• 108 Blog Post Ideas For Tarot Bloggers

    Feeling stuck? Have writer’s block? Get some ideas for your tarot related blog here!

    Why specifically 108 Blog Post Ideas for Tarot Bloggers? The number is fodder for a different post! For now, though, I want you to know that even the most prolific writer gets a bout of writer’s block from time to time—so don’t get upset with yourself if you sit down in front of your computer and come up with… ummm…. hmmmm… what should I write about today? It’s totally normal.

    These writing prompts can get your creative juices flowing so that you can publish a blog post every week of the year (or more!). I’m going to give you 108 tarot themed writing prompts and blog post ideas for you to use! You can use this to plan out 2 YEARS of content for your tarot themed blog if you so desire…

    Writing Prompts for Tarot Readers and Bloggers

    1-78) The Tarot Cards, themselves. You can give keywords for the cards or treat each card as if it was not only the first time you’ve seen it but also the 4,000th time.

    Don’t forget that you can get back to writing about the absolute basics in your blog. 

    79) Cards that stick out. For example, the Mary El tarot has a very interesting version of the 4 of Swords that is a bit different than a standard Rider-Waite visual. Pick out those cards that stick out to you and write about how they broadened your understanding of tarot or of a reading.

    80) Your favorite deck type. Are you a fan of Rider-Waite, Thoth, or Tarot de Marseille? Write about your favorite deck type and why you love it.

    81) Your favorite deck. What is your favorite deck and why? Choose a couple of cards to highlight your why.

    82) Your least favorite deck. Did you get a deck you just can’t connect with or one that the artwork turns you off of? Tell your audience about it! Bonus: Auction it off on Instagram or Facebook.

    83) How you “got it”. There are some cards and combinations that are difficult for people to understand. For example, many people have issues with the court cards. If you have a great system you used to gain clarity or insight when reading, share it.

    84) Rituals. Do you have any distinct rituals you use for connecting with your deck, cleansing it, reading preparation, ending a reading, moon cycles, holidays and high celebrations? You might be able to plan a blog post for your overall reading ritual and then one for the different times of the year.

    85) Deck reviews. You can do this with old decks that have been in your collection since the dawn of time or the latest greatest decks on the market.

    86) The story of your introduction to tarot. What was your first reading like? Did you have any childhood or teenage experiences that led you to pursue working with tarot?

    87) Lore and myth. Explore different “old wives’ tales” and myths about tarot, like reading for yourself, being gifted your first (and subsequent) deck(s), “tarot is evil,” etc.

    88) Special spreads. Do you love to create spreads or do you have a twist on the interpretations in classic spreads? Or you can go totally old school and explain commonly used spreads.

    This is my go-to spread for general readings:

    89) Daily draws. I have to admit that daily draws are my least favorite of the bunch unless they have something spectacular included in them.

    90) Talk about other tarot readers you admire. There are so many fabulous tarot readers and authors, artists and icons out there. Pick one you admire and explore that person’s world and work, explaining why you like it.

    91) Tarot + spirituality. Some readers read tarot solely and don’t have a spiritual practice as a foundation. For others, tarot is one tool in a toolbox of different practices and modalities.

    92) Tarot + psychology. There are those in the tarot community who are counselors, psychologists, and therapists. If you are someone with a more academic background, share how that background influences your work with tarot and interaction with clients. Perhaps even give some advice, guidance, or resources for newbie pro readers who need to refer a client to a more psychologically based reader or to a therapist.

    93) I’d never… Create a list of 10 things that you’d never do when reading tarot or that you’d try to avoid at all costs.

    94) Your favorite tarot books. This is great for a “Top 3, Top 5, or Top 10” list.

    95) Your reading style. I’m off the hip, honest, and a bit pragmatic when it comes to tarot readings. My style brings a lot of life coaching into the mix, along with any channeled messages I receive. I don’t sugarcoat, but I have tact. Some people have a different style: more academic, a touch of Kabbalah, gentle messages, full-on intuitive… every single one of us has a different way of reading and communicating the messages we receive. Talk about yours.

