• The Angels Are Bigger Than Any One Person – Angel Work In A Post Doreen World

    Even if some teachers turn their backs on the Angels, they are still there.

    I roll my eyes every time Doreen Virtue posts a new video lately. Really. Every time she does, she seems to hit some of her former flock lower and lower below the belt. It seems like stirring the pot, quite honestly.

    I wouldn’t be so upset about Doreen Virtue’s conversion to Christianity and the content she’s creating if it weren’t for the people she’s hurting with her words—the people who believe(d) in the goodness of the work they were doing, the joy and positive energy they were experiencing in their own lives and sharing by working with the angels.

    You can read about my thoughts here: Disappointed In Doreen

    Well, here’s the thing: The angels aren’t going anywhere. They never left to begin with. Their love and support is still there. All you have to do is call on them and they come to help.

    People who learned to work with angelic energy know what they feel when they are working with it: they feel loving kindness, calm washing over them; they feel soothed and uplifted; they find peace and hope. That doesn’t sound evil to me at all.

    And please don’t equate this calm feeling with drugging myself. Seriously. The work a person does with angels supports positive changes in their life is not a quick fix, feel happy for the moment thing. It’s about connecting with one’s own Higher Self and guidance; it’s about adopting positive habits and a better way of living in most cases.

    When I’ve worked with angels, I always end up feeling better. Their messages are on time, on point, and extremely helpful. Working with them has helped me move out of fear, into peace. They make me laugh and see things from a more positive, helpful perspective.

    And honestly, I’ve shied away from fully embracing the angel work in the past because I know what people say about people who work with angels (we’re a little daft and silly). They think we’ve got a couple of screws loose and that we couldn’t possibly be that naive.

    Some people say that the angels are scary beings in the Bible. They actively fight demons and each other (the unfallen fight the fallen, like Lucifer and other demonic presences). You can find some of the stories here. Terrifying Stories About Archangels. This research is leading me to some really interesting theories that I’m not yet ready to talk about.

    When I work with angelic energy, though, it’s not at all controlling or scary. Angels are more—how should I say—quietly present in my life. I might be thinking about whether or not to write an article about angels and then I see a feather on the floor when I walk in the door. Or I’ll be thinking about how I should move my business forward, like if I should work with angels some more, and then I open my email and an email from Hay House about Discover(ing) Your Soul Purpose catches my eye so I open it… and it’s titled Angelic Connection. Stuff like that. Synchronicity/odd coincidences.

    Once I string the coincidences together, it seems like way more than coincidence. It seems like I should be talking more about and working more with the angels. Their work with me and many others I know didn’t stop when Doreen Virtue denounced her work with them. My work with the angels wasn’t solely based on Doreen and her beliefs. It started well before that and will run its own course.

    I’m not going to give up that gentle, loving energy or the guidance I receive when I’m connecting to it. I see it perhaps shifting and evolving some as I work out my own theories about what it means, but I know that the energies I am working with are working for the good of my own soul and I feel it is helping others, not harming them. So I’ll stick with my work and pursue my own way of connecting with Spirit on my own. I encourage you to do the same, especially if your life has been positively affected by your work with the angels. That’s what matters—that positive energy, calm, non-judgmental and helpful guidance and support. Stick with it if it works for you.

    With blessings,


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  • Disappointed In Doreen Virtue

    I have to admit that I’m really disappointed about Doreen Virtue’s recent blog post (A-Z List of New Age Practices To Avoid), calling everything—up to and including rainbow sparkly unicorns and statues—demonic work of the devil, and anyone who was working with angels, Reiki, drums, shamanism, yoga, MINDFULNESS… you name it, all evil according to Doreen.

    Oh. My. Gods.

    The weird thing is that her words in that blog post go against almost everything she taught in her classes, at least what I got from them. Parts of her list don’t even make sense, really. I mean, has Doreen ever stepped foot in a church? She says statues are evil and false idols, but every Catholic church I’ve been in in my whole life is filled with statues of Jesus, Mary, and other figures in the Christian tradition. Are we to think that churches are evil now, too?

    Her teachings before she was baptized and born again in 2017 were all about acceptance, non-judgment, learning to trust your own intuition, being kind but assertive, connecting with nature. Doreen Virtue didn’t stop at teaching people how to work with her cards or respect deities from other religions, she also delved into her version of keeping yourself and your environment healthier and creating a life that was more in line with your own happiness.

