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  • Selenite + Reiki

    Selenite and Reiki is a good combination for shifting blocks. Read more about it here!

    Most every night when I go to bed, I do a self-Reiki session with crystals. Lately, I’ve been using Selenite because, since I started using Selenite this way, I’ve been busting through blocks left and right and seeing some major shifts in my life.

    If you are curious about how I use the Selenite or what I do, I usually hold my Selenite wand with both hands on my stomach, chest, neck, and head—leaving it a few minutes over each chakra area—or else I put my hands over the Selenite and run Reiki through it into my body. And if you want to do this yourself, but you aren’t attuned to Reiki, just set the intention of letting positive energy flow through you.

    Since I started working with the Selenite nightly, life has been changing for the better for me. I’ve been pursuing more exciting social media/marketing management projects, updating my own branding, and opening up to what I am capable of doing. Aside from that, I’m teaching an Intuition/Tarot/Divination course and doing readings as they come in and building another course.

    These Selenite + Reiki sessions seem to be opening up my creativity as well. They are helping me expand so that I can do all of the work I want to do without feeling fractured or out of alignment. In fact, since I started working with Selenite and Reiki together, I feel far more aligned than I have in a really long time.

    Yesterday, when I was meditating + doing Reiki on myself while holding the Selenite wand over my Sacral Chakra, I got the message that I had really put up a heavy energetic shield around myself. It’s kind of like Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall; so much had gone into building this shield of protection around me that it was heavy and had so many layers. Think of a cross between an old school scuba suit and an everlasting gobstopper, with all of those different layers.

    I imagined releasing this heavy protective suit and my light-body stepped out, free at last. My Spirit was so happy to be free from the protection turned prison we had created.

    Now to see how things unfold—if I end up crawling back into the heavy suit because it’s what I am familiar with, what I know, or if I will let myself be light and free, finding more inspiration in the world around me, sharing my light.

    Of course, I hope it is the latter of the two. I’m going to keep doing these Selenite + Reiki sessions, meditate about meeting my best self, and putting in the effort that I know I need in order to achieve everything I want.

    Even spiritual people need to recharge—especially if we are seeing a lot of clients and/or going through stressful times in our lives. We all need to get into the habit of doing more of what helps us move forward and feel good in life. And we need to keep up our rituals—especially those that help us bust through blocks and align with our best selves. Selenite + Reiki can be a powerful combination to help you realign, recharge, and get motivated to work on goals that lead you to a more positive place in your life!

    Curious about Reiki? I have a $30 for 30 minutes special for new clients. This session aligns and recharges all of your Chakras. You can find details here: Sue Ellis-Saller Reiki


  • Grounding For Light Workers – With Scents and Crystals

    Today I talked about grounding for light workers on my Periscope broadcast.

    I think it is so important – especially for  – to realize the importance of the physical part of our existence, as well as the spiritual aspect of ourselves.

    I work with people: angel workers, light workers, spiritual healers, sensitive people and many other spiritually based people who are working in their higher chakra areas – from their heart chakra, their throat chakra, their third-eye chakra, their crown chakra… they are really focused on their connection to Source/Higher energetic vibrations.

    As we know, we are “spiritual beings having a human experience.” I hear this phrase repeated in the circles that I run in – but I want to remind you of the HUMAN part of our existence because we manifested in this form – this body with its connection to the Earth and it’s own needs and desires – that are based in the physical realm for a reason.

    Everyone is perfect in the state that he or she manifests in, and to suggest that there may be something wrong with fulfilling the needs of this plane puts a lot of us on edge (a.k.a. creates conflict within us).

    The other day, I was looking at the Angel Almanac, by Angela McGerr (sorry for the incorrect author in the Periscope broadcast). This book is an EXCELLENT reference and resource for angel healers and light workers because it’s just such a great source of information about the angels and how to work with them.

    You know how we are sometimes just guided by Source to stumble across messages or passages that we just need to see. Well, I stumbled across this passage in the book that seemed like an answer to a question that I’d been toying with inside of myself: the conflict of feeling like we are spiritual people who should be freely sharing our gifts with one another, and the need to take care of ourselves on this human plane. So, to charge money for our services and to make sure that our needs on this plane of existence are taken care of.

    A lot of times that means that we have to come back inside of our bodies – to ground ourselves, to anchor ourselves within these bodies and to accept our physical manifestation and the place we have on the Earth.

    You can do that by healing in your:

    Root Chakra
    Sacral Chakra
    Solar Plexus Chakra

    Remember that balance is really important. Balance is kind of the key to it. You can’t spend all of your time hanging out in the higher vibrational chakras – you sometimes have to spend time in the Earth-based chakras.

