• Welcome and a Bit of Info

    Hello and Welcome!

    I am about to burst with all of the excitement of finally getting this website up and running. It is far from perfection, but it is a good start!

    Speaking of good starts, when I work with Tarot, I always call in Archangel Michael to help protect my space, your space, the cards, the reading, etc. Why do I do this? I think it is important to actively call in protection with each and every single reading.


    Oh! I can’t forget that I clear the deck, too – that way there shouldn’t be any residual energy left over from the last reading I did interfering with the new reading!

    After I ask for protection from Archangel Michael and clear the deck, I call on the Angels and Ascended Masters to help out with the reading, making sure that each reading is clear and concise for the person I read for, and also that it is relevant and easy for the querent (a.k.a. the person who is receiving the reading) to understand. Every time I do this, I feel warmth, excitement, and a real enthusiasm toward working together.

    Next, I will look at your picture while I am shuffling the deck and focus on the question you have. After that, it is choose, layout and read.

    When the reading is done, I thank the Angels and Ascended Masters for their help and time. I don’t know about you, but I truly appreciate their cooperation and working with them.

    With respect and light ~ Susan

    If you are interested in a reading with me, please email me (