• Recent Interview with Sue Ellis-Saller in Mystic Mag

    I just had the honor of being interviewed by Mystic Mag about my reading style.

    You can read the interview here: Mystic Mag Interview with Sue Ellis-Saller

    When you get a reading, I bring all of my various tools to the table. What you’ll get from me:

    • Empathy
    • Compassion
    • Trust in your power and wisdom
    • Belief in alllllll kinds of fun and magical things
    • Crystal recommendations
    • A good, old fashioned tarot reading
    • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques and tools
    • Sessions tailored to your needs in the moment

    We can talk about your dreams, hopes, and desires — and what it will take to make them into your reality.

    We can talk about blockages in your life and energy field and how to release them.

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  • Full Moon in Virgo Reading

    Howdy-do, Folks!

    So, I am finally feeling awake enough to start blogging more frequently. Thank Gods-n-Goddesses, because someone who is used to having so much energy doesn’t funk long-term well. But, I am back at it now!

    I’m using Ethony Dawn’s spread for my New Moon in Virgo reading. If you don’t follow her… well, you should because she’s spectacular!

    This is her image, by the way. I’m doing the reading for myself.


    And I have to admit, I am shoulder deep in some turbulent times right now. My home life is a little messy and I am trying to sort things out. So, this Full Moon and the transformational energy it holds are something that I need!

    I’m using the Mary El tarot for this reading. If you don’t have it, but you love a deck that is deep and a little bit “off” from the traditional Rider-Waite look and feel, I definitely recommend it. It’s one of my all-time faves for personal work.

    Here’s my spread:

    Full Moon in Virgo Tarot

    1. What baggage am I being challenged to leave behind?

    The Lovers. Ouch. Touche tarot. Yes. There is some baggage – major baggage related to my love life that I need to leave behind right now. Let’s say that I am working on changing the energy around that – within myself and within my relationship. I get it.

    2. How can I relieve my more critical energies this Full Moon?

    4 of Swords. Totally hit the nail on the head. This gal needs some R&R big time. I need to make more time to relax and chill out. That will help everything enormously.

    3. What health and wellness area needs attention?

    3 of Swords. Guilt. Grief. Shame. Um. Yeah. All of this is affecting everything from my eating to my self-confidence. Dragging stuff isn’t doing me any good.

    4. What area in my life needs reorganizing?

    Part of me wants to ask what part of my life doesn’t need reorganizing, but yeah. 8 of Swords. Feeling trapped in my four walls, in my circumstances, in everything is something that needs to be set straight. Also, look at the image of the person in the castle – alone, isolated, cut off from the world… Ouch again.

    5. What needs to get done this Full Moon?

    LOL! Page of Disks. I love this imagery, too. First of all, it is about allowing abundance into my life. Recognizing the potential that I have in so many different ways. Knowing that I can do this with love and nurturing. That my life is in my hands and the more love and positive attention I give to it, the better it will become.

    All I have to say is WOW. Powerful. Perfect.

    I have my work cut out for me.

    Would you like to get a New Moon in Virgo reading from me? Send me a message and I’ll get right to it! This will be a $15 special, this week only!


  • Today’s Card Choice for You – Your Message for Today

    Today’s Card Choice for You comes from Tori Hartman’s Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck.

    Here are the cards! You can pick the left card, the middle card, or the right card for your message!


    Here is the reveal:

    Today's Reveal


    Impasse – Sometimes your angels will stop you from moving forward on a particular path not because they don’t want to see you succeed at that goal, but because they are trying to save you from harm or heartache that goes along with that particular way of going or doing things. Be flexible. Don’t give up on the goal – find a different way of doing things!


    Perception – If you are feeling bored or unfulfilled in life or you think that things are dull and draining, work to change your perspective. It is sometimes the way we look at things that makes all of the difference in the world. “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Dr. Wayne Dyer 


    Facade – (I love this card) – There are times when interacting with others is painful or comes from a sense of obligation instead of a place of desire and joy. You might be wearing a very uncomfortable mask and it is time to throw it off and just be yourself. The people who love you KNOW and LOVE the true you, those who don’t stick around weren’t meant to be there, anyway. It’s time to heal yourself and to be yourself.

