• Clearing Blocks In The Throat Chakra

    Hello and welcome to Sutopia. My name is Sue Ellis-Saler.  I’m a spiritual advisor, guide, teacher, healer, and student as well. Today I am doing a special podcast for an audience member about clearing the throat chakra. 

    How do Throat Chakra blockages manifest?

    It’s interesting to see how energetic blockages can manifest themselves in our lives and the way we live them. A lot of times, throat chakra—or communication chakra—blockages are when we are not speaking our truth, when we are not communicating properly, when we are fearing being heard or fearing to put our ideas out there into the world. 

    I’ve experienced this myself, even though it seems like “Oh gosh! She’s making podcasts and she’s making videos and she’s doing lives…” Sometimes I have a big fear that I’m being looked at like a kook or a phony or a fraud or whatever but I just kind of power through it. 

    Archangel Gabriel can help with Throat Chakra issues

    Archangel Gabriel is one of my main angel team angels and he is all about communication and expressing yourself. If you are facing a time when you are having problems with communicating and expressing yourself, you can call on Archangel Gabriel to help you find the right words to speak your truth, to have the courage to stand up in front of an audience even if that audience is only on microphone and an app on your phone or on your computer. 

    Believing in your message can help you with Throat Chakra issues

    Just getting your message out there and believing in the power of your message and your own power to deliver that message because that’s a lot of times something I think that we allow ourselves to get a little bit intimidated by. Putting ourselves out there and putting our messages out there we think, “who am I to be helping someone? I’m just little ol’ me. I’m sitting in a little village outside of Vienna, Austria and no one’s going to listen to me. I’m not a big name with a lot of money or the backing of a publishing house.” 

    Connect with one person at a time

    I am just doing my work. I am working on connecting with one person at a time and moving on from there. And if you are intimidated by crowds just think of it as just speaking with one person at a time because that’s all I’m doing. I’m putting it all out there hoping it will help just one person. Even if that one person is me. That’s really a funny way of looking at it, but taking some of the pressure off there to be a big name right at the starting gate. 

    Have no fear

    I did do a podcast about “Wake Me Up When I’m Famous” and I think that a lot of people should listen to that because, number one, I really feel that people are holding themselves back from communicating because they’re fearing that people are going to say something about their mistakes or something they’ve said wrong. A lot of times people do point out your flaws or your mistakes but just remember that people like that are always going to be there and if you have a message then that message should come out. 

    Blocking it only creates discomfort in your life. If you have a message that you’re supposed to get out there into the world blocking it is going to create an imbalance in your energy field, to begin with. So I’m doing a whole bunch of different podcasts today and I’m like, “You know what, that’s good enough. Put it out there.”  I’m not editing things, overly editing them.  I’ll say, “If I go off on this tangent then I’ll go back and re-record it.” I really think it’s important for you to remember the message is supposed to be there so stifling that is going to have a negative effect. 

    Crystals, Colors, and Energy

    What you can do is work with Archangel Gabriel and ask for their help getting your message out there, wear crystals that are light blue in color like blue chalcedony or blue agate. Blue agate is one that I work with. Make sure that you hang those in your throat chakra area to put that energy there.  Or if you do reiki, use reiki energy in that area, in that light blue color or you can breathe in and feel that you are surrounded by a glowing light blue energy to help to clear that. 

    It’s OK to be imperfect

    Remember that your message is not going to come out perfectly every time and that’s ok. You have the ability by putting your message out there.  You can refine your message. You can hone your message. You can improve your message as time goes on. That’s normal and to be expected. Your message does not have to be perfect the first time you say it. You have time to develop your message. 

    The more important thing sometimes is not to have a perfect message but to just speak and to get used to using your voice and your words and your ideas and expressing yourself instead of pushing all that stuff down in fear because you are self-conscious. Really work with these different energies that I have talked about working with, working with the color light blue, working with the throat chakra. 

    Work on just expression. 

    Work with crystals. 

    Do what you can so you can start to loosen up and remove that blockage yourself. Sometimes you might need a little bit of help so that’s when you would go see a Reiki practitioner or even a therapist or psychologist—somebody who can help you get past any types of fears you have of speaking or expression so that you can move past or work through this block. 

    Get help

    You don’t have to avoid typical Western medicine. You don’t have to avoid psychiatrists or psychologists. You don’t only have to work with an energy person. You don’t have to feel like you have to resolve everything yourself.  The whole thing is to look at your issues from a holistic perspective. Seek out the different therapists and practitioners and counselors and energy healers and journaling prompts that you need to deal with this and work through this and unravel it. 

