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  • Hashtag Ideas For Tarot Readers


    Which Hashtags Tarot Readers Can Use On Social Media

    The other day, I was talking to a client who is fairly new to using hashtags for her social media posts. She asked if I could put together a list of some good hashtags for professional tarot readers to use for their Instagram and Tumblr posts.

    If you aren’t sure what a hashtag is, you can see my post, How Do You Tag and Hashtag Posts.

    I remember reading somewhere that you want to use not only the big tags (like #tarot #angel #dailytarotcard #dailyreading) because you can get lost in the shuffle; you also want to use some that are popular but don’t have TONS of posts and are more search-friendly.

    Some that I use regularly are:

    #tarot #DailyTarotReading #ProfessionalTarotReader #ILoveTarot #tarotjunkie #deckname #deckartist/creator #tarotspread #festivalday #witch #pagan #manifestawesome #nameofpostingevent #oracle #wisdom #TarotAdvice #GetAReading #StayCalmandReadCards

    (bold type to denote that you fill in the details – don’t just copy those!)

    Want to get people really involved in your hashtags? Create a “share your similar reading” or challenge.

    #30DaysofTarot #LearnTarotEasily #MyFavoriteTarotCard #ThingsILearnedAboutMyselfThroughTarot #ExpressYourselfInACard #Gratitude

    Or go with the theme of the deck or your work:

    #fairies #elves #shaman #blackandwhitetarot #thoth #ancientegypt #angels #archangel #hillbilly #popart #crystals #cattarot #gothic #herbandplant #marsailles (check out this list of deck themes from Aclectic Tarot but don’t get lost there cause it’s addicting)

    Also, you can use hashtags that go along with your own special style and brand:

    #NoSugarCoatingHere #PaganandProud #VeganReader #SpiritualReadings #LoveandLight #TarotCoach #ArchetypesAndTarot #TarotAstrologyGeek #ReadingsFromAWitch #PsychicTarotReadings #IntuitiveTarot #FortuneTelling #Intuition #Divination #Psychic #Occult #Paranormal

    That should give you a good start! Of course, the sky is the limit and originality can be both good and bad in this (too bland and you run the risk of being one of 5 million, too obscure and you might not be found).

    Experiment and see what works best for you! And remember, Tumblr and Instagram are very hashtag friendly places and you can use a lot on both of those. Twitter will need the most relevant because of the 140 character limit and Facebook is one or two, at most.

    What are some of the hashtags YOU like to use? Please feel free to leave them in the comments below!


  • Let Inspiration Drive Action

    Let Inspritation Drvie your2


    Perhaps the coffee hit my brain in exactly the right way this morning… It might be the New Moon in Gemini that’s turning some internal tides. I don’t know – and it doesn’t really matter all that much.

    Whatever it was has me rushing to get out my calendar and to get organized so that I can achieve what I truly want to with my life and with my business. I’m in ultra-achiever-mode. I need to harness this energy and use it to ACCOMPLISH MY GOALS!

    You see, it’s so easy for me to get totally sucked into LIVING – which isn’t bad on one hand, but – when I look back and see what I had wanted to achieve and wanted to do this year – well, I feel bad about myself because I haven’t regularly done ANYTHING and I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished so much.

    I mean my kids are fed and my house is reasonably tidied and my hubby is all loved up, but I don’t feel like I’ve actually done anything for myself or my business.

    No regular blog posts.
    No regular weekly readings.
    No regular emails going out to my list.
    No regular posts to Instagram or to Facebook.
    No regular visits to the museum.
    No regular workouts.
    No regular time for meditation.

    Despite the fact that I feel like I work ALL. THE. TIME., I’m not getting the results I want. And that feels bad.

    So, I want to get organized – get an action plan into place – get some short-term goals set that will help me build toward the long-term goals I have.

    Here’s what I need to get focused and organized:

    • I need to take the time to focus on what I want – on a monthly basis AND on a weekly and daily basis.
    • I need a calendar to write things + a “to-do” list + a vision board.
    • I need to get that all set up TODAY! (or it certainly feels like I do!)

    You see, I know I don’t need to wait for January to feel like I can “start” planning and strategizing. I can start NOW. I can focus on the 2nd half of 2016, cause that’s what we’re in right now!

    I don’t have to wait for January 1st, 2017 to make a HUGE life change or to plan for success. I can start today. In this moment. NOW!

    I can let those lightning bolts of inspiration drive my actions. Let them lead me from where I am to where I want to be. Whatever. day. they. hit. me.

    Tweet: I can let those lightning bolts of inspiration drive my actions. Let them lead me from where I am to where I want to be. Whatever. day. they. hit. me.


