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  • A Little Advice If You’re Thinking About Doing a Valentine’s Day Love Spell

    Red tea light candles on a dark background

    I love a nice love spell. ✨💖✨

    I know many people are probably thinking about doing a love spell this Valentines Season.

    If you are, please consider this:

    Love spells are best left open to bringing someone into your life who will be a good partner and have the set of characteristics you’re looking for instead of focusing on tying a specific person to you.


    What could go wrong with a love spell focused on one person?

    It makes me shudder a bit when I think of love spells that are meant to tie two people together who are not a good match

    It results in things like that person who just never leaves your thoughts, no matter how much time passes. On one hand, that could be a nice thing if the person who won’t leave your thoughts left good memories. If not, however… I think you get the point.

    Tying someone’s soul to yours can have more toxic effects, too. Loveless, unfulfilling relationships, lack of intimacy, or even stalking and not wanting to move on, or “If I can’t have you, then no one can,” mentality.

    Think about the difference before you start working on your love spell.

    Getting a great outcome from your love spell

    You want to set the stage and get your energy in the best possible place to do a love spell.

    💖 Burn some cherry or honey incense by in the background.
    💖 Keep some rose quartz on hand.
    💖 Center into the emotion of love while you’re working on your list for manifesting a fabulous partner who is everything you dreamed about.
    💖 Ask Archangel Chamuel to help bring love into your life.

    ✨💖✨ Believe in the power of your will to vibrate out into the Universe and attract love to you.So, instead of thinking about one specific person as THE focus of your love spell, write a list of characteristics and traits you want your partner to have.

    How can you tell if your love spell is working?

    When love—in any form—shows up in your life, be grateful, because it’s a sign that your magic is working to bring love to you.

    That means gratitude for new friends and old, children, loving how you spend your time; admiring qualities in a person who you are close to; practicing self-love.

    Languish in the feeling of all forms of love. Show love to others. Make love your attitude.

    Love will come to you.

    💕 Please share this post with anyone ypu know who might be doing a love spell this Valentine’s Day!

    If you’d like to get a reading about your love life, you can book an email or live reading here.


  • A Spell for Love

    Ready to find love?

    Have you ever thought about doing a spell for love? Right now, with the Moon growing to full, the conditions are perfect to do a spell to bring love into your life.

    Love spells can be simple – wishes, intentions, desires. Sometimes, all you need to do to bring love into your life using a spell is to set your intentions and keep your energy positive. Other times, though, you might feel like you need a bit more power behind your love spell, in order to bring a lasting romantic love to you.

    Spells are all about using different elements to help to increase the power of your intention and attraction. A love spell should be specific enough to bring you the partner of your dreams, but open enough to allow the Universe to bring you the best partner—and the best partner might not be the one you are focused on.

    My advice when performing a love spell is to avoid specifying a particular person; focus instead on the characteristics and attributes your perfect partner would have.

    When creating your love spell, you will need the following items:

    a red pen
    nice stationary paper
    rose essential oil or rose water to annoint your candle
    a red or pink candle—or both.(red for romantic love, pink for more of a playful, innocent type of love)
    matches (to light the candle)
    cherry, strawberry, or honey incense

    Do this spell to find love when the moon is going from new to full, growing bigger or waxing. This phase helps to GROW things in your life.

    Sit down with an open heart and pure intention to create your spell to bring love into your life. Use your red pen to make a list of the characteristics you want your perfect partner to have. As I mentioned before, it’s best NOT to focus on a particular person and let the Universe use the energy of your love spell to bring the best partner for you, to you.

    I would start the love spell out with something like:

    My dearest Universe, I ask of thee,
    to bring me love, so mote it be.
    I am ready for you to bring
    my romantic life partner, my soul mate, my twin flame
    to me.
    I trust that you will guide me in my choices
    bringing me the best person
    the one that is meant for me.
    I am so grateful to you for all the love you bring into my life,
    and I hope that you will bring my one true love to me soon.
    My perfect partner would be…
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    (Think about what you want from a partner and make a list, something like the following.)

    My perfect soul mate would be:

    romantic without having to be reminded
    into foreign films
    financially stable
    a bit of a book nerd
    loves music
    kinky but not over the top
    good in bed
    into magic
    healthy/takes care of physique
    likes to cuddle
    likes children/wants children/doesn’t want children (whichever fits for you)
    a handy man…

    Write your list including characteristics that are important to you. And really, be thorough. The more specific you are about what you want, the easier it is for the Universe to bring that person to you!

    Take your candle(s) and poke three holes in each one. Drop just a couple of drops of the rose oil or rose water onto the candle, and rub it in clockwise, all the time, thinking about meeting your perfect partner or mentally repeating your spell (the words above can be modified to fit your situation).

    Light the candles (make sure they are in a safe place that you can allow them to burn out naturally). Leave them to burn the whole day, if possible. If you really want to get the energy flowing, get a candle that is meant to burn for three days and use it in your ritual.

