• Unboxing The Frideborg Tarot Deck

    An interesting deck from Lisa Frideborg! Unboxing the Frideborg Tarot.

    I was so excited about the tarot deck that Lisa Frideborg recently created – the Frideborg Tarot – that I bought a copy from the first run!

    Lisa is generous enough to have the deck available for a free download (click here), but I chose to buy a deck because – well, I am a tarot addict and I wanted one, OK!? 🙂

    This deck is unique because Lisa chose images for the cards that were on the public domain – so that means that the pictures on the deck were available to be used – for free. She’s also graciously allowing others to use images of her deck for free for the time being!

    Now, having known, followed, and admired Lisa’s work for a few years, I know that she is a skilled and studied reader. Her readings reflect a high level of familiarity with tarot, astrology, and angels. Knowing that she – with her skillset and at her level – was building a deck that she said she used as a study tool for teaching tarot to others, intrigued me.

    The images on the deck really do a good job of representing the key ideas of each card, for the most part. I loved the silverback gorilla for the Emperor card and the surgeon for the King of Air/Swords. I got a kick out of the deadly dead death of the 10 of Swords.

    There were a couple that kind of confused me, though, like the apple cider for the 4 of Wands and the poison pen styled black and white image that is the 8 of Swords.

    There was also a bonus XXII card – The Black Cat! I hope she explains that one to us soon!

    You can see all of the cards and my unboxing of the deck in my video:

    Please leave a comment either here or on YouTube and let us know what you think of the deck!

    With blessings,

    Sue Ellis-Saller


  • It’s Never Just Yes or No in Tarot…

    It isn't as simple as
     Going Beyond Yes Or No To Get To The REAL Answers You Want In A Reading

    As a professional reader, I get a lot of callers who are curious to find out if their exes will be calling or coming back. Most of the time, these people are calling on my instant reading line, where time is of the essence.

    Even though many just want a simple “YES” or “NO” from me, I always, always, always advise that a person digs a bit deeper into the question, because sometimes a simple YES or NO isn’t as simple as that.

    Consider this scenario: You’ve just broken up with your boyfriend because you caught him hiding provocative text exchanges with a co-worker. You want to know if he’s going to call you.

    I get a positive card – The Magician – and you are happy that he’s going to call you. “When?” you ask. I get the Eight of Wands, implying very soon (or in 8 weeks, depending on how you read timing in your cards). You are all kinds of happy because he’s going to call… but, when he calls, it’s just to arrange the details of getting his name off of your lease.

    If that’s the case, you’d likely be thrown WAY off. That’s why I advise people to take a more in-depth look at the question.

    If, for example, I’d gotten the positive response about him contacting you, coupled with the Eight of Wands – then we see what you need to know about him contacting you, and I get the Ace of Pentacles, reversed, we know it isn’t to profess his undying love for you but to move on. The Two of Cups, when reversed, just emphasizes the fact that this isn’t going to lead to a rekindling of your romance.


    Cards from the Tarot Illuminati deck


    Even though it might take a minute or two longer for me to get to the bottom of the question, you will be given information that will allow you to properly prepare for the call…

    And really, if you explained to me that he was hiding provocative texts (leading me to the impression that he isn’t the most honest character), the Life Coach in me would wonder if you truly want this guy back in your life – and I’d ask you about that, too.


    The same with the question: Will I see my ex soon?

    I could tell you yes, you will see him soon. The cards might even show an encounter in the near future. But, will you be rekindling your romance or meeting his new girlfriend?

    A few more cards and a little more time might make the difference between you getting your hopes up because you’ll see him – as in him inviting you out for a date or trying to rekindle the spark, or the encounter causing you some heartache.

    In order to best answer your questions, I’ll try to direct you to the right questions to ask. I’ll want you to look inside yourself and try to connect with what is best for you. Do you need to work on letting him go so that you can move on to a new, better relationship?

    Simple YES or NO questions aren’t the best for tarot, anyway. Here’s a way to expand on a simple YES or NO reading, to get more information about what is going on.

    1) Will he call-

    As your advisor, I’ll try to get more answers from you a lot of times, as some cards require a bit of information to properly interpret.

    I’ll ask questions related to the cards that come up, like: Is the Queen of Wands (a self-confident, self-assured, fire starter kind of person) you or is it the ex? Do you need to embody more of that energy to move your relationship to the next level? Is HE the Prince of Cups (all looking, but not much action – puppy romance or a crush from afar, reversed is a porn addiction), or is that someone who is coming into your life or the mood of the relationship?

    You see, as a reader, I look to you for clues and cues about what the cards mean for your specific case in the reading. Of course, I can straight up read a spread, but your input will make it much more personalized and fitting for your situation.

    I see using the cards as a way of exploring what is and the possibilities of what might be coming, not like a crystal ball to foretell a future that’s carved in stone.

