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  • Using Social Media Authentically and Organically

    Here is the webinar’s audio.

    Today, I didn’t talk about exponentially increasing your follower numbers as quick as a flash. I talked about authenticity, nurturing relationships, being yourself, sharing value – and growing your flock organically.

    Personally, I believe there is value in doing things kind of the old fashioned way. You have to show up consistently, bring your heart and soul into your business, and post attractive and engaging content. If you don’t, then it is just a hollow numbers game.

    And those of us who are sensitive to energy – well, the hollow numbers game is NOT what we want as the foundations of our businesses.

    I hope you enjoy.


  • My Story – Offer Your Gifts, Be Who You Are

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    So, the Angels have been waiting for me to tell this story – urging me to tell this story. But they knew it would all come out in due time.

    You see, the Angels are so patient. So loving. They know that you might falter or slide – or backtrack or even ignore the messages they give you – as I have. But they kept trying with me, like they do for everyone. They don’t give up. They are like good friends who accept the situation you are in without judgement – waiting to step in and help you when you need it, at a moment’s notice… and without being hurt if you should choose to ignore their messages or not follow their guidance. And they are there again the next time you reach out for help.

    I’ve been so hesitant to open up to and about the Angel community… because I thought I wasn’t good enough. Because I thought that I needed some photographic proof of angelic visitation or some grandiose story about how the angels worked with me and through me. I didn’t have one.

    I didn’t fit in. All of the others were better – more experienced. They heard more, they saw more, they felt more. They listened to classical music and wore pastels and fit the little mold I had in my head about how people who work with the angels should be. They were calmer and more spiritual. I didn’t even come close to their talent or charisma. I was just me.

    This negative comparison of myself to others has been a theme in my life. I hung out with some amazingly talented artists when I was in high school. Their art was soooooo good compared to mine, that I knew I didn’t stand a chance as an artist. So I gave up.

    It was kind of like that – that feeling of being so UN (worthy, talented) and IN (sufficient). Less than.

    What did I have to offer to the community? To the group?

    Me – the one who kept ignoring the messages that I was given. Who wanted to control just how I brought my offerings to the table. Who didn’t have an awesome Angel story to captivate people with and let them know, without a doubt, I was one of them.

    Then I realized that I didn’t have ONE big story, nor did I need one. The Angels might not show themselves to me in their all of their luminescent glory and they might not have saved me from death (or maybe they did when I was born, but I don’t remember it – and I am actually quite grateful that I haven’t had a near death experience that brought Angels into my life!)…

    In my life and in my world, the Angels let me know they are there in much more subtle ways – ways that make me laugh and let me know that they heard me asking them to show themselves, but they didn’t want to make a big deal out of it… they wanted to make me smile.

    And they kept pushing me – to join the community – to reach out – to share… not only card readings or therapy – BUT also with business guidance.


    LOL! I totally know!

    You see, when I first got back into working with angels a few years ago, after a long spell of just making it, moving across the world, raising a child on my own, getting married, having more children, etc. – I was working in a partnership as a business development coach.

    I decided that the angel path/esoteric route was totally the thing for me as it was just such an intrinsic part of who I was, and I wanted to let that part of me be a part of my business persona – I wanted to work with Earth Angels and Light Workers. My business partner wasn’t keen on the idea. I held my ground to be true to who I was and we parted ways.

    After that break-up, I thought about continuing with helping Light Workers and Earth Angels develop their businesses, but I didn’t pursue that course of action because of a misplaced sense of loyalty to my old business partner. Instead of being true to myself and the direction I was being called in, I brushed it all aside and tried my hand building a tarot and angel card reading business.

    And that was great for a while – until I started feeling like something was missing. I kept going back to readings because I was good at them… but there was still something missing.

    The angels said, “Hey, how about that business development thing?”

    I said, “Nah. Let me try this tarot thing one more time.”

    They patiently stood to the side and waited for me to accept that it was OK to share all of my gifts.

    The angels said, “Hey, how about that business development thing?”

    During the time I was working on the readings, I was also building some friendships on the side and actually helping people stay motivated in their businesses. They were bouncing ideas off of me and looking for guidance. They were coming to me not for what I wanted to offer, but for what I was good at.

    I was already attracting those who needed my help. Naturally. But BUSINESS MENTORING?