    Give yourself time

    It doesn’t have to be from one day to the next resolved. Take your time and move through it at your own pace. I don’t want to say slowly because if you want to do it quickly that’s your pace. You know some of us are people who go high on the 10-meter diving board and just hold our breath and jump.  Some of us are people who need baby steps. 

    Work through things at your own speed and make sure you’re getting the right guidance and advice, help and support that you need. 

    I hope this helped you out. I hope this helped the person who originally asked me to make this podcast. If you have any questions, comments or anything you wanted to add feel free to leave a comment on this podcast or send me an email. My email address is Sue@sueellissaller.com. If you have any comments or any topics you would like me to discuss on my show feel free to send me a message as well. I would love to hear from you. That is it for today.  I hope this has been informative, enlightening and inspiring. 

    Take care.  Have a fabulous day. 


  • Energy Healers – A Question For You…

    Are you an Energy Healer? Did you start working with energy before any formal training?
    A question for Energy Healers

    One of the things I am convinced of is that Energy Healing is an innate skill or gift that humans, and likely animals, have. There are many of us Reiki Practitioners, Energy Healers, and Sound/Touch Healers who just naturally sort of started doing the work before being attuned or learning about any modalities.

    I’d love to hear from you if you are an energy healer who started doing your work more from a space of intuitive exploration than of learning or any sort of official attunement to energy.

    Please feel free to share your stories in the comments below. You can find my Reiki story by clicking here: My Reiki Story


  • It’s Your Job To Make Your Life Epically Magical

    Hello Beautiful!

    Never forget that it is your job—your RIGHT—to make your life as epic and magical as you possibly can!

    You get to give yourself the power to make decisions that will benefit you.
    You get to decide what is truly important to you.
    You get to plan and create and explore!

    Life is a blessing. You have more than one chance to start working toward fulfilling your dreams; in fact, every moment you have is a moment you spend fighting, playing the victim, being frustrated and drained …or empowering yourself, standing up for what you believe in, working on and for yourself, really EXPERIENCING what life has to offer.

    You can’t let yourself be held back by the naysayers, the nagging doubts, or your fears. It’s your job to power through, tactfully and gracefully OR like a gladiator hacking down anything that stands in your way. No one will stand up for what you want with the same passion as you will. Other people might not even understand your vision—and some might actively try to hinder you from achieving it.

    But you have to take control of doing what you need to do, from envisioning what you truly and honestly desire to taking each and every step necessary to achieve what you want in life.

    Now, please remember I am not saying that you should hurt anyone to get what you want. I’m not saying you should set your sights on one specific person or one specific job.

    Part of your job is to be open to allowing the Universe to help by bringing you better and even more magical people, events, opportunities, etc. to you. And so it is. Please bring me what I wish for, or even better… Leave space for Divine Intervention.

    And try not to get impatient. The Universe works on its own timeline, in its own way. Worrying that your epically fabulous life isn’t going to manifest is a waste of time, especially when you could be putting time and energy into having faith in what’s to come and remaining positive.

    Don’t worry, though, if you have a little slip-up in trusting. It’s not like the Universe is going to tell you to just start over again. It might redirect you to something better. It might be holding off until you can actually handle all of the fabulousness of having everything you’ve always dreamed of. What you were looking at might not be THE right thing and if you took that option, you wouldn’t be open for the ACTUAL RIGHT THING.

    So stay positive. Keep dreaming. Let your dream and goals evolve. Be honest with yourself about what you want—the Universe knows and will throw a whole bunch of blocks in your path if you aren’t on the right one. It’s like that.

    And don’t forget that the Universe LOVES it when YOU put some effort into the mix, too. It will meet and amplify the energy you put into achieving your goals. It will put the wind in your sails, but your boat has to be in the water, sails up and ready to harness the energy of the wind and use it to move forward.

    Think of your life as a sailboat…

    If we look at that analogy, you could even look at the difference between the boat that is in the water, sails up, people rowing in the direction they want to go until the wind catches them OR imagine the wind blowing the boat INTO the water, whipping it around with wind it hasn’t prepared to receive… Same ship. Same wind. Big difference in outcomes. Right?

    That shows that a little preparation, a little foresight is needed from you to get yourself going in the right direction. The Universe will help you, don’t worry about that. It will also assist you in making every. single. thing. your heart desires come true, if you let it. You have to decide if you want EPIC and magical, or if you just want to exist and put yourself at the mercy of other people and whatever the Universe decides to throw your way. It’s your choice.

    Which do you choose? Are you committed to making your life a magical and exciting journey filled with everything your heart desires? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

    Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash
    Photo by Руслан Гамзалиев on Unsplash


  • 3 Practices To Help Heal Your Inner Child

    Heal Your Inner Child

    Many of us have a wounded inner child living within our psyches. There are those of us whose inner child was traumatized by caregivers, bullies, or situations outside of our control. Others of us weren’t given proper attention or care while growing up, and others still might not remember any specific incident or cause of their inner child’s woes and fears, but they know that they are an issue all the same.

