I’m really so excited! Next Wednesday—May 1st, 2019—is the day when the My Angel Prayer skill officially goes live on Alexa. If you use your Alexa app on your phone or through an Echo dot, you’ll be able to access daily angel prayers from myself and around 30 other Angel Healers, Readers, and Practitioners!

We’ll be kicking off the release of the My Angel Prayer Alexa skill with live interviews with Angel Workers and Prayer Creators streaming 24 hours on Facebook. You’ll be able to listen in live here: How To Connect with Angels

My interview will be running at 5 pm Central European Time, or 8 am Pacific, 10 am Central Standard Time, 11 am Eastern time, and 4 pm in London.

When we were rehearsing my interview last night, the organizer of the My Angel Prayer Skill on Alexa, Sheri Myers, played my prayer for me to review. Funnily enough, I didn’t remember the specifics of the prayers I sent in—the project has been going on for a while and I always just open up to Divine Guidance when creating prayers and meditations—but the message that I delivered was so profound and simple, and it was just what I needed to hear yesterday.

I started to cry because it just reaffirmed the awe, wonder, and direct communication that the Angels deliver to us.

If you’d like to hear my Angel Prayers, download the My Angel Prayer Skill on Alexa (click here). I have one in the free version of the skill, and many others will be in the paid version. Also, you can tune into our interviews!

A lot of the Angel Prayer Creators, myself included, will be offering specials on our readings, courses, and work we do to help the world vibe a little higher.

I’m looking forward to helping you shift the energy of your day with my Angel Prayers.