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  • Intuitive Musings

    Hey folks!


    I just wanted to invite you to my Facebook page. Why? Because I post an Intuitive Musings post almost every single day.


    What IS Intuitive Musing? Why would I want to do it?

    Basically put, Intuitive Musing is reading tarot through commenting on the impressions that you get from the cards, rather than relying on the classic meaning of the card. It lets people get comfy with listening to their internal voices and otherworldly guidance. This kind of tarot reading encourages working with the feelings one gets from a card or a spread instead of trying to work to remember what this, that or the other book said about the card. It helps with flow…It allows for creativity. In my humblest opinion, it allows a reader to add depth to a reading that might not have been there before.

    So, if you are ready to start taking a stab at working with tarot on a more intuitive level, stop on by!