Right now, things are really super intense for a lot of people. There’s is some funky energy — fear, hate, and polarization — running high right now, and it’s easy to get swept away in.

Have you been feeling it, too?

It’s far too easy to doom scroll, getting caught up in people reporting 17 different kinds of tragedies, environmental catastrophies, classroom brawls. The social media sites seem to favor polarizing content, too, and they seem to have a knack for filling people’s feeds with maddeningly contrary opinions and fear porn. Seriously, I don’t know why those kinds of posts show up on my X (f.k.a. Twitter) feed, but they are a regular part of the cycle. I should block them or something.

That makes it more important than ever right now to make sure that you feel centered, grounded, and secure within yourself. It’s important that you mind your energy, and take a break to shift your energy from time to time.

But what can you do to help yourself shift your energy? What can you do to help you get out of a funk.

Here are 7 tips to help you shift your energy.

1. Ground, ground, ground.

Get off the internet and get into your body. Do yoga, run, exercise. Stretch. Take care of your body.

2. Meditate

Give your mind a rest from thinking. And allow yourself to meditate in the way that works for you. You might not be able to do the sitting still with eyes closed, focused on your breath kind of meditation; you get into a meditative state by cleaning or painting or going on a walk in nature.

3. Get enough sleep.

A good night’s sleep is way more important than you might think it is. Sleep helps your body and mind heal. It can also help you keep depression and anxiety in check.

4. Avoid people who irritate your energy

This might sound a bit harsh, but really. It can be so helpful for your energy when you avoid people who irritate your soul. It’s just better to avoid people who leave you feeling drained or those who are always ready for a fight or who make you feel like arguing.

On the same token, avoid anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable or ashamed, if you can.

This includes both online and in person. I don’t think people realize how much energy they pick up from social media platforms.

5. Eat foods that make you feel good.

Listen to your own intuition and body when choosing what you eat. Personally, I feel way better when I don’t eat meat. It’s like my intuition gets crystal clear and it’s super easy for me to get messages from my Guides.

You might thrive with meat in your diet. Do what works best for you.

The point here is not to compare yourself to others, but to shift your energy for the positive and do things that make you feel good.

6. Do things that make you feel happy.

Personally, I love to put some good music on and either dance around while cleaning the house or creating art. I love going for a walk in the woods. I love laying in the yard, looking at the stars. I love going to art museums. I love walking around the city.

When I’m doing something I love doing, I’m generally far happier than I am if I’m doing something I don’t love doing. I bet you feel the same.

Of course, you can’t spend every moment of every day doing things you like to do — even though that would probably shift your energy the fastest. You can, however, make more time for hobbies and things that you love doing.

7. Practice kindness and love.

Last, but not at all least, practice kindness and love. Honestly, when I shift my own energy to love and kindness, I feel like the world around me shifts, too.

The people in your life enjoy it when you show them love. You don’t need to plan some big display of love, like a flash mob or a romantic trip to an exotic location.

A lot of times, doing some simple task to help someone out, or reaching out by calling or emailing can make the people who are most important to you feel loved.

Find out the Love Languages of your partner, friends, and family members. That will help you better understand what they need to feel loved.

And being kind — well, that is just a given for shifting your energy and the energy around you.

Learn to remove negative energy from your life.

5 Bonus Tips for Shifting Your Energy

  1. Get out into nature. Nature can be so soothing and restoring. I love taking a walk in the woods and fields near my home — especially when I need to chill.
  2. Socialize. Seek out the company of people you like hanging out with.
  3. Work with a Selenite wand. I love my Selenite wand. Any time I feel “off or out of alignment,” I work with it. I simply lay on my bed, holding my Selenite wand on my stomach while focusing on my breath. It doesn’t take long before I start feeling shifts in my life.
  4. Use an essential oil blend that lifts your spirits or anchors your energy. Lemon and orange are great for a pick-me-up.
  5. Get a Reiki session. Reiki can help make big shifts in your energy. Reiki helps many people feel relaxed and can also help decrease pain and help hasten the healing process.

Please note that if you feel helpless or out of control, or if you feel like you might hurt yourself or others, you need to get help ASAP. There is no shame at all in reaching out for help, either. There are plenty of lovely people who work as counsellors and/or healers who can help you work through your emotions.