• How to Find a High-Quality Psychic Online

    It’s common for people to have reservations about using online psychics. With so many fakes, phonies, and cash-grabbers out there, differentiating the “real deals” from the phonies can be difficult, especially for those new to the psychic world. 

    Whether you’re at a crossroads in your life, looking for love, or need some heavenly guidance, you’re probably wondering how a psychic can help. Well, there are many different types of psychics, and nearly all of them specialize in different services. 

    Knowing how to choose a good, reputable psychic is essential to getting what you want out of the experience. First-timers often choose phonies, because they simply don’t know what to watch out for, and also don’t understand the nuances between different types of psychics. This is exactly why we’ve written this post, to help guide you in your search for a high-quality psychic who can provide you with the insight you need.

    In the following sections, we go in-depth into everything about choosing a psychic; how to search for psychics online, what to watch out for, and more. If you need to contact a relative who has passed on, need advice on love, or have financial-related issues, use the tips posted below to get you started on the right path. 

    Use the Internet to Your Advantage

    Before the internet was around, people used to resort to looking up psychics in the yellow pages, or asking around the community for tips, or maybe just going to the local psychic in town. However, thanks to the digital revolution produced as a result of the internet, you can now easily find a wide range of high-quality, affordable, and knowledgeable psychics online. 

    There are numerous online psychic listing websites, marketplaces, and pay-per-call sites. Mysticmag wrote a review about psychic source, one of the major providers of online psychic services in the US. Using a site such as that has many benefits, including being able to sort through the list of psychics by specialty, price, etc. 

    While there are many different websites offering online psychic sessions, you need to be careful to go with a high-quality vendor whose been around for a while. Avoid websites that are brand new, or don’t seem to have much activity. There are many scams, phonies, and fakes online, and a lot of them prey on those with less experience (in regards to hiring psychics). 

    What to Watch Out For

    When it comes to finding a high-quality psychic online, you need to consider a few different things:

    • Cost of the psychic’s services 
    • Where the psychic is located
    • Whether or not they’re compatible with you

    There are also some other things you need to think about as well, with the most important one is knowing where not to look for a psychic. Websites like craigslist, Facebook, etc. are great for other things, but not so much for psychics. 

    The psychics that post on these sites tend to be less professional, more “sketchy,” and typically overcharge for their services on top of it all. That’s why we recommend using a platform that’s been around for a while, and specifically one that has a large list of reputable psychics to choose from. 

    Other Things to Consider

    One of the most important aspects to consider during your search is how much you’re willing to spend. Just because a psychic charges $300 per hour doesn’t mean you’ll be getting a good reading. Remember, you need to pick something that’s within your budget, and you shouldn’t overspend on a psychic. 

    What’s most important is choosing a psychic that’s compatible with you. Choose the one you feel comfortable with, not just the one that’s the most expensive (or cheap). You’ll be surprised at how good of a reading you can get from a mid-range or even inexpensive psychic. Likewise, you’d also be surprised at how you might be disappointed by a high-cost psychic. 

    Final Thoughts on Choosing a Psychic 

    Whether you’re looking for advice on love, guidance on money issues, or need to get in touch with a dead relative – using the tips posted above will help you find the perfect psychic for your needs. 

    Remember, using an online psychic comes with many advantages, but it’s also a lot easier to get duped. So, when you’re looking for an online psychic to use, keep the aforementioned tips in the forefront of your mind. Otherwise, you might have a bad experience (which would turn you off of psychics for good).

    *Please note, for transparency and to adhere to international laws, this is a paid post and I do accept paid posts on my site. Write sue@sueellissaller.com if you are interested in sharing a blog post with my community.


  • Selenite + Reiki

    Selenite and Reiki is a good combination for shifting blocks. Read more about it here!

    Most every night when I go to bed, I do a self-Reiki session with crystals. Lately, I’ve been using Selenite because, since I started using Selenite this way, I’ve been busting through blocks left and right and seeing some major shifts in my life.

    If you are curious about how I use the Selenite or what I do, I usually hold my Selenite wand with both hands on my stomach, chest, neck, and head—leaving it a few minutes over each chakra area—or else I put my hands over the Selenite and run Reiki through it into my body. And if you want to do this yourself, but you aren’t attuned to Reiki, just set the intention of letting positive energy flow through you.

