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  • Interview with Kerri Eileen Gardner, Author and Suicide Survivor


    A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of interviewing Kerri Eileen Gardner (click here for her website). She’s just written a memoir about her life, called OUT OF THE DARKNESS INTO THE LIGHT – A Memoir of Suicide Survival, Strength, and Love. You can find the book and Kindle version on Amazon, here: (Out of the Darkness Into the Light on Amazon)

    I wanted to share her interview with you – and also my thoughts about her story.

    First and foremost, what a strong woman! Kerri had been hiding her own story of struggling with depression that led to a suicide attempt when she was 13. She’d hidden her story for most of her adult life.

    After hearing about her daughter’s classmate committing suicide, Kerri decided it was time to share her story in hopes that she could help just ONE child – just one person – hold on, get help, and know that suicide isn’t the answer to his or her problems.

    Kerri’s own issues started when she was very young. She sustained a head injury when she was two years old that caused her to have brain damage, which, in turn, caused seizures. In order to keep the seizures under control, she was heavily medicated with barbituates at a very young age.

    The medications, coupled with a very dysfunctional family life, led Kerri to the point of no return. Luckily enough, a friend called Kerri at the exact right time, and the friend and her mother helped get Kerri to the hospital in time.

    After Kerri’s attempted suicide, things weren’t all rosey and happy… But, Kerri had a fighting spirit and came to a point where she had SOMETHING to look forward to – something to keep her going.

    She’s worked hard for all these years to build a life she’s proud of – to be a caring mother and loving wife, AND to make a difference in the world.

    Kerri’s book, OUT OF THE DARKNESS INTO THE LIGHT – A Memoir of Suicide Survival, Strength, and Love, shares her important message of hope, and of love.

    I hope you have the chance to check her story out. It is so inspiring – and a message that a person CAN survive and thrive even after debilitating depression.

    Blessings to you,

    Sue Ellis-Saller