Intuitive Guidance

  • Get Angelic Help with Your Writing – In Honor of NoNoWriMo


    So many of my friends and clients (a.k.a. co-creators) have a book locked inside of them. They fantasize about them – knowing that they have a story to share and to tell that will help others grow and prosper and find more happiness. Seriously, I – myself – have two books started, just waiting for me to give them the time and energy they deserve.

    What better time to devote to writing than NOW…

    November is NONOWRIMO ( – Right now, there are almost 225,000 people signed up to write their novels and support each other’s writing efforts throughout the month of November. Signup is easy and quick – and there are forums for chatting, comparing, and – as the site says – procrastinating!

    Image © Jeff Dahl ( All rights reserved.

    As with all requests for angelic help and guidance, the words are not so important; the sincere intent you have when calling on them for assistance is the most important thing. 

    If you would like, you can always start with God as your contact point and ask that he assign a team of angels and ascended masters to help you successfully complete your writing project.

    Your request for help can go something like this…

    Heaven and God above, please help me to share the story and advice that I have within. Help me to write in a way that is meaningful, helpful, entertaining, and profound. Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Uriel, Ganesh, Athena, Thoth – please help me to remain focused on my task…remove all blocks from my path…help me to find the words that will best represent my thoughts. Help me to find the fortitude to follow through to the end of this writing project. Thank you for your guidance and support God. Thank you Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Uriel, Athena, Ganesh, and Thoth. I am grateful for your help. 

    Good luck with writing your novel or whatever book you would like to share with the world! Check back and let me know how it goes!

    Image ©Sherry Ezhuthachan. ( All rights reserved.
    Image ©Sherry Ezhuthachan. ( All rights reserved.


    With blessings, respect, and light ~ Susan


  • Using Intuition When Reading Tarot

    There are many different ways to read tarot. Some people prefer to memorize all of the “classic” meanings for each of the cards and read strictly by applying those definitions to their readings. Others have never bothered to use the books, and read solely based on their impressions of the pictures that represent each card. Using intuition when reading tarot can add insight to a reading. Personally, I do a combination of both, depending on what I intuit for the reading.

    Today, I did a reading for myself about which energy class to take next. A little background for you: I recently came across a new mode of energy healing, and – being me and totally stokable about new forms of energy work – I immediately looked up the school that offers these classes AND found that they offer the classes in Vienna (which is a God send because odds are sometimes not in favor of having classes near me to participate in). I emailed the woman who is holding the course to inquire about taking it. Then my little balloon of enthusiasm deflated for some reason.

    Well, to save you about 700 words of me babbling about pros and cons and background and…and…and…, I decided to consult with the tarot about either taking this new energy course or to continue on with my Reiki training. My Angel Tarot Cards were sitting on the table, so I used them. The card that came up for going to the new course was the Temperance card (14 Major Arcana). What caught my eye wasn’t anything in the meaning or the text on the card, but the blue irises framing Archangel Zadkiel.

    Balance. Card from Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot deck.
    Balance. Card from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot deck.


    I have about a zillion blue irises at home. Really. So. Many. Of. Them. that I am giving the bulbs away to neighbors. When using these irises as my clue to how I should proceed, it was definitely a no-go, as I have enough different methods – for now because goodness knows I will definitely be taking this other course in the future – just not right now.

    Then I decided to pull a card related to taking the next step in my Reiki training – the Hermit (9 Major Arcana) showed up! This, to me, is an excellent sign to move forward because it indicates enlightenment and seeking out spiritual teaching. Totally affirms my decision to work more toward  becoming a Reiki Master and teacher.

    The Hermit. Card from Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot deck.
    The Hermit. Card from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot deck.


    One card was read with visual cues, and the other read with classic interpretation. It felt right to me. Using intuition when reading tarot helped me to get a more profound message out of the reading.

    When you are studying your cards, pick up on those intuitive cues – no matter what they are. If the cue is a part of the illustration, a word that pops into your head, a classic meaning – go with it!

    The best way to read is to trust what the cards communicate to you, no matter how they pass the message!



  • Clearing and Grounding


    Yesterday, I was intuitively guided to clear my home and then to ground myself. I grow sage in my own garden, so – luckily enough – I can make smudge sticks from sage that I grow myself and cut with proper honor and respect given to the plant that provides me with this sacred smoke I use for smudging. My intuition also led me to do a little bit of clearing of my own aura with the smoke from my sage stick, and also to do a little bit of psychic “vacuuming” with Archangel Michael.  🙂

    Wow – the combination smudge/yuck clearing was refreshing to say the least!

