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  • 5 Ways to Make Your Spiritual Business Stand Out


    Make your spiritual business stand out!

    Like many other Light Workers, I follow a wide variety of different people; from tarot readers to angel intuitives to shamans to coaches to celebrities.

    The spiritual businesses who stand out, stand out!

    Those who don’t – well, they just all blend together in a cacophony of mostly anonymous one card readings, freebie offers, and shared Hay House quotes. (Read Kim Garst’s blog at Boom Social, Facebook Says You Are Spamming…  about the future of your Facebook page if you share too many re-shared posts.)

    While all that same old, same old can be fine in a completely mediocre sense, you’d be better off doing something to make your spiritual business stand out from the crowd. When you are working on your business, you want to be the one that others can pick out – not one of those who just blends in.

    How do you make sure that people know who YOU are and recognize your work? It’s not just about putting your website at the bottom of all of your posts… Not. At. All.

    Here are some of the things that you need to do to make your spiritual business stand out.



    Do something different, for Heaven’s sake!

    There are about a zillion and a half readers posting daily one card readings with the text from the companion books copied – word for word – into their posts.

    I see them on Instagram and on Facebook. They are all hashtagged and ready to be shared.

    But many of them don’t have any sort of branding cues (a.k.a. anything in the picture to associate with the reader’s site) – just a picture of a card and the meaning.

    Why not do something DIFFERENT for your readers? Something unique? Something that you are the only one doing?

    It might take a little bit longer to create something original, but it will be well worth the time and effort, as it will give the people something other than yet another daily card post to look forward to.

    *Fix – Sit down and think of something really cool that you’ve never seen anyone do. Do you want to do a weekly meditation instead of a reading, or offer them an overview of the angel who is assigned to that week according to astrological sign or …?? The world is your oyster.

    Get creative. Get nutty. Experiment. TRACK RESULTS. Be totally and 100% YOU!

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    This is one of the biggest mistakes I see Angel Card Readers and Light Workers of all sorts make: they have a mish-mash of ultra-super-cool images on their sites, and different images on their Facebook profile, and still different images on their websites, and different images on their business cards!

    This can be quite confusing to a potential client – because he or she will not be able to immediately tell if you are actually you.

    Think about it. If you are talking to someone and really make a good connection with that person, you might give him/her a card and let the person know about an upcoming event. The person – who you had a great connection with – actually sees one of your flyers in town, but doesn’t know it is YOURS because the pictures are so different from those from your card that s/he wouldn’t even know it was your event.

    Make your work recognizable. Put your card or something distinct in ALL of your materials.

    Consider this… Would you be able to recognize a Coke ad from a mile away? How about Mc Donald’s? Both are major brands, and both are extremely recognizable.

    *Fix – Have the same colors, images, and even words on your website, your cards, your social media sites, your flyers, etc. Make sure that people can tell, from one glance, that what they are looking at belongs to you.



    This is your business, my dear. You need to be regularly posting for your flock. And I am not talking about sharing re-shared images or quotes from gurus and legends – but sharing real content that your followers will benefit from.

    And this is a big one for many. People get into scheduling posts to go to their social media networks, but they don’t engage the people who opted in for their emails, they don’t blog about interesting topics, they don’t put so much time and energy into their sites or their brand.

    *Fix – Email your list at least once a month with valuable information and anecdotes about your own life (your followers should get to know, like, and trust you). Talk about lessons you learned in the past month – share something you learned in a recent course or something that touched your soul or changed your perspective. Try to blog – not post a reading, but actually blog – once to twice a month. 

    Don’t be a shot in the dark kind of haphazard poster. Consistency creates trust.




    One thing that turned my business upside down was learning how to give ultra super valuable content to my flock without overgiving to individuals. That is the key, but it can be kind of tough in our field. We want to help everyone – one person at a time, those who reach out to us. But we really can’t spend a whole bunch of time giving freebies (I certainly don’t recommend doing a bunch of freebies, unless you want to attract freebie hunters).

    So how can you give value without giving it all away? Teaching and sharing.

    You can teach your audience about what you do when you do a reading. You can teach them about the foundations of energy work. You can talk to them about books that you’ve read that you found extremely helpful. You can show them different ways to read cards (with an example), share information about angels, etc.

    This is another area you can get creative in. Give the people a taste of just what wonder and magick lies in that brain of yours.

    *Fix – Think VALUE, not BARGAIN or FREE. Teach, share, explain. Let them get to know what value your services have in their lives.


    Your flock – those who follow you – is essential to your business. Without them, you have NO business. That is the bottom line of it.

    And the spiritual businesses that stand out are those who know and cater to their followers. They think about what problems they can help others with, and they even ASK how they can refine their services to better suit their needs.

    Successful spiritual entrepreneurs put their clients first. They talk not about themselves so much, but about solutions for their client’s problems.

    *Fix – ASK your followers what problems and issues they face, and then create content that talks about solutions for those problems.


    Making your spiritual business stand out takes a little bit more effort and thought than blending in – but it is totally worth it! Make sure that you follow these tips to help your light shine a little brighter than the others.

    Would you like to schedule a complimentary consultation so that we can explore different ways of making YOUR business stand out from the crowd? Let’s chat! Send me an email, and we’ll coordinate the details!


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