As a Tarot Reader, I work with a lot of people who are looking for answers about their future.

Will we stay together?
Will we work it out?
Will I pass this test?
Will I have legal issues?
Will it turn out like I want it to?
What do you see?

The thing that I try to tell all of my clients is that, no matter what I see, the future is theirs to create. What I see in the cards is not carved in stone, but is influenced by the choices a person makes.

Some people are pretty frustrated by that. “But… but… but – you won’t guarantee what you say will come to pass?”

In short: No, I won’t. I firmly believe in a person’s free will influencing the outcome of his or her life, and drastic changes in direction or choice equate to drastic changes in outcome.

For example, I’ve found that many people want true love in their lives, but are fixated on getting that love from a person who doesn’t treat them how they should. Will I find true love? Yes! But you have to let that one go!

Or people who want to tempt Fate every chance they get, making it hard for me to predict a good outcome. Will I ace the exam? I say he’ll pass, and so he doesn’t study and stays up partying into the early hours the night before his exam, so he fails. Is that my fault as his reader, or his as the person in charge of his life? We all know that his actions have influenced the outcome toward the negative, no matter what the cards say – you know?

And there are people who just don’t give all of the details to their tarot readers, for whatever reason. The person who doesn’t divulge the fact that he co-signed a bank loan for his brother who skipped town, for example. While the reader thinks that the debt belongs to the brother, it actually belongs to the person who is asking the questions, so the details aren’t all on the table, but the cards are…

As a tarot reader, it can be an interesting task to encourage that a person takes command of his or her own life and also that he shares all of the details that a reader needs. You can do a few things to ensure that the reading you want is the reading you get.

1) Tell the truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth. Remember, your tarot reader uses her intuition, her cards, and actually LISTENS to what you are saying in order to best advise you. There are times when it is totally obvious that you aren’t telling us everything about the situation – like the cards + your words don’t add up. Don’t get mad at your reader for seeing the truth and inquiring about it. We’re not judging – we’re trying to advise you the best we can.

2) Don’t blame a negative outcome on your reader. As I mentioned above, if you do something silly or outright stupid, like starting as a good student and then blowing off your studies and partying your brains out because I said you’d pass, then YOU are the one creating a negative outcome. It’s not about the reading being wrong at all.

3) Take responsibility for your life and your actions. See the paragraph above.

4) Remember, your life is yours to control. Even if we foresee a happy future for you and your potential love interest, do what it takes to make that happen AND don’t ignore red flags if the relationship starts to change. We read from a space that takes things from this moment and if you continue in the same direction. You have the choice to change which way you go (and we encourage you to follow your happiness).

Your life is yours to direct toward what you want in life, be it love, happiness, romance, riches. Consulting with a tarot reader can help you see what direction to take, but the advice your tarot reader gives isn’t carved in stone. YOU are the one with the power to change your own life for the better or for the worse. Never forget that your decisions – your ultimate Fate – lies squarely in your hands.

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