    What I want to propose or put out there – I’m sure that other people have said it before – I kind of think, too, when we are talking about Jesus and we’re talking about the Holy Trinity, we’re talking about “The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost,” or we’re talking about the spirit, the matter or substance, and the connection to the Divine that we all have when we’re on this Earth. And I think that is the lesson that kind of got lost in interpretation or in all of the different communities.

    You hear about high vibrating energies and low vibrating energies, and it always seems to be presented in a way that implies that the higher the vibration, the better something is. And I want to put out there that the lower vibrating things are not necessarily bad – they just vibrate at a lower frequency.

    I was talking about this to Antonia Klein the other day – she’s a coach and (business) negotiator for opera singers and talents, and she works with angels as well.

    When you look at things from a perspective of vibrational frequencies, you understand that higher pitched sounds vibrate at a higher rate. Lower pitched sounds, on the other hand, vibrate at a much slower rate.

    Solid mass – we are solid mass… we are a combination of solid, liquid, and ether, and, of course, that connection to the Divine, and so within us are things that vibrate at different levels of frequency.

    And so we have low vibration mass within us, which is the “meat and bones” of who we are – you know, our skin and our bones, this solid mass that makes up what we are. We have middle-frequency vibrations that are our blood, gels, and lymphatic fluids – things that carry things through us. We also have that higher vibrational frequency within us which is our thoughts, and then we have that super high vibrational energy where we are connecting with the Source and we attain that higher vibration.

    But I want to put forth the notion that the “lower vibrating” part of you is not a bad part of you. It’s actually that sacred moment that you are supposed to be in – that you’re supposed to fully encompass when you are here.

    You are given this body for a reason, and you were given all of these moments for a reason.

    So many of us are preoccupied with this (higher vibration connection to Source energy), that higher vibration energy, that we neglect or somehow negate or look negatively on the material aspect of ourselves.

    I think that is something that many of us (Light Workers and spiritual people) have to work on – myself included – this is something that I’ve learned on the journey.

    What I wanted to talk to you a little bit about today was GROUNDING, or moving your energy back into these lower chakras and taking care of your human form because when you treat yourself as the altar (or house to worship), which is what you are, you have to remember that the altar is sacred as well.

    You have to treat yourself as a sacred entity, who, without this form – without this “lower vibration aspect” of yourself – you wouldn’t be able to connect with other people and you wouldn’t be able to fulfill the mission that you’ve been given here on Earth.

    So, with that, I wanted to show you a couple of crystals that could help you out with grounding.

    First of all, if you want to use color as your cue for helping to deal with grounding, you can use reds – deep reds, and you can also go with brown, earthy colors like moss-green and deep, rich brown colors – those would be the colors that you would focus on when you are meditating – and imagine those roots forming from yourself into the Earth.

    A lot of times they mention walking around barefoot (grounding) or digging around in the dirt, because they’ve discovered that when you are digging in the dirt there are microbes that are released that help you to deal with things like depression, and then you also get that grounding – that connection with the Earth – and that is an important part of the connection you want to have with your physical form and your physical body.

    Going back to the meditation with different colors: You don’t have to do any kind of guided meditation or anything fancy. You just sit quietly and imagine colors and imagine walking through the forest (if you can’t find the time to walk through an actual forest cause that’s even better!).

    When you are out in nature, you have the opportunity to absorb all of that energy – the fresh air, the energy from the trees and from the Earth and that turnover of oxygen (from the trees) that is so fresh.

    If you want to work with crystals, you’d work with a Red Jasper. It’s a good crystal for grounding and it’s related to the Root Chakra as well.

    When you meditate with crystals, you can just kind of hold them in your hand and feel the energy going into your body. They say that, when you are working with crystals in a way that would have you absorbing the energy, you should hold the crystal(s) in your weaker hand or your non-dominant hand. If you want to put to put energy into a crystal, you’d hold it in your dominant hand, but if you want to receive energy from a crystal, you’d use your weaker hand.


    So red jasper is a good grounding stone.

    It can also help you deal with situations like living away from your “home.” Personally, I’m living in Austria, but I am an American – so basically anyone who is away from their home and is not feeling grounded or rooted in the area they live in.

    Red jasper is also good for people who have family issues – like related to a tribe or an archetypal tribe or the area that you live in or the country that you come from – if there is any residual shame about any wars or oppression of any sort, you may have root chakra blockages or issues to deal with.

