Sue Ellis-Saller, Spiritual Advisor and Marketing Strategist

Do you know how powerful and intuitive you truly are?

I’m here to help you connect with your power, your truth, your inner knowing — and to get messages from the world around you and your own intuition, in real time.

I think everyone should  know how to be their own best advisor, but also to have support and someone to talk it out with — everything from intuitive nudges to full on strategies to achieving your goals and living your dream life.

I adore sharing empowering readings, teaching tarot & symbolism, crystals and energy and working with angels. Sharing Reiki and helping people find more alignment in their lives is wonderful, too!

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When you’re ready to take that next step into being your own Oracle or sage advisor, I’m here to help.

1:1 and group sessions available.

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Intuitive Advice, Tarot Reading, and Energy Healing

How we can work together

Get A Tarot Reading

My tarot readings are a combination of classic tarot reading, channeled and intuitive messages, and a strong dose of what will help YOU get the most out of your life — career, love, and personal growth questions welcome.
WARNING: I do not sugar coat readings.

Shift Your Energy with Reiki

You relax and let me help bring calm and balance to your energy field. Reiki can be sent around the world, and through space and time. These powerful energy sessions can promote a more relaxed state of mind and help shift energetic blocks and weaknesses in your energy field.

Everything You Need Session

Treat yourself to a full experience. We’ll start off by focusing on where you are stuck and what you’d like to shift in your life. I’ll do a card reading for you to see what comes up. You’ll also get a list of various crystals, aromas, and manifestation rituals you can use to work on moving forward in your life. 

I cannot stress enough how talented you are. The quantum energy healing you gave me was incredibly helpful & some interesting things came out of it for both of us. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending you to anyone looking for readings or healings blessings.