    I talked a bit about my thoughts about Doreen Virtue’s Conversion to Christianity here
    and how the Angels Are Bigger Than Just One Person: Angel Work Post Doreen Virtue here

    Personally, I enjoyed reading her books and learning about different ways of connecting with my intuition and angels with the practices she taught. What I learned by following some of what she taught and combining it with other rituals and details I learned from other sources took my spirituality to the next level. My own craft and connection with Spirit grew from my work, and I was also led to other teachers, topics, and rituals through learning about angels, ascended masters, goddesses, etc.

    I won’t say that I bought everything she sold hook, line, and sinker, though. I never went vegan or believed in chem-trails. She was one of many teachers whose work I used to carve out my own spiritual path. I found Doreen’s teachings to be broad enough to allow many people to recognize and build their spiritual gifts and practices. Her work helped me take my own to the next level.

    And the people I met through her community are some of the absolute best people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know! The Light Workers, Earth Angels, Tarot Readers, etc that I met were, as a whole, empathic, understanding, generous (sometimes to a fault), sensitive, forgiving, fascinating people. They’re fun and, because they’re high-vibe people, they are often kinder than most of the people I’ve met through other spaces.

    So I don’t get how the people whom I met and formed bonds through Doreen Virtue’s work are demonic. Empathy, kindness, tolerance, curiosity, DIVERSITY are evil and we must change our ways immediately or face eternal damnation? Sorry. I’m not buying that.

    Call me a sinner then. This girl ain’t giving up her Reiki, tarot, crystals, drum circles, magical friends, yoga, nature, and so many other things I consider sacred and fascinating because Doreen Virtue says they are from the devil. And I certainly don’t see my friends, colleagues, and peers who work with energy, self-help, and those who believe in something other than Christianity as being possessed by demons or in contact with evil entities. The people who I’ve gotten to know through the Angel Community aren’t, in my opinion, possessed by demons like Doreen Virtue asserts. They seem quite the opposite to me.

    And that leads me to the reasons I am extremely disappointed about Doreen Virtue’s blog post:

    1) The people I mentioned above. Some are doubting their connection to Spirit now. If Doreen was sincere at first, or if she was just in it for the money or never believed in it at all, or if she thinks it’s all satanic and demonic, what does that make them? What does that make me? What does that make their work? What does it say about mine? (I’ve removed my association with her work from my site in most places. If you find mention of it on my site, please tell me which page so I can update it.)

    As I mentioned above, Light Workers—myself included—are a sensitive bunch, so having one of the most popular teachers in the community who taught us some of the methods we use to connect with Spirit or different entities call the work we do out as evil and negative causes a gut reaction. Either you think, “Wow, she’s lost her marbles,” like me and go on with life or you think, “Have I been imagining this all along? Are those entities I’ve been interacting with actually evil?”

    Some people who found such comfort in their spirituality that was sometimes expanded by Doreen Virtue’s work are once again insecure and questioning what’s going on in their worlds, what they are sensing, the messages they are getting.

    The loss of trust one might place in her own intuition is a great loss to me. We need MORE people honoring their own intuition and thoughts and being confident in themselves and a little focused on their own happiness, not less. We need to keep moving forward with this connection with the positive and good, not less. We don’t need to set ourselves back 50 years in the spiritual community.

    2) Another thing we have to discuss is religious diversity. Not everyone is a Christian. There are other religions, other gods and deities, other belief systems in the world that should be respected and it’s good to learn about other gods and goddesses from other cultures and religions, too. Her new stance is anti-magic, anti-witch/Earth-based religion/pagan, anti-indiginous population, and xenophobic.

    Did we learn nothing from the Inquisitions or from the Witch Hunts and trials? Are we going back to the time when religious freedom was banned and those who went against the teachings of the Church were shamed, outcast, tortured, and murdered?

    Going from tolerance, acceptance, bringing people together and broadening their minds and knowledge bases to saying that everything that YOU don’t believe in is demonic or satanic is just disturbing, especially in today’s global environment. The world is a smaller place nowadays, and it’s better to learn about and respect people with other religious beliefs and rituals instead of condemning them. Understanding one another and having open conversations about what we believe in is how we make the world a better place. We need more tolerance, not less.

    People need to be able to connect with a more earth-based religion if that’s what floats their boats. We need to be able to reconnect ties that were long ago cut for fear of being found out as a witch. We should be able to practice their own form of religion and worship our own gods.

    Magic can’t go underground again. We, as a community, can’t let it.

    3) Doreen Virtue is speaking from a place of fear, not love. Her whole post dripped guilt, shame, judgment, and fear. She’s looking to make people upset with her “bad, bad, bad” babble. She’s certainly not embodying the teachings of Jesus Christ as I know them. She needs to ask herself WWJD and let our own gods judge us when our time comes. Maybe she, herself, has something to be scared of. I don’t feel like I do.

