• Weekly Tarot Reading December 19th, 2016

    Ahhh… It is so easy to want to just settle down in the evening and watch some Desperate Housewives on Amazon. But NO! I didn’t post this week’s weekly tarot reading yet, and that is more important to me!

    And the message is so fitting for me right now.

    Cards from Erik C. Dunne's Tarot Illuminati
    Cards from Erik C. Dunne’s Tarot Illuminati

    You see, I’ve been wanting to embody more of the energy of the Queen of Pentacles lately – her warm and comfy home, her relationships with those around her, her way with money and creating security for herself and her family. She’s grounded and focused – her home is well cared for.

    I know that I’ve been more ‘in my head’ than ‘in my home’ recently, even to the point where I feel like my body is here, but my energy is missing from my home and family life. It might be focused on money – but it feels more like I am spinning my wheels than making any real headway. And I’d rather redirect the focus of my energy toward the things that matter most to me, like my family, friends, and home, than I do on chasing wealth. 

    And honestly, central to achieving what I want lies nurturing the seeds I have planted, continuing to care for them and have faith they will flourish. (Seven of Pentacles) I feel like I run to plant more seeds and til more soil while ignoring what’s already been sown. It’s time to pause and evaluate what I have already done – what needs nurturing – and returning my energy to harvesting those things when they are ready.

    That means that I have to make sure that I continue to put effort toward what I want to accomplish without getting frustrated or giving up. (Eight of Pentacles Reversed) It means that I shouldn’t start new projects right now, but that I should mind the work that I do, instead of binge watching Netflix, I should be doing things like posting regularly and making new content for my blog.

    How do you feel? Does that reading fit with what’s going on in your world lately? Do you have different insight about what the cards mean to you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  • Tarot Spread for Trump Presidency – What’s Going To Happen In The Next 4 Years

    Yesterday (November 9, 2016, the day Trump got elected) was a hard day for many of Light Workers and Healers. It felt like a blow to the Earth, to the Universe, to the Light itself to see a man of Trump’s nature get elected for what could be considered to be the most powerful position in the world.

    I, myself, was having a hard time processing Trump’s victory. There are a thousand reasons I fear what might become of the United States – the world – with him as the POTUS.

    Ultimately, though, I am a light worker, a tarot reader, and an energy alchemist who figures out how to take negative energy and turn it into positive energy. That’s the task I’ve been assigned to and the one that I embrace. Well, Trump’s victory definitely gives me something to work with – that’s for sure!

    I decided to get my Angel Tarot deck out and do a reading to see what I might expect from a Trump presidency.

    The results were kind of unexpected and helped to put me at ease. It was actually GOOD – better than I hoped!

    Angel Tarot Cards from Doreen Virtue published by HayHouse
    Angel Tarot Cards from Doreen Virtue published by HayHouse

    Temperance came up right in the center of the reading (bottom row). Patience, moderation – the cup being poured from the lower cup to the higher cup shows something impossible being done. We need to react with constraint and self-control. We need to use this total upheaval of what we hoped the US was to feed into creating what we want America to be.

    On the left, the Nine of Cups – dreams come true! Satisfaction and satiety are the themes associated with this card. It’s a good one, folks! Remember to keep your dreams close to your heart – work toward them instead of giving them up (like I almost did).

    On the right, we have the Seven of Earth. This card says, seeds well planted, and is associated with nurturing what you’ve sown. It also indicates that one might be consumed with unnecessary worry – and also reminds me of the time when the seed is germinating in the soil and you are waiting for the new, infantile and fragile plant to finally emerge from the soil. You don’t know what’s going to happen, so all you can do is continue to nourish the soil, provide adequate sunlight and hope that what you planted will grow. And don’t forget, once that seedling turns into that small, fragile plant, your work has only just begun. You still need to water and care for it in order to grow a hearty, healthy plant that will have the strength to yield a crop.

    Above or as the influence, we have such a fitting card, the Ace of Air. Um. Yeah. Totally. New ideas that might not be easy to deal with initially. A new way of seeing and thinking about things. Seeing the truth of a situation. A rough start that turns into something brilliant. OK. I can dig that.

    The Outcome for me was the Queen of Earth – and I couldn’t ask for a better one, to tell the truth. Well, maybe the Nine of Cups, but that came up in a different place in the reading! So, basically put, the Queen of Earth means stability, happiness, abundance in the home. Dealing with things from a calm and settled perspective. I associate her not with the chaos I was fearing, but with having enough and feeling good about what I’ve created and done.

    Ultimately, this reading didn’t turn up cards like the Tower and the Devil – or the Nine of Swords (self-fulfilling prophecies and worry) or even the Ten of Swords. No defeat. No cheating. Just patience, perseverance, seeing things from a new perspective, planting seeds and allowing them to grow. It gave me hope. It made me realize that what I do matters more than who is president of the United States.