    So, today is all about setting my goals for the last half of the year, scheduling things like my workouts and my posts directly in my calendar, getting my computer a bit more organized so that I can save time because it isn’t so laggy – and getting disciplined and organized.


    What do you need to


    What is it that you are raring to get done in the second half of 2016? How can you set yourself up for feeling successful?

    Feel free to comment with YOUR best advice to get focused, organized, and disciplined.

    Would you like to explore where you are, where you want to be, and how you can get there? Book a Quartz Session with me and we’ll focus on setting you up for success in the second half of 2016! Click here to see the details.





  • Don’t Waste Your Daily Readings – 4 Ways to Make Your Readings Unique

    4 Ways To
    Personally, I see a lot of card readings on social media. You, too?

    If you are anything like me, your life revolves around tarot and cartomancy just a wee-little-bit. You might be a part of card reading groups of all sorts, follow many different readers, and even post your own readings on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, like I do. If you are posting readings on social media, you need to find a way to make yours stand out from the crowd.

    Unfortunately, many of the readings I come across don’t really serve the reader – they just blend anonymously into the background of dozens of one, two, or three card readings.

    Honestly, the biggest mistake I see people make is just posting a picture of a card and the companion book’s description (or a simple, non-invested description of the card). Posting a picture of a card with a description from the book (or app) doesn’t really make a reading stand out. In my opinion, it’s a better way to advertise a deck than it is to advertise your reading business. (No problem with that if you created the deck yourself!)


    The Star from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine's Angel Tarot deck
    The Star from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Tarot deck


    Why is that a mistake?

    Because the reader who is posting the reading hasn’t taken the time to personalize (a.k.a. brand) the reading at all. There aren’t any visual cues to point to who the reader is. There isn’t any personality infused into the reading, itself.

    So, how can a you personalize your posts so that people will automatically know who posted the reading?

    1) Put a business card into the picture. This is a simple tactic that automatically ties the reading to a specific person.

    2) Use the same background in the majority of your readings. If you follow my readings, you’ll notice that I almost always use a burgundy reading cloth (one of my brand colors). When you’ve established your brand’s color scheme, stick with it in your readings (and memes, too).

    3) Add some personalized items to your reading space. Aside from my business card, I almost always use my little porcelain angel, a couple of crystals, and my lucky feather in my readings. No matter what deck I use or which spread I am working with, those elements are almost always in the picture. They make my readings uniquely identifiable among a sea of reading posts.

    4) Use your own voice when describing the cards and what they mean. Look at the cards and allow yourself to type what you truly think about the reading – in your own voice. If you find it interesting, say so. If certain elements related to the cards stand out to you in some way, cue your readers in on your observations. Be witty, be funny. BE YOU! It’ll allow people to connect with you in a real way. They’ll know what they’re getting.


    20151113_100926 (1)
    Card from Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle deck


    **Bonus Tip – because you all know me and my obsession with good spelling and grammar (if you didn’t know that, now you do). Seriously. If you are a professional reader – ESPECIALLY if you are selling email readings – put some effort into making sure that your readings are as perfect as possible, spelling and grammar-wise. We all make a mistake here and there, but sloppy text will turn people off. It isn’t just me saying that – it’s a Google Algorithm, well-documented-survey point.

    And don’t forget to use the same background and props for the pictures of readings that you send out to clients! If they are looking back on the image of a reading that particularly touched them, you want them to know WHO to contact for another reading!

    When you are posting readings as a way to attract followers and clients, make sure that the people who see your readings know who did the reading. That way, people will be more likely to follow your posts and to become fans of YOURS, not just fans of the people who published the deck. Even though each card does have its own unique charm and character, you – as a reader – will always be communicating your interpretation of a card. Don’t blend in by highlighting the card, stand out by highlighting your interpretation of the card and the style of your business. That will make YOU more memorable.

    Want more ideas about how to make your spiritual business stand out from the crowd? Click here!

    Are you ready to take your spiritual business to the next level? Book a Discovery Session with me to find out how to turn your business dreams into reality! Click here for more details.


  • Biz Tip Tuesday – Using Your Intuition to Drive Your Business

    Use your intuition


    Hi Beautiful Souls!

    I’ve been on a roll with the ‪#‎BizTipTuesday‬ posts this week!

    One thing I totally believe in is using your intuition to guide your business decisions.

    We are spiritual entrepreneurs whose focus IS working with intuition, right? So why avoid it when dealing with your business, clients, marketing, etc.?

    Let your intuition guide you in your business. Act on those little nudges you get. Let yourself follow Divine Guidance when working on new offers, workshops, and even total changes of direction. Do what feels good to you. Don’t do things that make you feel uncomfortable or that you “just don’t get to” because those aren’t the right things for you!

