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Everything You Need Sessions

I know that life can be hectic – it can cause you to doubt yourself or spend your time doing things that mean nothing to you. You might feel alone or less than worthy. Your relationships with others might be suffering. Your relationship with YOURSELF might need work.

Let me help you. Let me give you EVERYTHING YOU NEED.

Everything You Need SessionsEverything You Need Sessions bring all of my gifts to the table. We start out with taking the time to really look at just what is bothering you in life – whether it is an imbalance in how you spend your time or an illness or issues in your relationships. I give you the space to really openly express your reality, without judgement. Then we start working the magic!

After your release, we start formulating your authentic plan. You and I co-create a strategy to bring the change into your life that you are craving. We work on pinpointing actions for you to take and changes in attitude and thought patterns so that you can work from the most positive standpoint possible toward manifesting your goals.

And that is just the beginning!

The next step is a short reading with Angel, Tarot, or Oracle cards (or a combination of the three) that will help give you a little guidance from the Universe and also from the Angels, should you desire to work with them.

Everything You Need Sessions  Everything You Need Sessions

Then, based on everything we talk about, I will also make recommendations about crystals and essential oils you can use to help to energetically support you on your journey. Of course, I will also tell you which angels to call on to help you!

To top everything off, we will move into an Energy session that will help to realign your chakras and fill up your reserves! (Energy Sessions can be done remotely or in person for those living near Vienna, Austria.)

Everything You Need Sessions include the following:

  • One 60 minute Intuitive Advising/Tarot Session
  • One 30 minute Chakra Realignment Reiki Session
  • Angel, Oil, and Crystal Report for you to keep!

All for $297

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