    96) Conferences and conventions you’ve gone to or would like to go to. Usually, one convention can lead to quite a few posts, if you consider lead up excitement, being at the convention, who you meet, what you learn, what swag you buy or get for free…

    97) Symbolism. Tarot is practically filled to the brim with symbolism, aside from the Elemental roots of the Minor Arcana. Talk about important symbols in tarot and what they mean to you.

    98) Your own Fool’s Journey. If you feel like you’ve experienced a journey akin to the Fool’s Journey, then talk about the steps you took and what you learned along the way.

    99) Major Arcana versus full deck readings. Do you do readings with only the Majors from time to time? If so, what is your experience with working with them as the entire deck?

    100) Reading add-ons. Do you ever bring other fortune telling tools into your readings? If so, which and give some advice about how to use them or to pair them with your tarot card reading.

    101) Adding decks. Do you have a special way that you add oracle decks, regular playing cards, Lenormand decks, or even multiple tarot decks to a reading? Tell us about it!

    102) Reversals. Do you use them? Do you love them or hate them? What do you think?

    103) Best questions/worst questions. As we all know, there are ways to phrase a question for tarot and ways to avoid. Go into your ideas about what you recommend and what to avoid.

    104) Tarot swag and tats. Do you have (or covet) a really cool tarot poster, mug, or vintage lamp? Tell your readers about it. Got a great tarot tattoo (or have you seen some you’d like)? Share that as well!

    105) Your reading space. Do you have a cool space that you use to read tarot for yourself and clients? Show it off! Tell people about the different parts of it, especially if you have something unique.

    106) Tarot pets. Do your pets get involved in your readings? I know there are quite a few kitties out there who love to lay smack dab in the middle of a reading. Is your dog or cat a tarot energy lover? Also, people just love animals, so you could talk about your pets in a post.

    My doggies make me feel like a real life Chariot driver when I am walking them! I have one old, black, gentle female dog and one rambunctious, energetic, aggressive and “typically male” little white dog. When I walk them both at the same time, I feel like I am in the Chariot card.

    107) The Elements. Earth, Fire, Water, Air – what do the Elements symbolize for you and how do you integrate that into your tarot readings?

    108) Everything else in your life. Each and every one of us is a unique and interesting person with his or her own experiences and ways of seeing the world. Your life, itself, is something to write about. People will connect with you because of your quirks and oddities, as well as the trials and even the boring stuff you have going on in your life.

    These 108 writing prompts for tarot readers should keep you busy writing for a while, or at least help you plan for your next year’s worth of tarot-related blog posts.

    Do you have any topics you would add to the list? Feel free to add them to the comments below!


  • People Who Con Tarot Readers – Avoid Being Scammed

    The realization just dawned on me that no one talks about or covers the people who rip off or con tarot readers and psychics. It is a HUGE problem in our community, so much so, in fact, that many of us can’t work with PayPal or other payment collectors. These companies might think there is too much financial risk in working with psychics and tarot readers, not only because of the fakers and scam readers out there but also because of the issues caused by refund seekers and people who demand refunds for services already rendered.

    And—perhaps because most of us are solitary practitioners who work alone most of the time or because of privacy and confidentiality restraints—we aren’t really talking to each other about the people who rip us off.

    I used to work for a psychic hotline doing administration, quality assurance, customer service, and pretty much all of the background stuff. I saw the seedy people on both sides of the business—both “psychic readers” who were anything but psychic, and also the con artist clients who would rack up hundreds—even thousands—of dollars worth of readings and then request a refund for the whole amount, even after leaving 5-star ratings and communicating about how happy the person was with their readings. I’ve even heard of PayPal reimbursing hundreds of dollars to clients who decided that they “weren’t happy with a reading” and requested a refund, again, after praising the reader. You never see those stories on the news, only the stories of the sham psychics who con hopeful lost souls out of their life’s savings.

