Well, I was going to do a video for the Weekly Tarot Reading today, but it’s about 2 pm and I don’t have my make-up on yet… 😉 So, you get the text version today!

Cards from Erik C. Dunne's Tarot Illuminati
Cards from Erik C. Dunne’s Tarot Illuminati

Right in the center of the reading this week, we have the Six of Pentacles, which relates to generosity and also power struggles related to giving and receiving money. When I see this card, I always tell people to give freely (without obligation or desire to influence the other person’s actions with the money) and also to receive graciously. If you are asking for money from others, I advise that you have a plan to repay the debt.

Generosity is OK, as is accepting gifts. What is not OK is using money to control others or to allow yourself to be controlled by others for money.

Considering the two cards next to the central theme, it seems like you will be coming into a little bit of money in the coming week. The Ace of Pentacles shows me that you’ll experience an inflow of abundance – it might be a raise at work, a new job, or even a gift (see above. LOL!).

Then we have the Queen of Swords on the right. She tells me that you should be thinking with your head and not with your heart. If this is to do with money, then avoid impulse purchases and also avoid the urge to give too much of yourself in return for this money. Again, see above. LOL!

If the Queen of Swords is related to a person in your life, s/he will be older, witty, LOGICAL, and in tune with her thoughts. She might not be so emotional or let that side of her run the show, but you know that you can rely on her to give you realistic and wise advice.

To break this one down into its simplest form for the week: Use your head, not your heart, when dealing with money (either receiving or giving) this week. It shouldn’t be emotional or create an imbalance in power.

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