    Namaste – and bis Morgen!


  • Want a FREE Tarot Reading?

    Looking for a free tarot reading?

    Ahhh… The call of the free tarot reading. When someone advertises “freebies,” they generally get a line going around the block.

    I used to LOVE having reading parties! The energy was fantastic and I had a lot of fun…

    But free readings can be draining for a reader. They take time, energy, and resources.

    And then figuring out that I was reading for 30 or 40 or a hundred people who had no intention of actually buying a reading got frustrating. I’d see the same names over and over again on my free reading threads, but never once would many of those same people pay for a reading – even when I would run a “Pay What You Can” offer.

    That made me feel so unvalued and just plain old used, to tell you the truth.

    So, after more than a year of running an online tarot, oracle, and angel card reading business, and after having given away literally hundreds of free readings, I have decided to make some rules for my “free readings.” You’ll want to pay attention to these for future reference!

    1) Each person can only have ONE free reading per year – unless they win a contest or send 3 referrals to me.

    Free readings are meant to be a sample of my work so that a person can see if they appreciate my style – they are not meant to be our only means of interacting with one another! I do notice the same people requesting free readings over and over again – so obviously they like what I have to say, but they just might not value my time or understand about energetic exchanges. Because of this, I need to create boundaries.

    Free tarot readings are also meant to be a form of appreciation or a thank you from me! Those people who purchase a reading from me will be added to a special pool that will get insider access and notification of when I am running freebie offers.

    Also, those clients who refer 3 people to me who buy readings will get a free reading!

    2) Those who don’t give feedback for free angel and oracle card readings will be put on my No Thank You list.

    I really have a problem with those who can’t even say,”Thank you for taking the time to read for me.” Honestly. We all know it is quite rude. Please don’t even put your name down if you can’t bother to say thanks!

    3) Please do not contact me behind the scenes to ask me for a free reading. The answer will be no.

    **Reiki and energy healing are totally different things to me, and I will gladly pray for or send a bit of energy to you, your friend, or your family member regardless of their ability to pay.

    4) I am going to start bringing the free readings on my Facebook page. I may run a contest on Facebook or have a Twitter chat from time to time, but the majority of my “free reading” offers will be on this website.

    5) My direct mails will give details about free reading times and venues in the future. That means that, if you want to know when I’ll be practicing working with a new deck or where to sign up, you’ll probably want to sign up for my newsletter.

    Honestly, I LOVE doing readings and I love working with people. This is the job I have chosen (or that has chosen me), and I want to do well with it. I am a real person who puts her heart and soul (and time and energy) into readings, and I won’t just give myself away for free any longer.

    I am totally happy, though, to show my appreciation and gratitude for those who truly support me by giving them privileged access to my reading parties and learning sessions. Those who support my work by actually purchasing readings and referring new clients will get better access to free offers.’

    If you’d like to purchase a reading from me, click here for the details.

    If you are just looking for a free tarot reading, there are so many different websites to go to. Here are a few of my personal faves:

    Free Online Tarot Reading

    Colette Baron-Reid



  • Want to WIN a READING or 12?


    How would you like to WIN a year’s worth of three card email readings (1 per month for a year), an hour long Skype reading with me, or a Nine Card email reading?

    My birthday is coming up and I want to CELEBRATE! I’ll not only be giving a ton of  free one card/theme readings during the week, but I will also be holding a special drawing!

    Spend $100 or more this week and you are automatically entered to win one three card email reading a month for a year starting in November, 2014!

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    Spend $20-$49 and you’ll be entered to win a free Nine Card Spread (delivered via email).

    Winners will be chosen and announced on my website and Facebook page(s) on November 2, 2014.

    Click here for reading details and prices!

    *offer limited to one prize per person.