    Business mentoring isn’t really all that angelic, is it? I mean, all of the nuts and bolts of building a business from the ground up… OK… I guess that defining a mission would be angelic and so would figuring out your life’s purpose… but the REST? The technical stuff? The dry “track your accounting” and “register your company legally” stuff didn’t really seem all that exciting at ALL – like it didn’t fit in with the angel community after.

    Your talents, no matter what they are,

    You know what the angels told me? Or the message I got that I need to share about this whole thing is?

    Your talents – no matter what they are – can help other Earth Angels and Lightworkers spread their messages and help to raise the vibration of the Earth IF YOU USE THEM to help the people in the angel community.

    You don’t have to read cards or be an angel intuitive or healer as your primary “work” in this world. Of course, you might totally enjoy doing those things and continue to offer them as I do –  and your experience with them would help you to relate to others in the community – but reading or therapy might not be THE ONLY CONTRIBUTION you need to make to the community.

    As our community awakens, grows, and expands, there is a need for pretty much every and any help to be brought to the table – whether it is event planning, Reiki attuning, accounting, website development, branding, cooking, health and wellness support – even recommendations for people who do car repairs, tailors, travel agents, etc.

    We kind of need a little bit of everything that we would encounter in our worlds.

    So don’t be afraid to bring your specific talent to the table – even if it doesn’t look like what you think it should.

    There is room for you here. You are loved. You are needed. You are valued – just as you are and for what you have to offer.

    That’s what they say.

    I finally am ready to use my gifts to help the community in my own special way. Are you?

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  • Is Balance Possible for an Earth Angel or Sensitive Entrepreneur?



    Is balance possible for a Sensitive Small Business owner or brand new Earth Angel entrepreneur?

    That’s a good question. Many times, it feels like balance is elusive, impossible, just not a part of the equation.

    Balance IS possible, but it takes practice, discipline, and planning! 

    In my world, some semblance of balance is NECESSARY for me to feel my best. I can’t deny that I cause myself a lot of unnecessary emotional turmoil when I don’t have some sort of balance in my life. I can’t let the house go untidied while I work on my blog all day. I can’t allow my children to be ignored so that I can get something done for a client.

    Well, most of the time – at least – I can’t. 

    Sometimes, I feel like I HAVE to let the kids sit in front of a screen or let the dust bunnies grow on my shelves (ewww!) so that I can birth the idea that JUST. NEEDS. OUT. NOW! or get something done for a client, STAT!

    Or to get the site updates done. Or the readings. Or the editing. Or whatever is tugging my soulstrings at the moment…

    Ultimately, though, if I let that imbalance take over, the stress starts to mount. I feel guilty and ashamed for basically ignoring my kids. The dirty kitchen bugs the heck out of me. I invite friends over – and look up and notice my house looks like a balloon of clothes and toys kind of exploded in the living room. Whoops! And OMG my attitude is S#!+ when I haven’t been to the gym. Whoo-doggies! It’s. Not. Good.

    And I don’t like the way I feel when I am imbalanced: Stressed, tense, hyper-focused – and many times stuck, blocked, and unable to move forward.

    Imbalance = negativity for me. This I have learned…


    What do I do to avoid that whole slide from balance into imbalance?