    The refund requesters aren’t the only people who rip tarot readers and psychics off. There are some people who will call a psychic or initiate a chat, using the site’s free minute promotion—which is totally fine. Some of those people, though, try to dupe the hotline, creating multiple accounts to get more free minutes. They even try to contact the SAME expert to continue the reading where it left off. Many times, the hotlines don’t really even do anything to keep these people from coming back, especially if one of their profiles has spent money on the site.

    Then there are those people who ask for an IOU for the reading they desperately need right now but don’t really have the money to pay for. Those IOUs oftentimes sit for weeks, either until the person needs another reading, or the reader just gives up on collecting funds and chucks the amount of time into the “business loss” tax pile (don’t forget to claim those as time lost from services). Oftentimes, these clients start out as OK clients, but then overspend or get addicted to readings (make sure you watch out for this) and then, like those who rack up thousands on a credit card just to file bankruptcy, they turn their backs on the money they owe.


    When you are a part of the reading and healing communities on Facebook, it’s common to see the same people regularly requesting free readings. They go from one group to the next, shopping for freebies and hoping to hook someone, anyone, into doing a reading for them. There are also those who play a more subtle game, posting a reading they’ve pulled for themselves—without providing any of their own insights or interpretations—expecting the tarot readers in a group to kindly interpret the meanings of the cards for them, free of charge, of course.

    Before I learned my lesson (or as the grounds for the lesson itself), I got conned by a woman who called me requesting a live reading. She found my profile and phone number at Best Psychic Directory. I told her my rates and she said, “Oh yes, bill me to this email address after the reading.” We talked for 2 hours. She never paid me. When I mentioned this person to another tarot reader friend, we compared the email address; she said the woman had done the exact same thing to her.

    You know, clients can look up our ratings on the sites we work with or on Yelp!, but we, as readers, aren’t allowed to collect or share data on our clients, even those who are playing games and ripping us off. It isn’t fair, but it is the reality of our work.

    Tarot readers, psychics, and healers have to have solid boundaries in place, or readings booked for 30 minutes will extend into 90-minute sessions—but for the 30-minute price, naturally! Even if you remind these people of the time—of course, of course—they want to continue the conversation and make it awkward, if not impossible, to end the session. Then they send emails or chat requests to discuss “just a point”, and get us involved in yet another discussion, requesting more cards be pulled for them.

    Honestly, these things happen to professional tarot readers all of the time.

    I get requests in my email and Facebook inbox for readings. When I send a response that includes my prices and a link to my calendar, I either get ghosted or chewed out for being such an awful person who won’t share her gift for free! People expect that I will drop everything to honor their request for a free reading, nevermind that I might be doing homework with my son, doing my accounting, or just plain chilling out. These people expect something for nothing, and NOW, plain and simple.

    My time is just as valuable as any other person’s time is. And really, requesting a refund for a reading that was given, that you’ve given excellent feedback about—or one that mentions that you have some work to do in your life that you don’t want to face—taking my time and then requesting a refund is stealing from me.

    So, how does a professional tarot reader, healer, or psychic guard against being ripped off by one of these con artist “clients”?

    1) Require an appointment. This is one way to eliminate spending time on a call or chat that doesn’t pay—and it also sets up good boundaries for potential clients to honor your time. If you have the time and desire to cater to your client at the moment, that’s great! But make sure you get paid before you start the session.

    2) Collect payment in advance. (Internet only) I don’t get my cards out for a spur of the moment telephone or chat client until that person has paid the bill in full unless it is from a trusted client—unfortunately, as I mentioned, I learned this the hard way. You can send an invoice instantly through PayPal, and Facebook even allows you to bill via PayPal or bank transfer (in the US). The client can hold the line while payment is processing. In person clients, however, can pay at the end of a session.

    3) One person, one freebie from you. It might be hard, but you might want to keep a running list of the people you’ve done free readings for. Aside from a birthday reading special, a prize, or a bonus, you shouldn’t give one person multiple free readings (unless you want that person to expect free readings in the future).