    I’ll ask questions. I’ll direct you to more questions. I’ll try to prepare you for what’s coming up – and that isn’t usually as simple as a yes or no.

    And that’s why I recommend scheduling a longer reading. Honestly, I can do the “quicky one, two here’s your answer” kind of reading – BUT it might not cover the entirety of your situation or give you the kind of details you need.

    A longer reading – at least 20 minutes – allows you to have the time to explain your situation to me. It allows me to explore your feelings and your own intuition about the situation (something the life coach in me loves to do).

    Ready to schedule your 20 minute Skype or telephone reading now? I’m running a special! You can get it for $40 now! Click here.


  • Today’s Reading – Forgive to Move Forward

    15 - 1

    How do you forgive?

    Before I pulled today’s cards, I was thinking about the holiday season and how it can drudge up deeply seated emotions from your childhood that were stuffed back down with last year’s champagne and turkey and have been fermenting, literally, for years.

    Even the best families have issues. And the ones that aren’t the best – well, they have problems.

    We’ll say that I come from one of the families that had problems. I’m still working on sorting out all of the BLEH related to everything. Just when I think I’ve dealt with everything and stuck things into their neat little “I’ve grown from this experience” cubbyholes, something pops off of the shelf, so to speak, and makes me examine it again.

    For example, I’ve been grappling with my dad’s alcoholism and the fact that he was a very gruff, critical man for most of my life. His taunts and disapproval affected me to the core. He didn’t show me much love – he loved my children – but me, nah. I didn’t feel it.

    One of the last times I saw him – he passed 5 years ago, I was 7 months pregnant. We were all playing in the backyard, and he called to me, “Hey, Moose! Get over here and ….” He’d always, always made negative comments about my body and my size.

    And the thing I remember him saying to me most was, “Goddamnit, Suzy!” “Sit down, you are making me nervous! My BIG, german shepherd who is growling and bearing her teeth at your crawling baby won’t bite him!” “Goddamnit, Suzy. Why didn’t you…”

    “GodDAMNIT, Suzy!” was actually the last thing he said to me before he died.

    He didn’t read to me. He didn’t help me with my homework. He didn’t take an evening to go to a parent-teacher conference. He didn’t send a card when I graduated from college….

    He was at the bar most of my childhood and was usually hung over if he bothered to pick us up for our Sunday visits. After he got clean and sober (which he was for 25+ years and I do respect that he tried after that – but his personality just wasn’t tender and loving, that is for sure…) He spent many of his holidays with his Alcoholics Anonymous family as the priority in his day, then us as kind of an afterthought (at least that’s how it felt to me).
    It hurt then and it hurts now, quite honestly.

    And this morning, I was thinking about it. I was thinking about forgiveness – rolling that thought over and over again – examining it, wondering if it was necessary.

    After all, I thought, my childhood made me who I am today, and I genuinely, truly like most of who I am. Would I be the same if I had a better childhood?

    Do I need to forgive him? Do I need to put this behind me and move on?

    And then these cards came up in my daily reading. Kind of a sign from the Universe, huh?

    The thought for today? Realize what you need to release. It’s really time to move on. What you are holding onto might be creating a HUGE energetic blockage. Deal with it, clear it out and allow yourself to be free.

    I know that I’ll revisit these thoughts – there isn’t any doubt about that. But, I think I got a big sign that it’s time to spread forgiveness on this wound, wrap it up tight with self-love, and work on healing my energy.

    If you need some extra shielding during the holiday season, you can listen to my Grounding and Shielding meditation. It’s my free gift to you. Click here to go to the recording.

    With blessings and light~
    Sue Ellis-Saller


  • Weekly Tarot Reading – October 5th, 2015



    Hi Everyone!

    Today’s reading was done with Erik C. Dunne’s Tarot Illuminati deck, which is one of my personal favorites to work with! It’s rich imagery and perfect size make it a fabulous and comfy deck to read with!

    The theme that I see happening this week is “WHOA NELLY!”

    The week gets off to a good start with the Sun as the first card. When the Sun comes up in a reading, expect that you can express yourself and your personality, that things will be light and optimistic, and that positivity reigns!

    A couple of key points that stood out to me in the card were the clear, blue sky, the white horse (symbolizing purity of purpose), the innocent child, and the sunflowers in the background. All very good omens!

    Heading into the week, however, we hear the brakes starting to squeak. The Ace of Wands, reversed, indicates that you might not want to pursue that new passion or whatever has been lighting a fire under you just yet. There might be delays in moving forward.

    That energy or tone continues with the Ace of Swords, reversed (which, incidentally, I picked in another deck in a random reading today). New ideas or plans might not turn out as you’d hoped they would.

    No worries, though, I do see a lot of blue sky in all three, so I am thinking that this pursuit or idea, whatever it might have been, is just something either to keep on the back-burner for a while, or something that might not be ripe for the picking.