    This applies to clients and people on your pages as well. You have every right to turn away potential clients who aren’t a good fit. You have every right to block trolls. You have every right to enforce the rules and boundaries you set in place for yourself and your business. It’s totally OK!

    I am really working on getting stronger with the boundaries – if someone does something that makes me uncomfortable, I address it. If I have to ban a person on my Periscope broadcasts – or even from my Spiritual Business Basics group, I do. If someone pushes my buttons, I have to pass on them to keep my own vibration toward what I do and who I allow in my space high. I don’t want to argue or nag, and I certainly don’t want to avoid what I’ve worked so hard to create. I want to uplift and inspire – and to be uplifted and inspired!

    So remember to tune into your feelings and intuition when building your business. Your intuition will lead you where you need to go! Follow it!

    Have a great evening!
    Sue Ellis-Saller


  • How Do You Tag and Hashtag Posts?

    One of the things that many newbie entrepreneurs don’t understand is how to tag and hashtag posts they create for their social media pages. This quick how-to will fill you in on the details, and some of the rules to follow when tagging and hashtagging posts.

    How to tag people in posts (@)

    When you tag someone in a post, you let that person know that you’ve mentioned them. So, tagging someone is kind of like the social media equivalent of tapping someone on the shoulder and directing the person to something you’ve posted.

    To tag your business or the business of another person (hopefully someone you know or have mentioned in your work, or who you think would be genuinely interested in your post), you usually put an @ sign and then the person’s Facebook or Twitter name. For example, if you wanted to tag me in a Twitter post, you’d type @sueellissaller. The same idea works in Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media sites.

    Be sure to check that the name that auto-populates into your post is the right person! Many people have social media names that don’t exactly match their real names, so you need to find out exactly who you are tagging in order to make sure that you are tagging the right Mary Smith or Tommy Jones.

    How to use hashtags (#)

    When you add a hashtag to a post, you assign that post to a specific topic, like #angelreadings, #tarot, #bizadvice, etc. Hashtags make your posts come up if someone is searching for a particular subject. (I talked about hashtags for tarot readers in this article).

    Twitter was the first social media site to use hashtags, but they spread to other social media sites as a way to quickly find posts that relate to a particular topic. Google started using hashtags to pull up information when people search for it (click here for details)!

    Hashtagged phrases start out with a pound symbol, and then no space is used between words in a hashtagged phrase #howtohashtag. You can also use capital letters to better distinguish between hashtagged words #AngelReading.

    Interestingly enough, Twitter lists their most popular hashtags for the moment on the left-hand side of the screen, under Trends. If you have content you can relate to a trending hashtag, it is a wonderful way to get your content seen by more people. You can also search Instagram for popular hashtags on a regular basis or use an app like Hashtag Expert.

    Some rules to follow when tagging and hashtagging posts

    1) DON’T tag a bunch of random people. This is spamming. You’ll risk annoying people AND quite possibly getting booted from your social media page.

    DO tag people who have expressed (to you) an interest in a particular topic, especially if you wrote a blog post with that person in mind. Just don’t overdo it.

    2) DON’T just tag random celebrities. If you tag someone, make sure there is a reason. For example, I tag Kim Garst in posts where I talk about her awesomeness or mention her in some way. I don’t tag her in posts that don’t have anything to do with her.

    DO write a blog post that mentions the work of someone you admire. If you’ve read a fabulous article, share that article with your audience and, perhaps, write a blog post that expands on the ideas presented in the original post or praising them. THEN feel free to tag the original author to let him/her know that you’ve written this piece about the author and his/her work.

    3) As I mentioned earlier, make sure that the person you are tagging is the person you mean to tag. Twitter will automatically give you a variety of choices based on the letters you type in. Instagram will as well. Click on the right one!

    4) DO tag your posts! Now that Google is using them to drive searches (think SEO), they’ll help your rankings. 30 hashtags is standard on Instagram, and you can use 3 in your YouTube video description.

    5) DON’T click-bait your posts by hashtagging trending subjects that have nothing to do with what you’ve posted. That upsets the algorithm gods and you will be punished.

    DO check out the Trending topics on Twitter and Instagram. If you have an article or post that would fit, don’t be afraid to hashtag it. Also, check the trending subjects to see if you can make up a post (reading, funny meme) related to something that is popular at the moment.

    Tagging and hashtagging can help to get more eyes on your content when used properly. Don’t forget to tag people you know will be interested in your work or when you directly mention them, and hashtag most of your posts so they are easy to find on social media and on searches.