    4) Having a strict “no refunds” policy in place. This is one that I’m not fully sold on, because people will play “the customer is always right” or go around you, right to a credit card company if they really want to get a refund.

    Ultimately, it seems like there are more protections in place for clients than there are for service providers, like tarot readers, which is a shame. Most of us come to the table with a HUGE dose of empathy and skill, keeping the client’s highest good in mind. Most of us are also extremely generous and have given tons of free readings while we were working on honing our crafts and growing our businesses. Of course, a reading will be off from time to time, and I am one who totally ends a session right then and there if the energy is off, and I do refund the cost in those cases (we can tell in the first 5 minutes).

    As a professional tarot reader, you will have to keep firm boundaries in place about your time and payment structure. Hopefully, you can use some of the recommendations I’ve made to avoid getting ripped off or conned by a client. While we read plenty of articles about psychics and tarot readers who take advantage of their clients, we never hear about the other side of this, and it’s time that we tarot readers and healers start talking about this topic so that we can all avoid being taken advantage of in the future.

    Are you a professional tarot reader? Have you had to deal with being ripped off by a client? What did you do about it?


  • How To Connect With The Spirit World

    This morning after I dropped my son off at school, I was driving home thinking about writing a blog post about softening into the spirit world. I took a brief moment to tune in, and BOOM — I got a little bit more than I bargained for from the Spirit World! Luckily, I didn’t swerve off the road or get hit by another car while I was open, but I did get so much information pouring in that I had to shut er down until I got home.

    Note to self: Do not even think about connecting with the Spirit World while driving.

    The area I live in —Carnuntum—has been a busy place since even before the Roman Empire (a.k.a. before Christ). It’s not so far from the Danube, and the area has rich, fertile ground and plenty of wildlife, like deer, rabbits, quail, even wild boars, that would have made it a great location to live in, even in the very old times. We have Roman Ruins, like the city door and a colosseum, old hunting “lodges”, and castles scattered around the area. The area has seen its share of normal days and wartime troop movement —likely even battles— as it is on the edge of what was once Austro-Hungary and was invaded by the Romans and the Turks in earlier times. Countless generations have lived and died here.

    So, when I softened my energy with the intention of getting a brief look into the Spirit World, I got that feeling in my stomach similar to going down a loooong drop on a roller coaster—and I saw many, many spirit forms in my peripheral vision. It was way more intense than I had thought it would be, obviously, or I wouldn’t have done it while I was driving, for Pete’s sake!

    Right now, too, it’s the time of the year when the veil between the Spirit World and the Real World is thin anyway. So, for those of us who are regularly interacting with the Spirit World, it makes our communication with the Other Side go a bit more smoothly and easily.

    But really, I wasn’t prepared for just how easily I’d connect! I normally don’t see all that much; I am more Claircognizant and Clairaudient than Clairvoyant, so today’s visions were a little different than how I generally receive information. I’m looking forward to exploring Clairvoyance much more, as I was always keen to see, but I’ve always blocked it because… well, because I was scared of what I might see, quite honestly. When I do experiment, I am going to make sure that I am in a safe location —not driving—and that I call in my protectors, like my Spirit Team and Archangel Michael, to be gatekeepers for me.

    How do you connect with the Spirit World?

    1. First of all, if you want to start working on connecting with the Spirit World, make sure that you are in a safe place. You might set yourself up in a quiet, comfy corner of your house. Make sure that you aren’t rushed, so that you can feel very open and in control.
    2. Set the intention of connecting with your clair or extrasensory gifts.
    3. Call on your ancestors and/or on Archangel Michael to protect you while you practice connecting with the Spirit World.
    4. Close your eyes or keep them open just a tiny bit.
    5. Start focusing on your breath. Inhale for a slow count of 6. Exhale for a slow count of 8. Allow yourself to concentrate on your breath, while you soften your perception of the world around you.
    6. Start noticing any messages that you get. Sometimes, it will seem like people are talking to you or that you get thought streams from a different entity. Other times, especially if your eyes are partially open, you’ll start to see shadows and wisps or energies of beings from the Spirit World.
    7. Ask a question that is important to you and see what images, impressions, or advice you get.
    8. When finished, consciously close your session, thanking the Spirit World for interacting with you.
    9. Focus on breathing and coming up and out of your connection with the Spirit World.
    10. Journal about your experience and any messages that you received while you were connected to the Spirit World.