    Light the incense, and keep it near your candle. If possible, keep the incense burning for as often as you safely can for three days.

    PLEASE BE CAREFUL ABOUT WHERE YOU PUT YOUR CANDLES and incense. DO NOT LET THEM BURN WITHOUT SUPERVISION. DON’T POUR OIL OVER YOUR CANDLE AFTER IT IS LIT. Extinguish, when you need, by snuffing the candle rather than blowing it out.

    During the three days that your spell is running, try to make a note of all of the love that is in your life. Write about it in your gratitude journal – start a gratitude journal if you don’t have one.

    Also, remember to do only one spell per moon cycle. During this moon cycle, from today to the next full moon, ONLY focus on this love spell. If it is really something that you would like to focus on for multiple moon cycles, go ahead and repeat this ritual every month right as the moon is turning full.

    You can also call in different goddesses, if you’d like. Of course, Venus is THE go-to goddess to call on to bring love into your life! Venus’ day of the week is Friday, and you should offer her roses on your altar space.

    Or, if you prefer to work with angels, you can work with Archangel Chamuel to help you to bring a new love into your life.

    Other angels to help with your love life and love spells are listed here.

    Remember, be positive that your spell will work—in DIVINE TIMING. It might take a few moon cycles for your love spell to work. Don’t give up and don’t settle for someone who doesn’t fit your wishlist. When you trust that the Universe is going to bring you a wonderful partner, you don’t have to take someone who just doesn’t do it for you. Pass on anyone who you don’t vibe with, but make sure that you aren’t so focused on one person that you miss out on a gem sent directly to you from the Universe.

    I hope that this love spell works for you! If you use it and it brings love into your life, please let me know!

    I did this spell before I met my hubby—more than 20 years ago! For me, it was quite effective!



  • Love and Light Isn’t Afraid of the Dark

    Some people want to act like the High Vibe/Love and Light crowd is a bunch of airy-fairy pansies who are spiritually bypassing everything, avoiding the shadows, and not doing the work in general.

    Those people think that we have our heads in the clouds, we are delusional, and we definitely aren’t grounded in reality.

    They think we are sitting in judgment of them and their choices. And honestly, we might be in some cases.

    But, well… they are being a tad bit judgy too, right?

    Some think we leave a whole lot of energy and power sitting on the table because we choose not to feed our craft—our lives—with feelings like jealousy, rage, pettiness, competition, envy.

    WE CHOOSE. That’s the thing.

    You see, a lot of us are far too familiar with the darkness. Many of us come from violent, abusive, or traumatic backgrounds. Many of us are fighting demons on the daily.

    We are doing the work, making friends with our demons if we can’t slay them, actively choosing the characteristics of the energy we want to work with and amplify.

    Personally, I have to full on fight the urge to be crass, sarcastic, bitter, vile, VENGEFUL.

    C’mon now. I am a Scorpio. You think I’m not actively plotting revenge?

    I don’t avoid the negative urges when they rise up. I explore them. I sit down and examine them from all sides.

    I give the urges space to express themselves and show me what wounds they are grounded in, what paranoid, sad trips they are on.

    And then I tame them. Like many, many others on the Love and Light side of things, I recognize those temptations for what they are and do everything in my power to see their origins and work toward healing them.

    I try to see what’s triggering me and either shift my perspective or just do my damndest to chill the fuck down and let. it. go.

    Me and lots of other folks from the Love and Light side of things don’t want to continue giving power to energies like competition, comparison, exploitation, fear, jealousy, control and manipulation, shame, ANGER, rage, war, the patriarchy.

    We know that if we use those energies to feed our magic, our spells, our power, we amplify them.

    Personally, I am not willing to do that. I see a better future for the world. And if that means that I leave some energy sitting on the table, you can be 100% sure that I choose to leave it sitting there. For real.

    Like I said, it isn’t that I don’t see or feel those emotions, that the energy doesn’t well up inside me, seeping into wounds that have yet to heal. It isn’t that I bypass it. It isn’t that I don’t feel the raw, pulsing power behind it, because I do and I know I can use it, if I want to…

    It isn’t that I sprinkle fairy dust all over the energy, like rolling a turd in glitter. I see the shit. And I choose not to use that shit as my power source.

    I can only speak for myself when I say that I am not immune to “low vibe” feelings. Dark Sue and Light Sue wrestle daily. It takes conscious effort to keep Dark Sue in check—she definitely wants to come out to play wayyyy more often than anyone knows.

    But Light Sue—the one who wants to help make the world a better place—is the one I feed, the one I nurture, the one I give more leeway. She’s the one who sits better in my consciousness, who represents the ideas and principles I embrace.

    Light Sue is the person I want to be—my best self—the ideas I want to stand for and bring more of into the world. Dark Sue represents the hurt, truamatized Sue who hasn’t fully embraced her gifts or truly stepped into her power yet. Light Sue is healed and healthy (or as healed and heathy as she can be in the moment). Dark Sue isn’t interested in getting better; she’s unhappily stuck where she’s at. Light Sue is trying her best—that’s all she can do.