    Since I started working with the Selenite nightly, life has been changing for the better for me. I’ve been pursuing more exciting social media/marketing management projects, updating my own branding, and opening up to what I am capable of doing. Aside from that, I’m teaching an Intuition/Tarot/Divination course and doing readings as they come in and building another course.

    These Selenite + Reiki sessions seem to be opening up my creativity as well. They are helping me expand so that I can do all of the work I want to do without feeling fractured or out of alignment. In fact, since I started working with Selenite and Reiki together, I feel far more aligned than I have in a really long time.

    Yesterday, when I was meditating + doing Reiki on myself while holding the Selenite wand over my Sacral Chakra, I got the message that I had really put up a heavy energetic shield around myself. It’s kind of like Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall; so much had gone into building this shield of protection around me that it was heavy and had so many layers. Think of a cross between an old school scuba suit and an everlasting gobstopper, with all of those different layers.

    I imagined releasing this heavy protective suit and my light-body stepped out, free at last. My Spirit was so happy to be free from the protection turned prison we had created.

    Now to see how things unfold—if I end up crawling back into the heavy suit because it’s what I am familiar with, what I know, or if I will let myself be light and free, finding more inspiration in the world around me, sharing my light.

    Of course, I hope it is the latter of the two. I’m going to keep doing these Selenite + Reiki sessions, meditate about meeting my best self, and putting in the effort that I know I need in order to achieve everything I want.

    Even spiritual people need to recharge—especially if we are seeing a lot of clients and/or going through stressful times in our lives. We all need to get into the habit of doing more of what helps us move forward and feel good in life. And we need to keep up our rituals—especially those that help us bust through blocks and align with our best selves. Selenite + Reiki can be a powerful combination to help you realign, recharge, and get motivated to work on goals that lead you to a more positive place in your life!

    Curious about Reiki? I have a $30 for 30 minutes special for new clients. This session aligns and recharges all of your Chakras. You can find details here: Sue Ellis-Saller Reiki


  • Donation-Based Reiki 1 Course Saturday, March 21

    Join us for a Reiki Level 1 Class and Attunement


    I hope that you and your family and loved ones are safe and well. My biggest concern right now is homeschooling my boys—they are 10 and 12, so even though they are good kids, they still get on each other’s nerves from time to time (mine, too, if I am honest! 😂). And, of course, all of us staying healthy is a big concern of mine, too.

    When my youngest and I were sick with the flu in January, I ended up running Reiki to him many nights. It was really soothing for him; you could see him calm down and his breathing improve so that he could rest.

    Reiki can help calm your nerves, improve your immune system, manage aches and pains, and even open up your psychic channels.

    I don’t want to make any promises about Reiki because one thing you learn is it does what it needs to do to make your life better. I do know that Reiki has helped me (and Edgar) through some tough times.

    And tough times are what we are facing right now.

    Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. If you are called to use it—like I was even before I knew what it was—it kind of takes over and directs you to situations where you first use it and then share it.

    I want to share it now, with you.

    If you’d like to learn to channel Reiki 1 so that you can treat yourself and family members, I will be offering a pay what you can/donation-based online class on Saturday, March 21, from 12 pm – 3 pm Central Time US (10 am Pacific, 5 pm – 8 pm UK, 6 pm – 9 pm CET).

    Please note that all of this time-change stuff really messes me up, so check the times to make sure what it will be for you. I live in Vienna, Austria, and will be running the course from 6 pm – 9 pm my time.

    When you are preparing to take a Reiki class, I highly recommend that you eat healthy, light foods the day before and day of. Drink lots of water, too, as Reiki can increase your metabolism. Also, if you are taking any prescription meds, Reiki can cause your body to process them more quickly, so they may wear off earlier than they normally would.

    Here’s the link: https://zoom.us/j/20892714235

    And here is my PayPal address: paypal.me/sueellissaller

    My hope is that sharing Reiki will help others find peace, calm, and health, even in the most challenging times.

    I wish you peace and health, today and always.



  • Finding a Reliable Psychic Reader Who Will Help You Find Answers

    Looking for a reliable psychic reader? Here are some hints about finding a good fit.

    Finding a reliable psychic can be challenging. Whether you’re searching for a medium, a tarot card reader or someone to entertain you or give you some life advice, it can be tricky to tell who is good at what they do, and who’s out there to con you.

