Light Workers, Tarot and Angel Card Readers, Reiki and Energy Practitioners, Angel Intuitives – do you want to be seen as a professional in your field?

If so, I can help you!

Tarot, Angel, and Oracle Card ReadingsYou see, the text and pictures on your website and blog make up a potential client’s first impression of you. Your website is like an expanded, online version of your business card. It helps to portray the essence of your soul and what you have to offer the world. It’s important… .

And the fact is that many people might look at your site and just skip on by you if your site’s a mess of bad spelling, grammar, pictures, and an incoherent message – no matter how talented a healer or counselor you are.

Think about it: Why would a person pay you his or her hard-earned money for a reading, training, or session from you – especially via email – if your site looks unprofessional and sloppy?

Attention to detail is what separates the professionals from the rest. 

I can help you smooth your message and image out!

Because I am a Tarot, Oracle Card, and Angel Card Reader (CACR); an Energy Worker; and a Life Advisor myself, I truly understand the basics and terminology of your work and, very likely, the messages you want to convey.

If you would like to have your website evaluated for things like grammar, spelling, consistency of imaging and brand, let’s chat! Click on the link below, fill out the corresponding form, I will take a look at your site and social media and then chat about any suggestions I have for you.

(Click here for a Getting to Know You Chat)


Estimated costs for each site are based on the individual site and includes PAGES, not blog posts. The average 3-5 page site – in one language – would start at $222 for polishing, not including images or blog posts. If you would like me to include your blog posts, the cost is $20 per 1,000 words. Images advice will be included in your report, and image design would be an outsourced add-on option.

One-off blog posts or page edits are $30 per hour. (1,200 words takes about 2 hours)
Regular blog post agreements start at $45 per 1,500 words, with a minimum of two (2) blog posts per month for three (3) months. Long-term clients (6 months or more) get a 10% discount.


Text Polishing and Business Styling is included in my Business Mentoring Packages (up to 5 pages in one language, plus four 1,000 word blog posts per month). Click here to see the Business Mentoring Packages.


Template Creation

So your readings look fabulous
  • Work with your branding to create a template
  • Create footer
  • Show you how to use your template

Profile Polish

Helping you stand out!
  • Proofread hotline profiles
  • Edit hotline profiles
  • Offer feedback about the overall look of your profile
  • Up to 5 hotlines
  • Website proofreading
  • Blog post proofreading

Simple Site Polish

Help your site look schnazzy!
  • Up to 5 pages of your site will be lovingly reviewed, proof-read, and edits recommended.
  • I will give my impression of your overall site – ease of use and the energy that I get from it.
  • Blog posts are not included in this offer.

Site & Social Media

See how the world sees you!
  • Your website will be lovingly proofread and edits suggested.
  • The look, feel, and ease of use will be tested and suggestions given.
  • Up to 3 social media sites will be proofed and suggestions given.
  • Your last 5 blog posts will be proofread and edits suggested.