Sue Ellis-Saller, Spiritual Advisor and Marketing Strategist

Let's get social & change the world together!

Hi! I'm Sue. I make marketing easy for you.

You want to change the world. That’s why you started your business, right? But there is just so much to learn, so much to do…

It feels like SO MUCH WORK to create and post blogs, vlogs, and podcasts share your message and grow your business. Even going ON social media lately is an energetic drain.

And if you’ve got the content creation down, you might not know what to post or when to post it, what to say to people who email you, how to grow relationships with your followers.

I can help.

I ADORE showing other entrepreneurs how to create content or even work behind the scenes in their business. I love designing beautiful images that fit their style. I don’t mind keeping up with their emails.

My background includes 10 years in online business, working as a professional Tarot Reader and Teacher, a Reiki Master, and a lifelong student of spirituality and mystical themes. A.K.A. I get your work. 

Aside from that, I love working with strategy, teaching you how to easily create content and market your business, and make time for the things YOU love. 


Start Brainstorming Your Content for the year with my simple worksheets

Marketing support + how-to + loads of woo is what you'll get here!

How we can work together

Copywriting Services

Helping you write your blogposts and books, emails and sales pages. I ghostwrite, too, and proofread books, websites, and alllll kinds of content.

Social Media Strategy

Looking for a strategy you can implement for yourself? Let’s look at your content, engagement, and sales goals to create a strategy that works!

Tarot Reading/Energy Clearing

Want to look at things from a different perspective? Get a reading to help you plan your business goals or use Reiki to clear your energy and get your biz flowing again.

I highly recommend Susan! She’s amazing! She’s been helping my business so much and I finally feel like I can focus on content. It’s very freeing! I love everything she does for my business. She really understands my business and can really capture my voice too. I can’t recommend her enough.​

Let's Chat

Create fabulous content. Market yourself. Get noticed. Change the world.

Whether you need someone to look over your site, compose your emails, or even create and implement a full marketing strategy and plan, I’ve got a package to help. Best of all, I’m a Spiritual Advisor with 30+ years on my spiritual journey, focused on symbolism, tarot, nature magic and many different energy healing modalities.