    But, also, [tweetthis]grounding into that root chakra is really helpful in terms of getting you centered within yourself.[/tweetthis]





    Another crystal I love to work with is carnelian. This goes up into the sacral chakra or the sexual/creative chakra.

    This crystal is great for women, especially those who have been traumatized by abuse or rape or molestation or anything like that. This crystal is called carnelian and it is the one you would want to work with any kind of blockages or issues that deal with – on the lighter aspect of the range would deal with things like creative blocks, inability to interact with a partner, decreased libido, decreased ability to enjoy sex. On the lower end of the spectrum would be the shame or guilt or anything that would be tied with any form of sexual abuse or violence toward a person.

    These two crystals (carnelian and red jasper) can be tied together in a way because there are many cultures that are considered to be “rape cultures” – or that grounding or rooting is not there. So a woman or a man is not able to feel safe within his or her sexuality and that might manifest itself in storage of fat in this area or endometriosis, menstrual problems, erectile problems (in men), issues with sexual needs and desires.

    The sacral chakra is related to the color orange, so if you were working on/meditating on this area, you’d envision the color orange.

    If you felt the issue went down into that root chakra, or was a combination of the two, then you could envision a red-orange or a rust color.

    Usually, when balancing your energy system, you want to go through the colors in their most prime/pure manifestation and also with the blend as they meet with the next chakra up because it’s like a system – it’s like a pipe where you can’t really clear the blockage out of it – well, you can flush it down into the Earth, but then, at the same time, you want to make sure that there isn’t any residual problems with any of the other chakras and that the energy from the blockage (or removing that blockage) doesn’t affect any other areas or get trapped or stuck in any other areas, like the throat chakra, for example, which many of us having issues with communicating our needs and our anger – we get problems in this area (the throat area).

    Let me grab another crystal.


    Left is Citrine, right is Heated Amethyst
    Left is Citrine, right is Heated Amethyst


    Citrine is a crystal that deals with your solar plexus chakra. A lot of times, what the crystal dealers sell as being “citrine” is actually heated amethyst, and some people, like Hibiscus Moon say that they have similar properties and qualities.

    If you are working with a real citrine, it’s usually like a Chardonnay color – it’s a light yellow as opposed to that orangey-yellow that you see some of the time.

    This one deals with your solar plexus area – (circling in the upper abdominal area) – and your self-confidence, your ability to interact with others, as it goes into the Heart Chakra. The color associated with the solar plexus chakra is yellow.

    Issues in this area would be digestive issues (those could relate to sacral and root chakra as well, depending on where the pain manifests), diaphragm issues, liver, bile, anything that deals with this area in your abdomen. Actually, there is a lot there… your diaphragm, your gall bladder, your liver, your lower lungs, which might manifest in pneumonia.

    When you want to get into rooting yourself within yourself, which is what you need to do or be because you can’t always be spacing out – you want to be connected with this plane and with that plane. It’s the connection between the two that is the most important. It’s not the one that connects you with your Higher Self being more important than the one that connects you with your body and the world around you.

    I think that is really important – especially for light workers who sometimes push away the physical realm in favor of the spiritual realm and like I said before, you are here for a reason. You were put into your body for a reason. Just because you feel like this is some kind of lower energy – it’s a lower vibration, and that’s what gives it that characteristic of being a solid, but it’s not bad. It’s not a bad thing to be (solid, anchored in your body and in this realm).

    Another thing that I use pretty frequently is essential oils, and Patchouli is one that helps to ground you into this Earthy plane. You can also use scents that are based on those colors we talked about: you can use cherry or strawberry if you prefer sweet smells, to get into that Root Chakra. You can use orange and bergamot – you know, orangey smelling, to get into that Sacral Chakra. And then lemon or hibiscus or something yellow – jasmine for example, which has been shown to help with depression and anxiety –  to deal with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

    So, with that, it is a good idea to look at yourself as a spiritual being and if you’ve allowed yourself to fully inhabit your body and your space here on Earth – and the needs that go with that. For example, earning money; having a warm, safe shelter; socialization with other people; getting enough exercise; interaction with nature, which is something that is falling by the wayside for many people, which saddens me.

    A lot of times, what we’ve noticed is that when you are doing those tasks with your body – when you are walking in nature and feeling grounded, not only are you more healthy, but you are actually more in touch with receiving energy (and higher guidance).

    Think about it. How many times do people recommend cleaning or taking walks in nature or going and gardening and then you have these fabulous ideas that just “pop into your head…”

    It’s because you are an open channel when you are fully inhabiting your existence – your existence that is all of those things together – not just one or the other, but everything you are – body, mind, spirit. The Earthy part and the Spiritual part of your being.