    You can practice connecting with the Spirit World as often as you would like. The more you work with your Guides and the more you practice picking up on any subtle (or not so subtle) energies around you, the better you’ll get.

    Please feel free to comment about your experience with connecting with the Spirit World!


  • This Week’s Choose A Card Tarot Reading

    Ready to see what’s in store for you for the week of October 22, 2018?

    Choose a tarot card – 1, 2, or 3, and then watch the video to see what your tarot message for the week is.


    Card 1 is the King of Swords. This can relate to a mature man who is intellectually and analytically driven. He might not be all about the heart, but he is someone you can rely on for good advice, especially if you need legal or medical advice. The King of Swords can also represent a situation in which you need to own your expertise and come to the table prepared, or look at things from the highest analytical perspective.

    Card 2 is the Nine of Pentacles reversed. It looks like you might have given up your independence or “grounding” in the world. The term, sold out, came to mind when I was reading the cards. Things might not be so great this week in terms of feeling financially secure and able to spend money on the little luxuries in life. Hunker down and save for a rainy day.

    Card 3 is Justice. This is a great omen if you have some sort of legal battle ahead of you this week. It also encourages you to look at things from a fair perspective, taking everyone’s needs into consideration and keeping balance in mind as a key theme.

    I hope that this reading fits for you and helps you get through the week! Join us again next week for our weekly tarot card pick!

    *I used the Morgan Greer tarot deck for this week’s draw.

    Ready to get a reading? Book yours today! <<<click here for details>>>


  • A Word About Authenticity For Spiritual Business Peeps

    Are you a spiritual entrepreneur who longs to serve more people? Try making more authentic connections.

    Let me start out by saying I know the word “authentic” can be a bit overused, but it refers to such an important concept: the true desire to get to know, like, and serve your audience. It’s about coming to them from a space of “this is who I am” and meeting them on a personal level. It’s about paying attention to others and establishing relationships that are more than just financial interactions and opportunities. It’s about honest interest in the overall well-being and personality of your potential client.

    I can’t emphasize the importance of having real, interested and friendly interactions with the people you connect with on the internet and in real life. Sure, you have a business and you want people to work with you, but there is a difference in interacting with a person just to sell to them and being genuinely interested in a person and growing a relationship and allowing the business relationship to evolve from there.

    I make a point to keep tabs on my people because I love seeing what they are doing and how their lives are. It gives us a place to connect – our lives and the things going on in them.

    And those people usually know what I do for work or how I can serve them because I talk about it all. the. time. Or they ask me about it.

    Just make sure that you keep up good boundaries – and practice good boundary keeping yourself. Personally, I have to watch how much I interact with people through messenger because people who should be clients might message me, asking for advice and guidance without paying for it. I have to make sure that the work I do is kept within my working hours and that my time is honored and valued as well.

    And good boundaries can go both ways, you know? We all have cringed when someone we vaguely remember from high school or just met in a business networking group on Facebook sends a private message with the intention of selling us on a product or service. From the get-go, the energy of the interaction feels off and we are almost waiting for the pitch.

    I know that some marketing gurus teach people to do this – the more people you pitch, the more you sell, right? But really, we’re sensitive and spiritual entrepreneurs who are working from an attraction perspective, not a push perspective, right? We want a more positive energy behind our service offers. We are looking to attract the right clients to our practices.

    What do you think? Is it important to you to get to know the people you want to serve? How do you feel about connecting with your ideal clients and actually getting to know them before, during, and after you work with them? Please feel free to comment below.