    • PRIORITIZE. I know what is essential and non-essential in my life. Exercise, tidiness, time for my kids and my hubby, home cooked meals… AND plenty of creative time for writing, business planning and development, interaction with my peeps… Those are all TOP priorities for me – and the LIFE stuff is just as, if not even more, important than the biz stuff is to me.
    • SCHEDULE. The things that make me feel better and grow my biz are IMPORTANT. I NEED THEM, so I schedule them. I know in my head that – if none of my children are sick and school is in session – I WILL go to the gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. I have promised myself that dishes are to be done and the kitchen cleaned BEFORE I sit down to work (or it bugs me all day). I know that I will be doing a video post on Tuesday and a newsletter every other Thursday. I have started an outline for what kinds of posts I will make to my social media each day of the week so that I can stay on task better. Schedule it in. Follow your schedule. It really makes things easier!
    • SAY NO! I know this one is terribly hard for many of us Earth Angels and Sensitive Souls, but we just HAVE to get used to saying NO and sticking with it! Many of us feel so stretched and over the limits because we do too much for others. When you are having a hard time juggling your own stuff, you don’t need to add a bunch of other people’s “balls” to the mix. People want us to prioritize their tasks – often things that we are doing as “favors” for them. Nope. No way. Find a way to graciously decline requests that don’t pull your heart strings or directly build your business.
    • OUTSOURCE, BABY! Looking professional in business can take a LOT of your time, especially when you aren’t really sure about how to do something. Why not just give the tasks that frustrate you and eat your time to someone who LOVES doing just what it is that you can’t stand doing (or don’t know how to do or don’t do as well as you would LIKE to do it)? When I hired a professional website developer (Catherine McManus at Creatively Designed),my website went from OK to FAB-U-LOOOOHHHSE!!! in like 2.5 seconds (or weeks, really – but the difference in what she could do and what I could do were ah-mazing)! She makes gorgeous graphics – like the shining pic of me at the top of my newsletter! She creates the visions that I have in my head – leaving me time to work on marketing, writing, and doing the fun stuff. I highly recommend starting with a web designer/graphic artist AT LEAST (if that stuff frustrates you), and even an Accountant. Figure out what it is that you don’t want to do and hire someone to do it for you! 

    There are other ways of bringing more balance into your life, like cutting out time wasters (scrolling through Facebook for hours), and preplanning and bulk cooking meals. Get creative in figuring out how to find balance. Make sure to schedule time to just BE, too (a.k.a. looking at the wall and doing NOTHING)!

    Want more balance? Here are your tasks for this week: 

    1) Figure out what your PRIORITIES are. YOURS. Not someone else’s, but YOURS! Write them down.
    2) Schedule them in. Seriously, this is KEY. What is in your schedule is sacred. What isn’t is easy to forget. Know what is sacred to you and make time for it!
    3) Practice saying NO! If someone wants you to take on one of his/her tasks – whether it is one of your kids who would like you to do something that he/she is darn well capable of or a client who wants you to go above and beyond (for free or nothing)… say NO!
    4) Start planning what you LOVE to do and what you can outsource. Check outFiverr to see if you can find some help, or ask in one of your biz networking groups (like my Angel Business Basics Facebook group  here)

    Want help finding your balance? I’m here for you!

    Email sue@sueellissaller.com to schedule a free half-hour session to take a look at your desires and goals in creating a fabulous business and life – and how to achieve them! *This offer does NOT include a reading of any sort!

    Sign up to receive my Weekly Intentions Worksheets (here)! They will help you to plan out your balanced upcoming week!


  • Use the Power of The New Moon in Biz and Life


    What you need to know when you are using the power of the New Moon in your life and in your business.

    I’ve been reading so much about this month’s New Moon in Aquarius (I eagerly await Mystic Mama’s write-ups every month – and I totally got an eyeful and a brain full this month). According to most astrologers, there is a LOT of power to be harnessed under this particular New Moon, as it “is at zero degrees. This energy represents new beginnings…. (and you can) See your challenges as opportunities for growth. They keep your life fresh and lively. Your life can be much freer than you may have realized. In this way, new opportunities will emerge for you. Believe in your dreams coming true. Believe.” (kelleyrosano.com)

    New Moon times are wonderful for starting new projects, setting goals, setting manifestation intentions (I love the New Moon abundance manifestation checks here)… basically for increasing. The reason you set your intentions under the New Moon is so that you can harness the energy of the growing moon to grow things in your life. Pretty simple.

    BUT – you’ve gotta be careful when you use the New Moon’s energy in business and in life for a couple of reasons!

    First – and this is something to consider during every moon cycle.

    If you want to use the power of the New Moon to boost your manifestations, you must wait until AFTER the moon has gone new!

    I repeat. You have to wait to state your manifestations until AFTER the moon has gone new!

    This month, the moon will change from waning (getting smaller) to waxing (getting bigger) at approximately 7:14 am EST (Eastern Standard Time) on January 20th (phew, that time has passed now).

    Feel free to set your manifestation intentions NOW – and you can still capture the energy of the New Moon! After approximately 7:14 am EST on January, 20th, 2015, the moon started growing again, and the time when the moon is growing is the time to set your goals for growing, increasing, or getting more!

