana). What caught my eye wasn’t anything in the meaning or the text on the card, but the blue irises framing Archangel Zadkiel.

    Balance. Card from Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot deck.
    Balance. Card from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot deck.


    I have about a zillion blue irises at home. Really. So. Many. Of. Them. that I am giving the bulbs away to neighbors. When using these irises as my clue to how I should proceed, it was definitely a no-go, as I have enough different methods – for now because goodness knows I will definitely be taking this other course in the future – just not right now.

    Then I decided to pull a card related to taking the next step in my Reiki training – the Hermit (9 Major Arcana) showed up! This, to me, is an excellent sign to move forward because it indicates enlightenment and seeking out spiritual teaching. Totally affirms my decision to work more toward  becoming a Reiki Master and teacher.

    The Hermit. Card from Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot deck.
    The Hermit. Card from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot deck.


    One card was read with visual cues, and the other read with classic interpretation. It felt right to me. Using intuition when reading tarot helped me to get a more profound message out of the reading.

    When you are studying your cards, pick up on those intuitive cues – no matter what they are. If the cue is a part of the illustration, a word that pops into your head, a classic meaning – go with it!

    The best way to read is to trust what the cards communicate to you, no matter how they pass the message!



  • Tarot Apps – YAY or NAY?

    I have been experimenting with is Tarot/Oracle card apps for my iPad. There are so many good decks available for really reasonable prices and the apps are great for learners and pros alike. In my experience, readings performed over the apps are just as spot on as those hand dealt from tactile decks.



    One of the definite things I love about the apps is that I am able to save and email great readings that are automatically generated by the application. All of the cards are listed, along with the classic meanings and the position that the card came up in the reading in.

    One downfall is that there is no image generated in the emailed reading to show what the cards look like in some of the apps, so everything is text based. This, to me, is a big minus as I am a visual person and I love looking at the cards to enhance/deepen the meaning that I receive from readings.

    Some other pros and cons I struggle with about the apps: The cards are easy to shuffle and lay out, but there are only a few different spreads available. Some decks do not have “spreads,” per se, but 1, 3 and 5 card draws (these are more coaching cards than divination cards, though).

    I also hesitate to use them for readings for clients. Why – especially when they would save me so much typing? Because I feel that there is something about me actually laying out the cards and reading them for or with a client. I don’t know…call me old fashioned.

    Still, I might use the apps for specials or when I do larger parties on my page in order to save some time and get great readings out to more people more quickly.

    What do you say? Would you find a reading emailed directly from an app equally as valuable as a hand drawn reading? Why or why not?


  • Four Aces Spread

    Four Aces Spread. Tarot Illuminati Deck from Erik C. Dunne
    Four Aces Spread. Tarot Illuminati Deck from Erik C. Dunne

    One of the tarot groups I belong to recently featured a spread that I tried out for myself called the Four Aces Spread. This is a traditional cartomancy spread that uses the four aces in the deck as the signifiers, and then adds clarity through cards being placed to the left and right of each ace.

    The aces represent the following areas of life:

    Pentacles: relate to material things like finances, home and possessions.

    Wands: indicate ambition, career, work, life passions

    Cups: relate to romantic love, relationships, emotions

    Swords: signify thoughts, plans, struggles, and intellect

    The cards to the left of the signifier (in the left column) give the basis/influences for the issue or the struggle one is facing when dealing with each of these areas, while the card on the right indicates the outcome.

    My spread is on the mark, given what I have been dealing with in the past couple of weeks or so. It hasn’t been the greatest time in my life, but one that I am finding is helping me to grow and leading me to a more authentic path and a better understanding of my place in the world. To share my outcome with you…

    The first Ace to come up for me was Ace of Pentacles, indicating house, home, possessions, material things. Death (Transition) came up for the influence in this reading, and then the Two of Swords (indecision, hesitance to make a decision, defensiveness) came up as the outcome.

    Right now, I am in the midst of a huge change in circumstance and really in a place where I am unable to or unwilling to move forward, as I know that my choices will affect our future in a variety of ways. I know what I WANT to do, but just don’t want to make THAT decision right now.

    The Ace of Wands is and its supporting cards are making me smile. I got the 6 of Swords (turning away from something that wasn’t serving you in order to get somewhere better in life) and the 9 of Pentacles (creating your own success) – YES! That is where I would say I am with my career at this point in time.