    So, the next time you throw shade at someone who is sprinkling high-vibe energy on everything, focusing on the positive—more publicly in tune with the love and light side of things—remember that person has probably experienced things that would break you, or maybe she’s just isn’t interested in being the kind of person who gives negative energies power.


  • Advice From A Tarot Travellor: Reading At Outdoor Events and Fairs

    Terry Reed Martin and Tarodactyl started the Facebook group, Tarot Travellors, to chat about “doing tarot readings in mobile settings and public gigs,” according to Terry.

    She recently shared a great post with a lot of tips and tricks for doing tarot readings at outdoor events.

    Tips For Tarot Travellin And Outdoor Gigs

    I have done mobile tarot for years. My thoughts are :

    • Wind and noise are not tarot friendly at outdoor gigs. Don’t face sun…its hot and blinding if outdoors. A canopy is a must.
    • Keep it simple…large draws can be time-consuming, and in my experience, most won’t remember all that info.
    • It can be exhausting…take a cushion, cough drops, and bottled water, plus snacks that won’t make you sleepy ie. Carbs.
    • Think about what your fee will be. If it’s too high, it might repel some.
    • Note what season it is and play to that.
    • Keep your stuff at a manageable size. It gets hard if it’s too heavy and you have to go a long distance to your assigned place.
    • Take a timer. 15 minutes is plenty unless you’re a seasoned reader and good at managing the public.
    • Ground yourself. Sage the area. State your affirmation, and take a deck you don’t work with personally—only with the public. A lot of use will tear up your deck and it will get ” dirty. “
    • Take a hand cleanser.
    • I bought a wagon to transport my small collapsible table.
    • Pack all tarot things in one bag.
    • A small ice chest is good to have. I freeze small bottles of water and they keep each other cold while thawing. 6-8 is usually enough. If you drink a lot, you pee a lot, so try to be near a bathroom. This is not only great for you, but also because there’s lots of traffic.
    • Don’t rent a spot that’s isolated.
    • I wear a diffuser necklace with essential oils like Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender, and Tea Tree to ward off colds and flu.
    • Take breaks; you’ll need to refresh.
    • Have fun. I love outdoor gigs and fairs, craft shows, etc. 💞

    What do you think? Do you have any tips to add to the list? Feel free to leave them in the comments below!


  • How To Read Coffee Grounds

    Turn your morning cuppa into connection with the Divine!
    Turn your morning cuppa into a conversation with the Divine

    Did you ever consider how powerful that cup o’ Joe can be in the morning? It can give you the energy to start your day… and it can also give you a message from the Divine.

    When you start working with different forms of divination, it’s important to keep an open mind. The messages that come through to you will not only be visual but also in thoughts and impressions that spring up when you settle into a relaxed, curious, meditative state, inviting the Universe to speak to you through whatever means it decides.

    Back to my cup of coffee.

    This morning, I decided to have a look into my coffee cup, to see what—if any—message my Higher Self wanted me to see.

    It had a doozy…

    When I looked into my cup, I saw a castle in the woods fairly clearly. Do you see it?

    Reading Coffee Grounds
    What do you see?

    As I contemplated this image, the song, Fortress Around Your Heart, from Sting popped into my head…

    “The prison has now become your home.
    A sentence you seem prepared to face…”

    Ouch Universe.

    My four walls do feel like they have been suffocating me lately. I don’t feel like I have a lot of freedom. I often feel trapped, isolated, alone.

    But it’s not only about me; it’s about the amount of freedom I give people around me as well. It’s about responsibility and shared responsibility. The princess/prisoner don’t lock themselves in the towers. Others lock them there.

    It was a lot to think about after having only one cup of coffee, for sure.

    Photo courtesy of my friends at Fluid Coffeebar

    So, how do you read coffee grounds that are left over in your morning cuppa?

    1. Set the intention of receiving a message from Spirit. This is the most important part of the process—opening yourself to whatever message coming to you in whatever form it does. Personally, I see a lot and I get messages from songs and snippets of information (clairvoyant, clairaudient).
    2. Look into the bottom of your mostly empty cup to see what is there. Do the coffee grounds and shadow of coffee represent anything to you? Look for people, animals, buildings and objects like books, keys, clothing.
    3. Lean into your intuition. What is your Soul saying to you about what is going on in your life? Are you working on any big lessons? Is this a new idea that you need to explore? Are there any updates, cues to upcoming celebrations, or warnings in the images?
    4. Tune into all of your senses. Are you feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, or tasting anything (other than coffee) that gives you further information?
    5. Journal. Allow yourself not only to note what you see, but also to free-write so that even more messages can come up while you have your pen to paper.

    Reading your coffee grounds can be an easy way to tap into your intuition and receive messages from your Higher Self or Spirit. Give it a try and share your experiences in the comments below!

    *Coffee cup images (with the exception of the fortress and trees) courtesy of Fluid Coffeebar.