    Even though we can’t hop into a time machine and go back to our childhoods to soothe, nurture, and support our kid selves, we can do some energetic and visualization techniques that can help us to heal our inner child, or even—if you believe in energy’s ability to influence past events—help to decrease or influence past events that would have further wounded your inner child.

    Personally, I’ve done a few things to help me to heal my inner child. I’m going to share the most helpful three methods I’ve learned to heal your inner child with you. I’d love to hear if any of these help you feel better in your day-to-day life.

    Hold and comfort your inner child. Think of yourself as you were when you were a child who felt alone, isolated, scared, or insecure. Hold your arms out to your inner child or the vision of your childhood self. Take your inner child into your arms and hold them, telling them that they are safe, loved, wanted, accepted, and protected in your arms. Tell your inner child what a good person they are. Pet your inner child’s hair, soothe and comfort your inner child, hum a soothing tune, or just sit with your inner child, giving them the love and acceptance. Use this method as often as you need to and see if your life in the now is affected by working to heal your inner child.

    Inner Child Healing
    Inner Child Healing

    Send energy to a photo. Take a photo of yourself as a baby or a small child and set the intention of sending that baby unconditional love and positive influence for the rest of its life, from that baby-day forward. Focus your loving energy on your little self in the picture, with the intention of easing your burdens, sending inner-strength when you need it, and also just calm, peaceful, joy-filled love for yourself from that time forward. You can also add a picture of our baby self to your altar, in the care of your elders and ancestors. (And, if you are a Reiki practitioner, you can send Reiki to your inner child, and also use the symbol, Dai Ko Miyo symbol in addition to the Chu Ku Rai symbol to send healing to your inner child.)

    The other day, I found a picture of myself as a baby. It was one of those pink-tinted photos from the 70s – featuring one smiling little me in a turquoise green jumper. I took that photo in my hands and sent love, strength and acceptance to Baby Sue. I imagined positive energy and influence flowing from me to her, aiding her when she was in trouble, soothing her in her lowest times. Somehow, it made me feel better…

    Be the person today your inner child would be proud of. There is so much power in the way you live your life, and living a life that your inner child would be proud of is a way of honoring that child’s stresses, traumas, and sorrows. If you stop cycles that might have traumatized you as a child, like violence or abuse, you are telling your inner child that you’ve repaired your life and that YOU, the grown-up version of that child, are not a bad person. Give yourself love, today, that you didn’t know how to give yourself back then. Be the person you wish your parents or caretakers would have been for you.

    As I mentioned, we aren’t currently able to go back in time to save the children we were from harm or give those children the love, attention, care, or acceptance they needed in order to thrive, but we can energetically work to heal our inner children by using simple energetic and visualization techniques. Personally, I’ve found these techniques make me feel better today—they help to soothe past hurts and change my energy in the present, so that I can be the best person possible in the moment.


  • My Angel Prayer Skill on Alexa

    I’m really so excited! Next Wednesday—May 1st, 2019—is the day when the My Angel Prayer skill officially goes live on Alexa. If you use your Alexa app on your phone or through an Echo dot, you’ll be able to access daily angel prayers from myself and around 30 other Angel Healers, Readers, and Practitioners!

    We’ll be kicking off the release of the My Angel Prayer Alexa skill with live interviews with Angel Workers and Prayer Creators streaming 24 hours on Facebook. You’ll be able to listen in live here: How To Connect with Angels

    My interview will be running at 5 pm Central European Time, or 8 am Pacific, 10 am Central Standard Time, 11 am Eastern time, and 4 pm in London.

    When we were rehearsing my interview last night, the organizer of the My Angel Prayer Skill on Alexa, Sheri Myers, played my prayer for me to review. Funnily enough, I didn’t remember the specifics of the prayers I sent in—the project has been going on for a while and I always just open up to Divine Guidance when creating prayers and meditations—but the message that I delivered was so profound and simple, and it was just what I needed to hear yesterday.

    I started to cry because it just reaffirmed the awe, wonder, and direct communication that the Angels deliver to us.

    If you’d like to hear my Angel Prayers, download the My Angel Prayer Skill on Alexa (click here). I have one in the free version of the skill, and many others will be in the paid version. Also, you can tune into our interviews!

    A lot of the Angel Prayer Creators, myself included, will be offering specials on our readings, courses, and work we do to help the world vibe a little higher.

    I’m looking forward to helping you shift the energy of your day with my Angel Prayers.