    The reason you have to wait to set intentions to manifest MORE until after the moon goes totally dark and starts to grow again is because, prior to the point of complete darkness that makes way for growth once again, the moon’s energy is decreasing. So, that time before the point when the moon goes from shrinking to growing, is better for intentions to decrease, cut, shrink, end. The New Moon area of the cycle can be a great time for ending or contracting as well. You just have to be aware of what time the moon actually changes from one part of the cycle to the next in order to best use the energy available to you.

    Here is the rule:

    Before the point of the New Moon, decrease. After the point of the New Moon, increase.



    But wait! Mercury is going Retro, too! What does that mean?

    This month holds an interesting combination of energies at the New Moon, though, because Mercury goes retrograde at right about the same time as moon changes from the waning cycle to waxing. So, on the one hand, we want to start racing toward these lofty, life changing goals to catapult us into this new era of increased peace, love, and state of abundance, but, on the other hand, we are being given the astrological version of an emergency brake being pulled right at the starting gate!

    Basically put, the Mercury retrograde phase is when the planet, Mercury, looks like it is going backward in the skies, instead of forward. This interesting phenomenon is, as about.com explains, something like the illusion caused by “speeding (in your car) by a slow-moving train — as it recedes, it appears to go backward” in the sky.

    When Mercury goes retrograde, it’s just not a good time to start new things – be they careers, projects, relationships, etc. Communication can go awry – things can be taken out of context and misunderstandings are common – as are technical issues (make sure to back up your websites and computers, folks). Kelley Rosano also recommends keeping receipts and double checking the fine print if you have to start something new or make a large purchase during Mercury retrograde.

    But, Mercury retrograde times are fantastic for reviewing, revising, and refashioning. This might be the time for you to take that old dream out that you had put on the back burner – you know, the one that you thought would bring so much help and service into the world, but that you were just scared was too big or too much at that point in time… See if you can rework it to something that will help the world to move forward. See if you can fine-tune it and get it ready for release after Mercury turns direct again, on February 12th.

    You can also try to take a step back from anything that has been troubling you so that you can try to gain a new perspective on it or a fresh understanding during this time.

    From now until the 12th of February, spend time meditating on and researching exactly what it is you need to do to bring your dreams to life!


    This card is taken from Doreen Virtue, Ph. D.’s Archangel Oracle Deck.

    Angels and Moon Work

    When you would like to get a little bit of angelic support for any New or Full Moon spells or intentions, there are a couple of angels who are associated with the moon and who you can call upon to help you manifest your desires.

    Archangel Gabriel is commonly associated with the moon and moon cycles, and would be an excellent angel to call upon to help to increase the power of any intentions (increasing or decreasing) that you are harnessing the energy of the moon to strengthen in your business or life.

    Archangel Haniel is also tied with using the energy of the moon and its cycles to increase (or decrease), depending on your aspirations, in your life.

    Calling on the angels for their help with your goals or issues is as simple as just saying, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Haniel, please help me to use the power of the moon to work on/in (whatever it is you are looking to change in your life)!

    Would you like help with using the moon’s energy to grow your business? Let’s talk! Just fill out this form and we can chat about what you need to do to manifest and grow the business of your dreams!


  • Don’t Be Afraid…

    Don't be AFRAIDtoSHINE!

    Dear Ones,

    Don’t be afraid to shine your heart light as brightly as you can – to share it with others – to use it to light your own way. Tweet: Don't be afraid to shine your heart light as brightly as you can, to share it with others, to use it to light your own way. Sue Ellis-Saller

    Don’t dull it, shade it, or keep it shrouded in secrecy.

    As you know, the light will continue to burn within – guiding you to your true calling – helping you hone in on the people and places you need to discover in order to make your own light shine even brighter.

    And remember, if you have been living in the dark or if you are surrounded by darkness, living fully in  your light might be a little uncomfortable at first. It might make those around you turn away – either temporarily or permanently, if they can’t appreciate your special light.

    Don’t fear the process; don’t avoid it. Allow it and know that this revelation… this shining of the light that is within you will help to burn away anything that doesn’t serve you and that it will draw, like moths, those who need your light.

    So shine on dear one. Shine brightly and fully. Happily release the light within and know that it will serve you and those around you who need it.

    With respect and light~