    I hesitantly say that this reading made me look forward to what might come in the next four years. Fingers crossed, right!?


    Would you like to get a tarot reading to see what you might expect in the coming months? Order your reading today!

    Also, if you feel like you need a little recharge because the energy was so dense and draining the last few days, please go to my Facebook page and put your name under the Reiki Recharge post. I’ll be taking some time to send a little extra to those who need it most now.



  • November Tarotscopes

    Welcome to the first month of TarotScopes from Sue Ellis-Saller! These TarotScopes are for the month of November. Use your birthdate and zodiac sign to find your November TarotScope forecast below!

    This month’s cards are from Erik C. Dunne’s Tarot Illuminati, published by Lo Scarabeo and Alana Fairchild’s Sacred Rebels Oracle, published by Blue Angel Publishing.

    Aries (March 21 – April 19)

    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle
    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle

    This month, it might be hard to be patient with those around you, Aries, because you feel like you have advice and knowledge to share with others, but you aren’t in the position to actually give that advice. Hold steady. Trust in timing. You will be recognized for what you have to contribute; now is just not the right time. That doesn’t mean, however, your time won’t come. It will…






    Taurus (April 20 – May20)

    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle 

    Something has recently ignited your passions and has you ready to jump into a new pursuit in life! You feel strongly pulled to honor this newfound project or purpose. Stand up for this idea, Taurus – and follow through with it – no matter what the naysayers in your life might think. You might not be able run after the goal right now, but make conscious and directed steps in the direction of your newfound dreams!





    Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

    cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle
    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle

    Bummer, huh, Gemini? You felt so inspired when you began the journey, but something in you KNEW you weren’t going in the right direction. It’s OK. Luckily enough, you didn’t invest too much time, energy, and money into the venture, so you can pull back and re-think everything. You know that change needs to come into your life, it’s just a matter of finding the right way to bring it in.





    Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle
    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle

    Cancer, it’s hard not to notice the difference in the cards for you this month. One, running into battle – sometimes without rhyme or reason – running just to run. And we all know how that can turn out. Fortunately, you’ve decided to find yourself after so long. Now is the time to take a moment to step back, find some peace and quiet, and get to know just who you are. While you might have been running to please others, this reflection and introspection will be what pleases you and gets you back in touch with who you really are.





    Leo (July 23 – August 22)

    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle
    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle

    Interestingly enough, Leo, recent financial and material issues might have been sent to you to help you find the strength to ask others for help. Instead of going through these times alone, reach out to friends and loved ones for guidance and support. You might not get material help, but you might deepen some relationships that suffered while you were focused on earning and buying and earning some more. Enjoy people for who they are and how you feel around them, not just what they can do for you. Put focus on the spiritual and emotional now, instead of only on the material and financial.




    Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle
    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle

    There might be a situation in your life, Virgo, that you feel is stalled and stagnant, and you are sure that you’d like it to move forward. Maybe. But… Maybe not! Instead of waiting for the situation to resolve itself, it’s time to take some initiative and move things forward. But, don’t ask it to be anything other than what it is or try to force the outcome – move forward without expectations and be open to what it turns out to be.





    Libra (September 23 – October 22)

    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle
    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle

    Any obstacles you’ve been facing on your quest for something BIG, Libra, are only temporary. You are working on something that is spine-tinglingly sensational, but it just hasn’t developed as quickly as you would have liked it to. Don’t give up hope! Keep following your dream. Step-by-step, you will be able to make it come to life! Your journey will be an inspiration to others who end up taking the same path (or having the same goal) themselves.





    Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle
    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle

    Scorpio – where has your focus been lately? Is it even there? You set out to create something beautiful in your life, but you haven’t really been using the skills you have – or your energy – to achieve what it was you set out to do. Have confidence in your abilities. You ARE good enough to do what it is you planned to do. Don’t downplay how good you are or keep yourself from going all in. You can create what you’ve desired – in a beautiful and harmonious way – if only you believe in yourself and use your gifts.




    Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle
    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle

    Instead of moving forward from something that hasn’t been serving you, Sagittarius, try to look at it from a different perspective because you will find that it has been serving you all along! Call on the Universe to help you see things in a different way, and you’ll be surprised to find out how that shift in perspective will help you to make changes that lead to outcomes you’ve been hoping to see all along. Remember to look at others through loving eyes and see things from a Divine perspective. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Dr. Wayne Dwyer.




    Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle
    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle

    Talk about a breakthrough, Capricorn. You’ve recently had an epiphany about the people you surround yourself with, and you’ve found that there are a few people in your inner circle who have outlived their positive influence in your life. You might feel scared to release these people, as they have come to be a big part of your life. But, when you take a step back and put your focus on taking care of yourself and your own needs, you see that these ties can’t be maintained without it having a negative impact on you. It’s OK to release. It’s OK to take care of yourself. Don’t fight the process, but allow it to unfold gently.



    Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle
    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle

    You might be feeling that all of the strategizing, planning and work you’ve been doing lately hasn’t improved your life, Aquarius, but has actually made you feel more insecure and unstable. You’ve been working on your goals with your head, and not with your heart – and things haven’t turned out as well as you pleased. Now is the time to create a life and goals based on emotion and intuition, instead of on strategy and intellect. Your relationships and finances will improve when you alter your way of planning what you want in life and how to get it.




    Pisces (February 19 – March 20) 

    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle
    Cards from Tarot Illuminati and Sacred Rebels Oracle

    Ahh. Pisces. November is going to feel GOOD for you! You are ready to leave behind your way of looking at the world, and you are more than ready for it. You are finally in a place where you feel like you can breathe and be – instead of a place of struggle, worry, and fear. You have come to a point in your life where you have much more faith in the process, and you don’t mind that at all, do you?







    Would you like to get a personalized and detailed look at your month ahead? Email sue@sueellissaller.com to get an email reading or schedule a session with Sue today!


  • You Are In Charge Of Your Destiny!

    As a Tarot Reader, I work with a lot of people who are looking for answers about their future.

    Will we stay together?
    Will we work it out?
    Will I pass this test?
    Will I have legal issues?
    Will it turn out like I want it to?
    What do you see?

    The thing that I try to tell all of my clients is that, no matter what I see, the future is theirs to create. What I see in the cards is not carved in stone, but is influenced by the choices a person makes.

    Some people are pretty frustrated by that. “But… but… but – you won’t guarantee what you say will come to pass?”

    In short: No, I won’t. I firmly believe in a person’s free will influencing the outcome of his or her life, and drastic changes in direction or choice equate to drastic changes in outcome.

    For example, I’ve found that many people want true love in their lives, but are fixated on getting that love from a person who doesn’t treat them how they should. Will I find true love? Yes! But you have to let that one go!

    Or people who want to tempt Fate every chance they get, making it hard for me to predict a good outcome. Will I ace the exam? I say he’ll pass, and so he doesn’t study and stays up partying into the early hours the night before his exam, so he fails. Is that my fault as his reader, or his as the person in charge of his life? We all know that his actions have influenced the outcome toward the negative, no matter what the cards say – you know?

    And there are people who just don’t give all of the details to their tarot readers, for whatever reason. The person who doesn’t divulge the fact that he co-signed a bank loan for his brother who skipped town, for example. While the reader thinks that the debt belongs to the brother, it actually belongs to the person who is asking the questions, so the details aren’t all on the table, but the cards are…

    As a tarot reader, it can be an interesting task to encourage that a person takes command of his or her own life and also that he shares all of the details that a reader needs. You can do a few things to ensure that the reading you want is the reading you get.

    1) Tell the truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth. Remember, your tarot reader uses her intuition, her cards, and actually LISTENS to what you are saying in order to best advise you. There are times when it is totally obvious that you aren’t telling us everything about the situation – like the cards + your words don’t add up. Don’t get mad at your reader for seeing the truth and inquiring about it. We’re not judging – we’re trying to advise you the best we can.

    2) Don’t blame a negative outcome on your reader. As I mentioned above, if you do something silly or outright stupid, like starting as a good student and then blowing off your studies and partying your brains out because I said you’d pass, then YOU are the one creating a negative outcome. It’s not about the reading being wrong at all.

    3) Take responsibility for your life and your actions. See the paragraph above.

    4) Remember, your life is yours to control. Even if we foresee a happy future for you and your potential love interest, do what it takes to make that happen AND don’t ignore red flags if the relationship starts to change. We read from a space that takes things from this moment and if you continue in the same direction. You have the choice to change which way you go (and we encourage you to follow your happiness).

    Your life is yours to direct toward what you want in life, be it love, happiness, romance, riches. Consulting with a tarot reader can help you see what direction to take, but the advice your tarot reader gives isn’t carved in stone. YOU are the one with the power to change your own life for the better or for the worse. Never forget that your decisions – your ultimate Fate – lies squarely in your hands.

    Would you like to get an empowering reading from a tarot reader who recognizes that your fate lies squarely in your hands? Let’s chat!


  • Tarot Video Challenge Day 3

    Show Notes:

    Question: How long have you been reading tarot?

    • Done cartomancy since high school, around age 13.


    • Hearts Yes
    • Diamonds Possibly
    • Spades No
    • Clubs Maybe
    • (Yes- difference between possibly and maybe!)

    Thoth Tarot

    • I got the cards for myself to get through the breakup

    Question: Will you ever stop reading tarot?

    • I hope not.
    • There’s always something that will keep me excited about tarot.
    • We even have apps in the modern era so that’s taking it to a different level.
    • When I read for clients I use my physical decks but there are a few apps I like to use.