Strength for Sensitives

  • Consolidating and Clearing Project Clutter

    Hey, Beautiful!

    Welcome to my new home at!



    My new home on Facebook is Susan Ellis-Saller. Come on over and follow the Hey, Beautiful posts there!

    This is a great assignment, as well.

    Today’s assignment is to see what you can condense or get rid of to best serve you!

    For example, I started the See You… Be YOU site about 2-3 years ago, and I want to keep doing these assignments that have been there from the beginning… but in the mean time, I also started Facets of Wellness (for my Reiki), and then started Clear Vision Readings and Reiki to have a space for my tarot and oracle card readings. Then I started The Place to Goal…and Project Happy Monday… and… and… and…

    It all got a bit overwhelming, as you can imagine, because there are sites to keep updated, Facebook and Twitter accounts to (wo)man… and real work, kids, house, etc.


    Then I had an A-HA moment (and several people helped me to arrive there)… where I thought that I should put all of everything under one roof – Susan Ellis-Saller. ME! My passions, my offerings, my interests that I like to share.

    Think about all the time and effort that will save me to cut all but 1 entity to contain.

    So think about your life…Is there anything that is redundant, that isn’t serving you, that is making you have to double or triple your work load without bringing much back?

    Cut the fat and keep only the best, most relevant, and most rewarding things! Get rid of the rest.

    Believe me, the thought of it will seem unbearable at first – especially considering all of the love and hard work we put into all that we do – but just think about how you can maximize your efforts and decrease your workload if you do cut the unnecessary!



  • Building the Dream Takes Time

    Rome wasn't built in a day - and my business won't be, either. Photo ©Moyan Brenn on Flickr.
    Rome wasn’t built in a day – and my business won’t be, either. Photo ©Moyan Brenn on Flickr.


    Building your dream business takes time…

    Man, would I like to have all of my beautiful content up – but building the dream takes time!

    Letter by letter, word by word, page by page – that is how this gets created. One article at a time. No more – even though I wish it!

    There is work to be done – research to be completed, pages to be written, links to be back-linked and organized, eBooks to be polished and uploaded. That is just the stuff that I have on my priorities list.

    I have so many exciting new projects, products, and ideas to share with you that it is exhausting to think about them – let alone to find the time to create them. Right now, I am in the process of prioritizing, finding a web developer who will help me rock this site to the max, and just plugging along at it.

    When you are working on your own business, remember that building the dream takes time.

    Never give up on a dream

    Some things that will help you build the dream more quickly:

    1) Set SMART goals. Make sure that the goals you set for yourself are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant (to what you do), and Time-sensitive.

    2) Prioritize your to-do list. Figure out what is absolutely necessary and/or has a due date within the week. Do the most important or time-sensitive tasks first. Cross off any tasks that are unnecessary.

    3) Limit the time you spend on social media. Social media can suck all of the time out of your work day. Try to check in only 3-5 times per day, 10 minutes at a time (unless you are getting things set up).

    4) Acknowledge a learning curve. If you are doing something brand new to you, it might take you 10 times longer to do a task than it would a pro. I am a firm believer in hiring professionals to complete tasks that I need to look professional.

    5) Don’t give up. When you are building your business from the ground up, it will take a while to catch air or take off. Keep working on it.

    6) Allow yourself to evolve. Your brand and business will likely evolve as time passes. Don’t make yourself stick with something that no longer suits you, and allow yourself to explore new and exciting options.

    7) Remember, not everything will be a hit right out the door. If you believe in something you’ve created, stick with promoting and refining that content – even if no one signs up for your first class or you don’t get a thousand subscribers in a month. Work on refining what you love about your business, marketing it, and promoting it to an ever-expanding audience.

    “Do it again.Play it again. Sing it again.
    Give yourself the time to build a business that serves you. Remember, it is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. Just keep going. You can do this!

    Want some help getting your business set up in a way that serves you? Let’s talk! I offer Business Mentoring One-to-One Sessions that help you to appreciate where you are and plot out how to get to where you’d like to be! You can find the details here: Business Mentoring.