Hey Beautiful

  • Hey Beautiful – January 9th, 2015


    Hey, Beautiful,

    Today we are going to dip in to the not so pleasant, but I want to add a twist for you…

    Today’s Assignment

    Get your notebook and pen ready

    Go to the mirror – Greet that gorgeous lady by saying, “Hello Beautiful,” “Hello, Gorgeous,” “Hey, Hotstuff,” or whatever you prefer.

    Look at that gal in the mirror – radiate love to her – know that you are starting to love her as much as she loves you.

    Now… Go to your notebook and make two columns – one for the Tolerate and one for the Cannot Stand.

    Before you start working on listing your faults, remember and keep in mind that you care immensely about yourself.


    You are the sum of your AWESOME qualities AND those things you don’t like about yourself – and the whole sum is lovable.Tweet: You are the sum of your AWESOME qualities AND those things you don’t like about yourself – and the whole sum is lovable.


    When making your list, think about your imperfections from the perspective of someone who loves you…see them as areas to improve upon or things that you need to work on changing.

    Write all of those defects, flaws, and failings down. Get them out, but remember to work from a place of love and acceptance of your imperfection – after all, no one is perfect, right?

    After you are done with that list, go back to the mirror. Look yourself in the eyes and say,

    “It’s OK. I still love you. I accept you – imperfections and all – and I will help you to accept yourself for who you are and also help you change what you don’t like about yourself.”

    Remember, you should love yourself no matter what your perceived flaws, imperfections or weaknesses are.



  • Hey, Beautiful – November 7th, 2014


    Hey, Beautiful!

    There was once a time when I posted ALL of my “Hey, Beautiful” posts on my website. I am going to be compiling them into a book to release in mid-December. Well, they are already collected, I just have to polish them, set the dates and days straight for 2015, and release it! Please email me if you’d like a copy. I’ll be selling them here.

    I am bringing the posts back to my site instead of posting them on Facebook because they belong here; this is their home. They should live here and I should share them from this place, not from a platform that I have no control over and that can ultimately take over my content.

    Sorry. I am just feeling very moody toward Facebook today. We had a little spat and I am this close to just breaking up with them. But I love my peeps who are there, and I would be sad to lose touch with so many of my friends and family that I interact with there more than I was ever able to before. We shall see how this pans out.

    Enough of that! On to the GRATITUDE!

    November is always a special month in my opinion. In November, people are much more cognizant of the things that they are grateful for. Everyone turns their focus, momentarily, to the good things in their lives. They count their blessings and honor the positive things in their lives. Nothing wrong with that.

    What am I thankful for today?

    • My friends Jessica and Alison, who talk me through the rough times and let me whine! 🙂
    • That my babies are sleeping through most nights. Gods and Goddesses, how I love my sleep!
    • Honestly, I am pretty darn thankful for Facebook on a purely personal level because I can keep up with so many people that I might not have kept in contact with.
    • Having the opportunity to be with my little one as he opened his birthday presents and seeing the joy on his face.

    I could go on, but I am going to head on over to bed.

    It’s nice to be back home. I am happy that you came by to visit. I hope to see you here more often.


  • Hey, Beautiful – October 31st, 2014



    Hey, Beautiful!

    Ahhhh, Halloween. What a day for having fun, dressing up, and eating way too much candy!

    In Austria, Trick or Treating is not “standard” tradition – but it is becoming more widely accepted. Some of my neighbors had candy, and some didn’t bother to come to the door (just like in the States).

    When I took my kids out for a round with their friends today, and I had to laugh at what some of the people gave out as treats because they wanted to be generous and help the kids celebrate, but they simply weren’t prepared!

    We got everything from the breakfast croissant to the already opened chocolate bar (tee-hee-hee!). It was funny!

    Where am I going with this? Well…

    Sometimes you have to make due with what you have and partake in the festivities, even if you aren’t wholly prepared!

    Life is like that!

    There are times when you have everything together, and times when you wing it! The times when you improvise can show you so much about yourself – how well you handle diversity when it comes your way, how creative you can be, how you can roll with the times and look like you meant to do it that way!

    So don’t fret the next time you are caught off guard or unprepared. Grab what you have and join the fun!


    *image By Don Scarborough (family photo) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)], via Wikimedia Commons


  • Consolidating and Clearing Project Clutter

    Hey, Beautiful!

    Welcome to my new home at http://www.sueellissaller.com!



    My new home on Facebook is Susan Ellis-Saller. Come on over and follow the Hey, Beautiful posts there!

    This is a great assignment, as well.

    Today’s assignment is to see what you can condense or get rid of to best serve you!

    For example, I started the See You… Be YOU site about 2-3 years ago, and I want to keep doing these assignments that have been there from the beginning… but in the mean time, I also started Facets of Wellness (for my Reiki), and then started Clear Vision Readings and Reiki to have a space for my tarot and oracle card readings. Then I started The Place to Goal…and Project Happy Monday… and… and… and…

    It all got a bit overwhelming, as you can imagine, because there are sites to keep updated, Facebook and Twitter accounts to (wo)man… and real work, kids, house, etc.


    Then I had an A-HA moment (and several people helped me to arrive there)… where I thought that I should put all of everything under one roof – Susan Ellis-Saller. ME! My passions, my offerings, my interests that I like to share.

    Think about all the time and effort that will save me to cut all but 1 entity to contain.

    So think about your life…Is there anything that is redundant, that isn’t serving you, that is making you have to double or triple your work load without bringing much back?

    Cut the fat and keep only the best, most relevant, and most rewarding things! Get rid of the rest.

    Believe me, the thought of it will seem unbearable at first – especially considering all of the love and hard work we put into all that we do – but just think about how you can maximize your efforts and decrease your workload if you do cut the unnecessary!