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  • Angel Business Basics Tip – Getting Unfollowed


    Angel Business Basics Tip

    Don’t fret when you lose a follower or a liker.

    It is really easy for us to get caught up on the numbers side of things, and even to take it personally when our message doesn’t resonate with someone enough that they leave our flock.


    Don’t worry.

    You see, when people unfollow or leave your page it is actually a GOOD thing! It allows the energy to remain positive and upbeat, and lets you know that those who are there actually benefit from what you have to offer.

    If a person actually likes you, then s/he is more likely to work with you. If not, then the person is just there or not even there… .

    Personally, I would prefer to have a thousand likers who actually like what I have to say and share than to have 10,000 who don’t.

    How about you?

    Feel free to leave a comment about how you feel about the numbers game in business marketing and social media.


  • Use the New “Book Now” Button on Facebook


    Oh my GodsnGoddesses – the new call to action button (Book Now button) on Facebook is pretty darn cool, don’t you think?

    It adds a layer of ease to allowing our clients to contact us – or to lead them to your site or to your videos or to just about anyplace on the web that you would like!

    When you combine it with a link to a calendar where your clients can see your schedule and book and pay for a session… SHEER GENIUS!!!

    I recently discovered Acuity Scheduling and am enamored with this scheduling website. It is simple to use, has a lot of different functions (from allowing you to enter a set and varied schedule and change colors to fit in with your theme) – it even shows if a client has paid or not.


    So, if you want to maximize the value of that “Book Now” button on Facebook AND skip the back and forth of arranging appointments, do yourself the favor of signing up for Acuity Scheduling and setting your schedule as the link for your clients to see when they push that Book Now button.

    Acuity Scheduling costs $10 per month for a small business user. In time saved and adding to a professional image, it is worth a fortune!

    You can check out/sign up for Acuity Scheduling here (click here).


  • Standing Out is the KEY to Success!


    When you are working to build your online presence, making your daily readings and online content stand out is KEY to success!

    If you are anything like me, you have a few hundred friends who are into angel card reading, tarot, astrology, and just passing general awesome information around on social media. My feeds are like streams of wonderful advice and guidance.

    There are some readers, coaches, and influencers whose work I can spot from a mile away, like Leonie Dawson with her original artwork and fonts, Hiro Boga’s abstract yet peaceful blue and purple background, and Danielle LaPortes stark, handwritten #truthbomb posts – but they are few and far between. The vast majority – especially the newbie crowd – post totally anonymous readings, quotes, and content. There is no way to link the content back to the person who did it.

    PS – there is nothing wrong with being a newbie – we all start out that way!

    So, what YOU want to do as an up-and-coming superstar Light Worker is to inject your posts with your own special personality – and give visual cues to what that personality is so people see something and automatically know it is from you!

    How can you do that?

    Here are a few tips and tricks that will make the content you share on social media stand out from the crowd!

    1) Put your name and website into the picture. You can either use an online design program like Canva.com or PicMonkey to add your website and links to the bottom of the picture of your reading and also to create fabulous graphics to use in your blog posts and on your social media sites that tie back to your website.

    *If you are working with a photo based social media platform like Instagram and you don’t want to do the extra steps of working with your picture in a different program, then you can simply put your business card into the picture!

    2) Choose a color scheme and stick with it! Personally, I use a lot of warm tones – oranges, reds, golds, and yellows. The vast majority of the backgrounds I use and posts I create are in those colors. (As you may know, I use the watercolor background like the one at the top of this page for a majority of my quotes.) When I do venture into green territory, I generally use the exact same green color every time, and I use the same shapes and text types as I normally do. Of course, I put my website on the pictures as well.

    3) Choose a couple of text types, and stick with them as well.


    I use very similar colors and fonts on my site and in my social media content.
    I use very similar colors and fonts on my site and in my social media content.


    4) Use similar props every time. Love feathers or crystals or hearts or candles? Use them as props for your readings. Use the same props over and over again. Arrange them in a similar fashion – or have something funky and distinctly you in the pictures.

    5) Create signature content. One way to set yourself apart from the crowd is to regularly highlight something that you do well. For example, I love Lisa Frideborg’s Deck Interviews that she puts out when she gets a new deck (here is her interview with Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot Deck). When I was running Clear Vision Readings and Reiki, I would post Intuitive Musings posts that were designed to help people learn to read tarot, and also to highlight the similarities and differences between decks.