    So, while I do wholeheartedly think that Doreen’s spiritual path is her own, I wish she’d follow the advice she might have given before she was born again, the advice I think that Jesus, whose name she brought up over and over, would give: Promote what you love instead of bashing what you don’t. Respect everyone in your space, even if they have different beliefs. Love thy neighbor.

    If Doreen doesn’t want to get a Reiki session or practice mindfulness or meditate, that’s her business, but she needs to quit calling anything SHE doesn’t believe in bad, especially people of other religions and backgrounds.




  • Free Writing with the Angels – The Process


    Free writing with the angels is a process that helps to open up your connection with your soul and with Source in order to get your creative juices flowing and write inspired and inspirational blog posts.

    As a blogger, I totally know the ….. (blank mind) that many of us face when sitting down to write a blog post, and free writing is one way that you can get over the … and on to great writing.

    Now remember, this process is something that should be easy to do. Don’t allow yourself to over-complicate things or to over-think what you are writing. The best thing to do is to not think at all: just write!

    Here is the process I recommend that you use to free write with the angels.

    1) Center and connect

    First, close your eyes and turn your focus to breathing. Breathe in for a count of four, and out for a count of four. In for four and out for four. Do this until you feel calm and peaceful.

    Next, imagine your feet growing roots out the bottom. Picture those roots traveling through your floor, through the layers of the Earth below you – right down to the very center of the Earth. From there, the roots travel back upwards – again running through the different layers and levels of the Earth, absorbing all the knowledge and wisdom that reside within the Earth – and then the energy from your roots meets back up with you at your feet, traveling up through your body, all the way up to the top of your head and out your crown chakra. Now, imagine that your crown chakra is open, and that a glowing white beam of light, runs right into your crown chakra, and gently fills your entire being with the light from and connection with Source energy.

    Take a moment to feel the meeting of these two very wise, very inspiring energies in your heart chakra area. Allow the warmth and energy that flows to you to travel all the way out to your fingertips.

    2) Call on the Angels – especially Archangel Gabriel – to help you write what you need to share with the world.

    3) Start writing.

    When you open your eyes again, go directly to either a blank blog page or word document and start typing, or open up a notebook and do things the old-fashioned way. Write everything and anything that comes to mind down in your document – don’t filter, correct, or edit. Just write.

    You might want to set an alarm for 15-30 minutes. Write until the alarm goes off. That way, you won’t give up too quickly.

    4) Review and refine

    After you have written from your soul, you can go back and see if there are any great themes or topics that came up in your writing. You can either pick those out and refine them, or just proof and edit your free-writing session and publish it as an impromptu piece.

    When using this free writing process, you can choose to write about a specific topic, or you can choose to connect with a certain entity as a basis for your writing session. Do what feels right. Adjust the specifics according to your beliefs, needs, and time allotments.

    Writing for your blog needn’t be a dreaded task – it can actually be fun! Centering yourself, calling on the angels, and free-writing will allow you to open up to Divinely Guided messages and to the Muse Within. The more you use this practice, the better your results will be.



  • Angel Business Basics Tip – Getting Unfollowed


    Angel Business Basics Tip

    Don’t fret when you lose a follower or a liker.

    It is really easy for us to get caught up on the numbers side of things, and even to take it personally when our message doesn’t resonate with someone enough that they leave our flock.


    Don’t worry.

    You see, when people unfollow or leave your page it is actually a GOOD thing! It allows the energy to remain positive and upbeat, and lets you know that those who are there actually benefit from what you have to offer.

    If a person actually likes you, then s/he is more likely to work with you. If not, then the person is just there or not even there… .

    Personally, I would prefer to have a thousand likers who actually like what I have to say and share than to have 10,000 who don’t.

    How about you?

    Feel free to leave a comment about how you feel about the numbers game in business marketing and social media.


  • My Story – Offer Your Gifts, Be Who You Are

    photo © laurel russwurm (1)

    So, the Angels have been waiting for me to tell this story – urging me to tell this story. But they knew it would all come out in due time.

    You see, the Angels are so patient. So loving. They know that you might falter or slide – or backtrack or even ignore the messages they give you – as I have. But they kept trying with me, like they do for everyone. They don’t give up. They are like good friends who accept the situation you are in without judgement – waiting to step in and help you when you need it, at a moment’s notice… and without being hurt if you should choose to ignore their messages or not follow their guidance. And they are there again the next time you reach out for help.