    All systems… stop. Sorry!

    Here’s the video version, if you are interested!

    Have a fab week!
    Sue Ellis-Saller


  • Combining Crystals and Tarot

    Combining different types of crystals and tarot reading can help a reader to ground herself during a session, to better connect with her psychic abilities and with the Universe, and to more effectively communicate a reading with the reading’s co-creator (a.k.a. “the Client”).

    I personally use several in each session I have – and then I add other crystals – as I feel necessary.

    Like most other things related to working with your gifts and or intuition, it is important to listen to any urges or feelings you have about adding different crystals or minerals to your reading space.


    Clearing, Cleaning, and Connection:

    When you are first working with your deck after you purchased/acquired it, or if you would like to keep it clear from negativity, it is a good idea to keep a piece of clear quartz crystal on top of the deck when you store it. Make sure that you clear the quartz crystal from time to time by holding it under running water (a natural waterfall or stream would be BEST, but the tap will do), or putting it out under a full moon or in direct sunlight, by laying it in a bed of rock salt overnight (discard the salt afterward). If you are attuned to Reiki or any other energy source, you can also use that to keep the energy of your crystals pure.


    Clear Quartz

    Clear quartz is a great, “all around” stone to work with. It is a good stone for balancing, absorbing, and focusing – and it clears up and dispels negative energy on ALL planes (spiritual, mental, emotional). Because it is capable of clearing away negative energy and bringing more balancing and harmony into an area, it is a great stone to keep around – or on top of – your decks when they are not in use.
    You can read more about clear quartz in this article: Clear Quartz – The Multifunctional Powerhouse


    Grounding and Protection:

    I always feel like it is a good idea to affirm my connection with the Earth prior to reading tarot. Also, there is a vast amount of energy and wisdom available for one to draw on and use during readings, so tapping into Earth energy is a good way to start readings.


    Red Jasper:

    Red Jasper is not only associated with the Earth/base Chakra, but it is also considered to be a “spiritual grounding stone.” It can also help to return negative energy to its origin when working with esoteric practices. All of these attributes make it the perfect stone to use when tarot reading: It helps one to connect with the energy of the Earth, to ground spiritually, and to protect a reader and his/her querent from any negativity that might be directed at either person.

    Tiger’s Eye: 

    Tiger’s Eye is another stone that is associated with the Earth Chakra and one that can be used not only to connect with Earth energy and wisdom, but also to help protect participants in a tarot reading from negative energies.


    Love/Angelic Realms



    Rose Quartz:

    THE go-to stone for love readings and to connect with angels (and spread a little joy and love with your reading is Rose Quartz). Rose Quartz is associated with love, compassion, care, and calming – and with the angels, too! I have a rather large chunk that I actually keep in hand when I am deciphering card layouts on telephone and Skype readings. This is one I use in every single reading I do.


    Boosting Your Confidence


    Citrine is associated with the solar plexus and with confidence. You can use this in readings when you are first starting to build your confidence in expressing what you find in the cards. This stone is also associated with business success and abundance, which makes it a wonderful stone to bring into readings about success, business, and bringing prosperity into a person’s life.


    Communicating Messages

    Blue Calcite: 

    I always keep a piece of blue calcite near when doing readings. It is associated with the throat chakra, and can help a person not only communicate, but also to find the most fitting words for the situation (which is wonderful when working with intuition, Spirit, and passing messages on to others).


    Tapping into Intuition and Your Psychic Abilities

     Lapis Lazuli:

    Lapis is associated with the throat and third eye chakras. It has long been associated with wisdom and used by healers and priests since Egyptian times. This stone is also known for helping people to work with intuition and psychic ability – it is said that it can create a connection between the Spirit realm and the Earthly realm. It is also considered to be a very powerful stone of protection.



    Some refer to Labradorite as “The Stone of Magic”. It is widely known to help people tap into their psychic abilities and increase their awareness of intuitive guidance and messages from the Spirit realm. This stone is also a protective stone.


    This is another all-purpose, wonderful stone to use when doing tarot readings/spiritual work. It is associated with the crown chakra and said to increase a person’s ability to connect with Spirit and gain insight and wisdom when doing readings.


    I hope you’ve found this information to be helpful! There are – of course – several other stones you can use when working with cards – this is an introduction to a few that I commonly use in my readings.


    Make sure that you allow your intuition to guide you when choosing complements to your tarot readings.

    Would you like to schedule a reading that includes crystal recommendations and coaching? Book an Everything You Need Session today! Click here for details.

    You can find details here to schedule a tarot, angel, or oracle card reading.


    With respect and light ~ Susan




    Healing Crystals for You, Red Jasper Stone… For Energy, Strength, Stamina, Spiritual Grounding http://www.healing-crystals-for-you.com/red-jasper-stone.html

    Lapis Lazuli, http://meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com/lapis-lazuli/