    6) Don’t copy other people’s looks. OHMYGODSNGODDESSES! This is so important! If you copy the look, feel, background, font, etc. of someone you admire, then you are basically making your readings and content blend with theirs. If the person you admire is a celebrity, then your content will likely get lost in the shuffle of a thousand adoring fans who are trying to emulate the same look and feel.

    And, the MOST important thing:

    7) Fully embrace who you are and what you like! Be yourself – fully and boldly! When you are creating your content and visual branding (how your stuff looks) – it is vital that you are yourself! Bring aspects of the quirky, unique, and ultra-interesting person you are into your work. Give your own interpretations of cards. Use your own voice and talk at your own intellectual level (don’t dumb it down – you can explain if need be). Trust that there are people out there who will be touched by what you have to say and who you are!

    Don’t be afraid to be bold and just be who you are. Standing out from the crowd is a vital part of creating recognition of your work – and that recognition will help you stand out and succeed. That is what you should be doing, really. Don’t allow yourself to get lost in the shuffle. If you set yourself apart from the rest, then people will start to know who you are by sight!

    Would you like to get personal advice about how to make yourself and your Light Worker business stand out? I offer One-to-One Business Mentoring. Set up your Free Introductory Session today! Simply (click here) and schedule your free half hour session.


  • Friday the 13th Business Challenge


    Running a business can involve some really exciting tasks, some really boring chores (accounting, anyone) – and some SCARY challenges!

    Mercury just went direct again a couple of days ago, and we don’t have to worry about all of the technical glitches and miscommunications hindering our forward drive.

    So now… it’s time…

    To do something… SCARY!

    What have you been allowing fear to hold you back from in your business?

    Do you need to:

    Make a YouTube video?
    Introduce yourself to someone who you admire professionally?
    Hire a coach?
    Get an ad created?
    Put your flyers out around town?
    Talk to someone about a joint venture project?
    Contact your old clients and offer them a great deal?
    Plan a webinar?
    Place an ad?
    Do your taxes? (cue Psycho music)
    Raise your prices?

    Your mission today – and every Friday the 13th this year – is to do something really scary in your business!

    The scarier whatever task you choose is, the more it will help you move forward – and the more confidence it will give you.

    As you work through this task – through your fears – remember to take a deep breath. Center yourself. Focus on the task. Ask your angels for guidance and support… and remember that your wings ARE there!

    Happy Friday the 13th!

    What is MY scary task, you might ask? Well, I am going to invite YOU to have an introductory half hour session to talk about taking your business to the next level.

    I am working on getting my page perfected for my Business Mentoring offer, and I am taking 4 new clients in the month of February.

    If you are interested, please check out the details here and fill out the form here!


  • Four Tips for Handling Technical Issues with Grace, Flow, and Confidence



    The only person who doesn’t fail from time to time is the person who doesn’t try.

    As you are building your business as a Light Worker or teacher (especially the teachers among us), you will be using a LOT of different and new programs to share your messages with the world.

    When you are learning the ins and outs of using these new systems, you may run into problems with them. Even if you are a seasoned Light Worker who has offered several different programs, has a lot of experience, has made video and audio blogs, etc., there is a possibility that you will still face a glitch from time to time.

    It’s OK. It happens to the best of us.

    There are a few things you can do to get through a technical issue with grace, flow, and confidence.

    1) Breathe and center. There is no reason to let technical difficulties throw you off center. If you find yourself experiencing technical difficulties, just make sure to breathe and center yourself in a peaceful, calm place inside of yourself so that you can keep your confidence when you really want to cry!

    2) Have a back-up. Personally, I set a second computer near me to record the session I am doing. Making arrangements to record your webinars/training sessions is great if there are systems issues, AND you can actually post the training sessions and complimtary materials on your site and sell them in the future!

    3) Host a real-time chat started on Facebook or Twitter at the same time as your webinar. This allows you to check in with the participants – real time – and see what their experience is even if you cannot see/hear the audience in the webinar environment.

    4) Don’t let it get to you. Honestly, everyone who is anyone has dealt with technical issues. Even Eckhart Tolle said that his first webinar had so many participants call in that it crashed his servers. He couldn’t go on and had to reschedule.

    Keep trying. Keep creating. Keep teaching. Keep inspiring – no matter what hurdles are thrown in your path!

    You can listen to my short Blogtalk Radio chat about the subject here: Handling Technical Issues with Grace, Flow, and Confidence


    Meeting Burner: Both free and paid webinar options. The free has limited functionality, but paid offers a variety of features.
    Sound Cloud: Limited and unlimited plans available. The free version allows for three hours of audio to be uploaded.
    Slideshare.com: Upload your slides or presentations here. The service is free so far!