    I’ve been so hesitant to open up to and about the Angel community… because I thought I wasn’t good enough. Because I thought that I needed some photographic proof of angelic visitation or some grandiose story about how the angels worked with me and through me. I didn’t have one.

    I didn’t fit in. All of the others were better – more experienced. They heard more, they saw more, they felt more. They listened to classical music and wore pastels and fit the little mold I had in my head about how people who work with the angels should be. They were calmer and more spiritual. I didn’t even come close to their talent or charisma. I was just me.

    This negative comparison of myself to others has been a theme in my life. I hung out with some amazingly talented artists when I was in high school. Their art was soooooo good compared to mine, that I knew I didn’t stand a chance as an artist. So I gave up.

    It was kind of like that – that feeling of being so UN (worthy, talented) and IN (sufficient). Less than.

    What did I have to offer to the community? To the group?

    Me – the one who kept ignoring the messages that I was given. Who wanted to control just how I brought my offerings to the table. Who didn’t have an awesome Angel story to captivate people with and let them know, without a doubt, I was one of them.

    Then I realized that I didn’t have ONE big story, nor did I need one. The Angels might not show themselves to me in their all of their luminescent glory and they might not have saved me from death (or maybe they did when I was born, but I don’t remember it – and I am actually quite grateful that I haven’t had a near death experience that brought Angels into my life!)…

    In my life and in my world, the Angels let me know they are there in much more subtle ways – ways that make me laugh and let me know that they heard me asking them to show themselves, but they didn’t want to make a big deal out of it… they wanted to make me smile.

    And they kept pushing me – to join the community – to reach out – to share… not only card readings or therapy – BUT also with business guidance.


    LOL! I totally know!

    You see, when I first got back into working with angels a few years ago, after a long spell of just making it, moving across the world, raising a child on my own, getting married, having more children, etc. – I was working in a partnership as a business development coach.

    I decided that the angel path/esoteric route was totally the thing for me as it was just such an intrinsic part of who I was, and I wanted to let that part of me be a part of my business persona – I wanted to work with Earth Angels and Light Workers. My business partner wasn’t keen on the idea. I held my ground to be true to who I was and we parted ways.

    After that break-up, I thought about continuing with helping Light Workers and Earth Angels develop their businesses, but I didn’t pursue that course of action because of a misplaced sense of loyalty to my old business partner. Instead of being true to myself and the direction I was being called in, I brushed it all aside and tried my hand building a tarot and angel card reading business.

    And that was great for a while – until I started feeling like something was missing. I kept going back to readings because I was good at them… but there was still something missing.

    The angels said, “Hey, how about that business development thing?”

    I said, “Nah. Let me try this tarot thing one more time.”

    They patiently stood to the side and waited for me to accept that it was OK to share all of my gifts.

    The angels said, “Hey, how about that business development thing?”

    During the time I was working on the readings, I was also building some friendships on the side and actually helping people stay motivated in their businesses. They were bouncing ideas off of me and looking for guidance. They were coming to me not for what I wanted to offer, but for what I was good at.

    I was already attracting those who needed my help. Naturally. But BUSINESS MENTORING?

    Business mentoring isn’t really all that angelic, is it? I mean, all of the nuts and bolts of building a business from the ground up… OK… I guess that defining a mission would be angelic and so would figuring out your life’s purpose… but the REST? The technical stuff? The dry “track your accounting” and “register your company legally” stuff didn’t really seem all that exciting at ALL – like it didn’t fit in with the angel community after.

    Your talents, no matter what they are,

    You know what the angels told me? Or the message I got that I need to share about this whole thing is?

    Your talents – no matter what they are – can help other Earth Angels and Lightworkers spread their messages and help to raise the vibration of the Earth IF YOU USE THEM to help the people in the angel community.

    You don’t have to read cards or be an angel intuitive or healer as your primary “work” in this world. Of course, you might totally enjoy doing those things and continue to offer them as I do –  and your experience with them would help you to relate to others in the community – but reading or therapy might not be THE ONLY CONTRIBUTION you need to make to the community.

    As our community awakens, grows, and expands, there is a need for pretty much every and any help to be brought to the table – whether it is event planning, Reiki attuning, accounting, website development, branding, cooking, health and wellness support – even recommendations for people who do car repairs, tailors, travel agents, etc.

    We kind of need a little bit of everything that we would encounter in our worlds.

    So don’t be afraid to bring your specific talent to the table – even if it doesn’t look like what you think it should.

    There is room for you here. You are loved. You are needed. You are valued – just as you are and for what you have to offer.

    That’s what they say.

    I finally am ready to use my gifts to help the community in my own special way. Are you?

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