    With the Ace of Cups – again, spot on. I am dealing with a little bit of a row in my family life, so having it be defined with the Tower (faulty foundations suddenly destroyed) as the influence and the 3 of Pentacles (team-work and solidarity meshing to bring solid results in the real world) as the outcome gives me some hope.

    And last, but not least is the Ace of Swords. My thoughts. This sorrow and heartache indicated by the Three of Swords resulting in a certain nostalgia (6 of Cups) is so true. I have been looking at houses in the US and pining for the old days where I had the support of my family – which I still have in spirit, but just not in the physical sense…well. Spot on again.

    What do I think of this spread? Very nice. It is a good one and I will be offering it as an inbox reading in the future.


  • Letting Go

    Let go. Allow. Trust in the Will of the Whole.

    This is one of my absolute favorite quotes in life. I hold nothing, and in doing so – or not doing so 😉  – I allow the things to come into my life that are for the best. What a great lesson.


    Recently, I started working with a protocol to open my pineal gland based on the recommendations listed on the Fuller Life Website. The protocol recommends:

    1. A few drops of Cedarwood essential oil dropped onto the palms. I inhale the scent while meditating on the INTENTION of releasing that which no longer serves me. The site recommends that you not only drop the oil on your hand, but also to hold it about 6 inches above the hand when dropping in order to address any imbalances that are being carried in your aura.
    2. Inhale Frankincense while rubbing it into your throat chakra, your third eye chakra, and your crown chakra. After rubbing the Frankincense into your higher chakra areas, meditate a little bit on attracting the best things into your life that will serve your highest and greatest good.
    3. Follow up with Joy oil (from Young Living) on any areas that you feel lacking on in your life. If you are feeling sad or depressed, put Joy on your heart chakra. If you are not so confident, put it on your solar plexus chakra. If you need to feel more grounded and stable, put it onto your root/base chakra area.

    This combination of oils should help you release the things that are no longer serving you: relationships, careers, thoughts, habits. It also helps you to bring new, better things into your life – those things that will serve your growth and better your life. Then, you address any areas that need extra loving attention.

    Please note that, in my experience, the Joy is absolutely necessary in this combination. When you start releasing negativity and kind of detoxing your thoughts and life, it can stir up some anger, resentment and sadness. Before I added an uplifting scent to the end of the ritual, I had a couple of days of dealing with the emotional detox that this process can stir.

    Interestingly enough, this ritual came to me in the knick of time to celebrate tonight’s powerful full moon in Scorpio and partial eclipse of the moon. Scorpio is all about transformation (and is my sun sign) – and the power of this full moon is one of releasing those things in our lives that we no longer need and increasing our personal power and attracting more affirming, positive, and healing  situations into your life. Here is some more information I found at New Moon Manifesting.

    The tarot cards that hint at this process of upheaval and transformation are The Tower or Life Experiences (in the Angel Tarot deck). I had this card come up in a one-card personal reading for myself the other day.

    The Tower from Aleister Crowley’s Mirror of the Soul Tarot Deck
    16 AA Chamuel Life Experience from Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot deck
    16 AA Chamuel Life Experience from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot deck



    *If you are interested in purchasing Young Living Essential oils for this or any other ritual or health reason – or if you would like to have advice about how to treat your issues with essential oils, please email me.


  • Why Quibble About the Question?


    Before doing any reading, I will work with the querent (a.k.a. the person who is being read for) to find a question and reading that suits the specific needs of the person.

    One of the most important aspects of a reading is the question, itself. Ask a vague question, you will get a vague answer. Ask a specific question, you will get a specific answer. It is that easy.

    Perhaps you want vague, though – and there is no problem with providing a general overview of what might be coming your way in terms of love or luck. If you are wanting more direct answers, however, it is a good idea to really work out just what you would like to have advice from the Tarot about.

    Please don’t get frustrated, because it might take a few emails to really pin down the particular points that you would like to address with your reading. I would much rather get it right before shuffling and laying those cards out than realize I had made the wrong query afterward. I am sure you would prefer that as well!

    If you would like to consult with the Tarot, with the Angels or with the Ascended Masters about something going on in your life, please email sueellissaller@gmail.com to arrange a reading. From April 20-30th, 2013, readings are 50% off. (50% of the proceeds taken in will be donated to dEBra.org through May 15th, 2013)