Have you ever wondered how to remove negative energy from your home, office, romance, and life?

The accumulation of negative energy happens to everyone sometimes – we all get slogged down, bogged down, unable to move forward. Sometimes, there seems to be a cloud overhead and a mucky, murky feeling all around you.

Negative energy and energy blockages can manifest in a variety of ways, from strings of bad luck to strings of bad relationships. Your finances might be crashing or your confidence might have plummeted from astronomical to zeeeroooo.

When you are feeling “off,” it might be a good idea to remove negative energy from your aura and space so that things can start moving forward for you again.

How can you do this? What methods can you use to remove negative energy that surrounds you?

One thing that you need to remember: before doing your clearing ritual, set the intention of removing negative energy from your energy field.


Messy House


1) Get rid of clutter
Accumulated matter can equal stagnant energy. Most of our possessions have some sort of energetic charge to them, whether they are cherished gifts from our relatives or lovers or adverts in our mailboxes. Too much stuff in your abode and around your house can block the flow of energy within. Removing unused and unloved items from your home can help get your energy flowing in all areas of your life.

Also, be aware that clutter can accumulate in your schedule and in your mind as well. If you have too much to do on your to-do list, get rid of the non-essentials and start saying NO when you mean NO! Mental clutter is that list of things that you need to do/should be doing that you never do or write down on your to-do list. So, if you need to say something to someone, say it (or write it out), if you need to buy a present or send a card, do those things. Get those mental and time clutters cleared out of your life, as they can be just as draining and negatively impact your energy field.


2) Smudge your home (burning sage, lavender, or cedar as you walk through the house with the intention of removing negative or blocked energy)
Burning sage and incense to clean the home of energy and even microbes and parasites is an ages old practice. You should find a good quality source of whatever herb you intend to use (I grow my own), and make SURE that you burn your clearing herb safely.

Interestingly enough, I just read that burning sage in an abalone shell IS NOT a good idea, as it offends a Goddess – you don’t want to do that! Find a different, but equally fire resistant and edged surface to burn your sage on, or walk around with a stick, being careful not to drop burning pieces of sage or ash on the floor.

Walk through your home, making sure that you get the smoke into all of the dark corners, nooks, and crannies of your house. If you feel like your energy is REALLY bad, get into the attic and basement as well.



3) Reiki
One of the techniques that I learned when I was taking my Reiki Level 2 course was how to clear my home of energy by using Reiki symbols. If you are attuned to level one, you can run Reiki through your palms and walk through your home with the intention of allowing Reiki to clear your space. Level 2 and beyond use sacred symbols and a specific ritual for this.

If you are not attuned to Reiki, you can ask a Reiki practitioner to clear your home’s energy for you – or your own energy!


4) Crystals
ERMRGRD. You know how I love my crystals.
There are really a lot of different crystals to use for removing negative energy from your aura and your home.

Clear Quartz is an excellent choice for clearing negative energy. You can actually program the quartz to absorb negative energy (don’t forget to clear IT from time to time). Keep a large clear quartz crystal either on you (a necklace or even a loose stone in your pocket) or keep one in your workplace or where you often sit in your home.

You can read more about clear quartz here. Clear Quartz, the Crystal Powerhouse

Black Tourmaline is also a great for absorbing negative energy, protecting its owner, and clearing negative energy from an area. You can use either raw or polished stones for protection, and put them in your home or wear them as jewelry. Black Tourmaline has a rich history and a variety of different uses you can read about here.

Amber is also a wonderful “crystal” that helps to absorb and transform negative energy. Again, this substance, which is actually tree sap that has fossilized, can be worn, kept as in your pocket, or stored in your workspace.

There are many other stones, crystals, and minerals you can use to help remove negative energy from your home or aura. If you’d like to have a consultation about which crystal might work best for you (and get a reading and energy session to boot, then book an Everything You Need Session with me!)




5) Salt
Another substance (crystal-like in nature) you can use to remove negative energy from  your environment and energy field is salt. Many people of varying faiths use salt in rituals. Some protect and purify spaces with salt, or make a ring of protection around themselves or their homes to keep the bad juju from coming in. People take salt baths to remove toxins. It is popular to use a salt lamp in your home or office space to help to dispel radiation and to prevent negative energy from accumulating in the home.


6) Angels
I call upon the angels to clear my home pretty regularly. You see, I live next to a cemetery, I read tarot, and I piss people off from time to time – so, every once in a while, I get an influx of negative energy into my house that puts me on edge. When I started working with angels (and Reiki), I was able to get my house cleared out quite easily.

Archangel Michael is generally the go to angel for protection and the removal of negative energy. He can either shroud your home in his majestic blue light energy or use his golden sword to cut the energetic ties of people who might be sending negative thoughts your way or who have attached energetic cords to your aura. Archangel Michael can also be sent to protect, shield, and clear the energetic space of  your children and loved ones.

All you have to do is ask Archangel Michael to protect your home or your energy field and imagine a bubble of cobalt blue surrounding the area you’d like protected.

Another thing that I do is to call on a lesser known choir of angels, known as the Carrions – especially if I feel that someone is trying to use a darker force on me or if a deceased someone has wandered out of the cemetery and into my home.

By Hannes Grobe [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
By Hannes Grobe [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

7) Sound
Music can do more than soothe the savage beast – it can help to remove negative energy!

Many of us KNOW the awesome power of a good song on full blast. Personally, I usually sing along at the top of my lungs… Ahhh… It feels. so. goooooood…

Sounds and tones can also help to remove negative energy from a home and a person’s energy field.

You can either use something like a pitch-pipe tuned to a specific frequency or even have a tonal clearing done with a healer who specializes in using tones to clear a person’s energy field.

I recently had a tonal energy clearing session with Urte Tragmann, who is an energetic coach and tonal clearing expert. The results were fabulous!

It didn’t take long for the energy toning to start working in my life. I was motivated (from within) to start clearing the material clutter from my life: clothes that didn’t fit, mail that needed to be sorted, expired lotions and potions from the bathroom.

The impact of Urte’s tonal energy clearing session wasn’t just in the material realm; it extended into my business, my social media, my personal life, and my core energy. I cleared some spaces that needed to be cleared and worked on creating a positive space to work and live in.

Some of the spaces I cleared were pretty scary to deal with – liberating and necessary, but terrifying to clean out, all the same.

Urte also gave me a recording that I could listen to/play nightly to help me to remove residual energy from my past  from my energy field, and also to help soothe my inner child.

Ultimately, I feel that the tonal clearing session with Urte was a surprisingly powerful and far-reaching.

If you need to remove negative energy from your entire existence – not just your home – I highly recommend working with Urte. You can find her work here: Urte Tragmann sample link.

As you can see, there are several different ways of removing negative energy from your home. Experiment with the different methods, and see which one is right for you – or use the “throw everything you’ve got at it” plan.

Ultimately, it is a good practice to deal with negative energy as it arises, but you can make a habit of doing a more thorough cleansing once per month or at the change of the seasons. Removing negative energy from your life isn’t all that hard, and it can help you have a happier and more positive existence!

Do you have any fool-proof ways of removing negative energy from your space? Please feel free to share them in the comments below!