    There is no set procedure for becoming a card reader and so anyone can claim to be one. It is, therefore, essential to do your research to avoid being stuck with the wrong psychic.

    But don’t worry, this article will help you find a reliable psychic such as the ones found at bestpsychics.club’s list. Read on and learn more.

    Know What You Want

    Before you begin your search for a psychic, ask yourself what you want to achieve. Do you need help communicating with a person who has recently passed away? Do you require advice on matters of love and life in general? Do you want a psychic who shares the same religion as you or someone who follows a different spiritual path?

    Consider all these factors before deciding to pay any money to a psychic. Have a list of what you expect from a psychic and what you don’t.

    Remember, you are the client, and you have the right to choose what pleases you. After all, you will be paying with your hard-earned money.

    Ask for Recommendations

    Once you are sure what you want and what you don’t, you can now ask for recommendations from people in your neighborhood. Asking from the pagans you are familiar with can be an excellent place to start. But don’t worry if you don’t have any pagan friends. Many non-pagans consult mediums and Tarot readers and will be willing to share their experience with you.

    You can also attend a metaphysical fair in your area (if any) where you can meet with psychics. The best thing is that most of them will offer competitive prices, so be sure to check several psychics before deciding who to choose.

    You can also inquire from your local pagan shop for some reputable names as well as those with a bad reputation. Some people do their check through the internet, but we’d recommend the use of word-of-mouth when looking for a reliable psychic.  Once you get these resources, you can now come up with a list of psychics to contact.

    Check with the Better Business Bureau

    After you’ve compiled your list, you should check with your local watchdog organizations to see if any of the psychics on your list have been involved in fraud. But remember that the BBB usually keeps this kind of information on file for persons who are registered as a business – a lot of psychics are based on their homes and work upon being referred by other customers.

    But don’t assume that just because no one has complained about them, they aren’t fraudsters.

    Ask Questions Before Booking

    After narrowing down your list to eliminate potential fraudsters, now you can start making phone calls. Do a brief interview so you can know what to expect during the reading process.

    Ask them about their work history and whether they have any unique training. Ask your psychic about the methods they use for their readings. Is it Tarot cards, intuition, palmistry, or any other variation?

    Ask them if they can provide customer references. Although many customers would like to remain anonymous, some are willing to tell you more about the psychic. If anyone refuses to answer these questions, you should think twice about using their services.

    Consider Product, Personality and Rates

    Do you want a one-off session or many sessions to help you attain a particular goal? Are you looking for somewhere you can get in whenever you want, with the freedom to talk for as long as you want? Knowing exactly what your psychic provides is key to having your needs met. 

    Some psychics will allow you to come in and get readings whenever you want, while others work only by appointment, and don’t provide one-off sessions. Every psychic has their way of working, and there is no wrong or right.

    Psychics, just like any other business people, market themselves in unique ways. Some like the stereotypical image, others prefer business-oriented professionalism. Personality plays a critical role in building trust with your psychic.

    Finally, you should consider the rates. Some psychics will charge you by the minute, others charge per hour, while some will charge per session. So be sure to choose what works best for you.

    *this post is a sponsored post.


  • Ask An Angel October 28, 2019

    Ask An Angel For A Message
    This week’s Ask An Angel column…

    This week’s Ask An Angel question was posted in the comments on a different page.

    I have met and fell in love with a good man. We shared many intimate details of our lives. He has pulled away from me for no reason and I’m frustrated, angry, and confused. This man has resorted to saying things negative about me. I’ve done nothing wrong to him but love him and yet he won’t speak to me. I need closure and have told him that I deserve a sit down in order to have some closure and said I would come to his home to get it? Will I have a conservation with him soon?

    The Angels say:

    My Darling,

    You deserve so much better. This man has gone out of his way to hurt you and to push you away. His actions toward you aren’t loving.

    Ultimately, he pulled away because the relationship wasn’t right for both of you. Instead of continuing to lead you on, he let you go. And then he was cruel to you.

    If you need to get your emotions out, you can write him a letter outlining your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Pour all of your energy for him into the letter… and then put it into your fireplace or a safe place and burn it. Let the energy that is trapped with him free and open up space for a partner who will treat you like gold. That is what you deserve.

    We wish you all the best, Dearest. You will find a love who treats you like gold. Right now, put the focus on turning your love toward yourself.

    Would you like to ask the angels a question? Email sue@sueellissaller.com to submit your question.