    Unfortunately, my husband and eldest child are not so hip to dealing with smudge smoked bedrooms, so they both got out of bed a little grumpy – but the bedrooms were cleared of any negative energy that might have accumulated in them (the grumpiness left as well after they discovered that I had make Pfannekuchen for breakfast).

    After clearing the air in my home and the energy field that surrounds me, I went outside with the intent to do some weeding in my garden. Normally, my garden is a source of much joy for me – as I grow herbs, flowers, and plenty of veggies for my family to enjoy. This year, however, I neglected my garden for the majority of the summer, so it was full of weeds…so I had a lot of work ahead of me. I decided that, instead of weeding, I was going to get the big shovel out and till the land, turning the soil and preparing it to receive the nutrient filled leaves and – eventually – water that will leave it rich and fertile in the spring.

    One thing I adore about working in my garden is that time that it gives me to connect with the Earth and with my thoughts. Yesterday was no different. Working in that soil and laboring with the task at hand really got my thoughts moving. It was as if the very act of working and turning and preparing for the fertility of the land that I cultivate helped to work and turn and prepare my MIND for the creativity that I need(ed) to work on some projects that I had been kicking around.

    After I came in, I started the first draft of a book I have been thinking about writing, and also got the first draft of my cover letter done. Whew! THAT was also a giant labor of love!

    What I need to remember is that I sometimes have to take a break from the “mental side” of my work, to clear out any stagnant or negative energy and get DIRTY (or at least connect with the Earth by taking a walk or sitting out in the sun). It will help to recharge my batteries and refresh my soul.

    Do you feel the same? What rituals or daily practices return calm to your space and help you to find your creativity?


  • True to ME in Business and in Life



    When I was stretching out after my workout today, I kind of stumbled into a nice little meditation.

    First, I started out with a little Reiki shower to kind of cleanse off any negativity that might have been clinging, then I decided to balance my chakras along with my stretching.

    As I have been deeply mentally embroiled in creating my “vanity website”: the online representation of who I am and what I bring to the table, this meditation kind of just flowed out from me.



    To balance my needs as an individual, I need to support my being/my existance (base) with creativity, confidence, and work from the heart. For this, I need to properly use my voice, my intuition, and my connection to the Universe. So mote it be.

    That was a wonderful way for me to really tie the guidance that Spirit gave to me with the direction I want to go and make sure how I represented myself and what I do/did/will do caters to me as a whole being. It allowed me to really get in touch with and in tune with my “core” beliefs. Much of the conflict that I had been feeling about this disappeared after I focused on this mantra.



  • Guided Intuition Sessions and Angel Reports NEW!

    Image by Jennifer Ravsten
    Image by Jennifer Ravsten

    I am giddy to announce a couple of new services I will be offering! For the next two weeks (May 15-31, 2013), I will be discounting these services by 25%!


    These readings are a combination of Tarot and Life Coaching and are not for divination or fortune telling, but for personal and spiritual growth – and learning to trust your own intuition. A spread of cards will be drawn and laid out, and we will go over each card in detail either by IM, by Skype or via email.

    • Your intuition will play a key role in the reading the cards and designating meanings for the messages that you are receiving from the cards.
    • These readings will help you to grow trust in your own intuition because you will be relying on your own feelings about the images, instead of being dependent on my interpretations.
    • You will receive guidance and support from me in working out a growth plan based on your readings.
    • Email support related to the readings will be available after each session

    Session pricing follows:

    Three Card Guided Intuition Reading: $50

    Five Card Guided Intuition Reading: $75

    Celtic Cross or Forward Motion Spread: $100

    Custom spreads and longer sessions are available and will be charged at a rate of $50 per hour. 

    These sessions are by appointment only! 

    ****Angel Reports****

    You send me your birthdate and two issues that are most pertinent in your life right now, and I will send you a Detailed Angel Report listing at least 4 of the members of your Guardian Angel team, invocation tips, and also a Three Card Angel Card Reading (deck choice will depend on the issues that you are concerned with).

    Angel Reports are $44.44

    Readings will be sent out within 72 hours of receipt of payment. 

    ****Butterfly Readings****

    If you order a Butterfly Reading, you will be donating $10 of the cost of the reading to either or a charity that donates to families of those affected by EB. In the spirit of sharing, I will add $5 to your reading cost and cover the other $5 myself!

    I am really looking forward to serving you with these new options. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!

    **if you are interested in seeing more of Jennifer Ravsten’s work – which is brilliant I might add – check her out at