Are you feeling overwhelmed by setting up your business?

Are you starting up a spiritual or tarot business online?

My name is Sue Ellis-Saller, and I help tarot readers, light workers, angel intuitives and sensitive and spiritual entrepreneurs learn the ropes of setting up a spiritual business that feels good, flows, and brings in a profit! I’m offering an introductory special on my 60-minute Spiritual Business Support Session that is chock full of practical, easily implementable advice that will help you move forward in your business. Are you ready to take the next step in your business?

I’m in!*

60 Minute Discovery Session for Spiritual Business Owners

* Please schedule your session via the scheduling link you are taken to and don’t forget to fill out the pre-meeting form.

I felt stuck in building up my business and was convinced I did (almost) everything wrong. I am SO VERY GRATEFUL to Sue and feel completely different now. She assured me that I am on the right path, boosted my self confidence and reminded me that also this way needs patience (sigh) PLUS gave me easy-to-do ideas to remove some gravel on the road. Will definitely continue to ask for her support and benefit from her wide experiences! Kerstin


I feel like a huge burden has lifted off of my shoulders, I am so used to doing it all on my own. I never felt the joy of sharing and co-working and just getting another set of eyes to look at things, simply exchanging ideas, and getting a better understanding of how Business works for us Earth Angels. Caroline Palmy

Palmy Healing

Sue is human, down to earth, and knows what she is talking about. I relaxed into the session with her natural character. I was surprised within 1 minute of the session when I realsed that she was actually listening to me. She asked me questions to understand my business situation opposed to making assumptions. She truly cares about what you want to achieve. I chose to go down an exploration session of business development/growth in the social media area. For a change, it was awesome to be able to speak to someone who works in the same area as me and not just write off my Spiritual Business as something that is not important. She understands the struggles. I would also say that Sue talks to you as an equal. I thoroughly recommend Sue to help you with your business. If I could rate Sue, it would be 10/10. Debbie Bolton


What can we cover in this session?


 will take a look at your social media profiles and your website and giving you valuable tips and tricks about how to optimize and improve them.
  • Editing suggestions
  • Updates/changes to your social media site to make it more attractive
  • Using MailChimp and direct marketing
  • Signing up with reading services
  • Maximizing your reach via social media
  • Blogging topics and how to use SEO (quick version)
Are the meetings customized for my needs?
Yes, they are. I will work with you to figure out what it is that YOU need to do/learn to feel better about your site and social media.
Can we design a website in that time?
No, these One-to-One sessions are not long enough to design a web site or do major web site work. If you need assistance in designing your web site, I can recommend a designer for you!
Can I donate a session to a friend?
Of course, you can buy a pay what you can session for a friend, provided that friend is interested in working with me. But, because of the nature of the information shared in the sessions, I wouldn’t recommend having more than one person per session.
Can some friends and I do a group session?
As these One-to-One courses cater directly to the needs of a solopreneur, group sessions are not available at this point in time. I am in the process of creating a group coaching program, and you can email me to find out more details about when to expect a group program.

Wanna talk a bit first?

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