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No one knows a Sensitive Soul like a Sensitive Soul, and I am here to help you feel stronger and more secure in your business and life.

I realize that both can be difficult for Sensitive Souls like us, and I know that it can be really hard to establish loving and firm boundaries leading to balanced, harmonious business and personal relationships – and that is why I feel called to serve.

I want you to understand, up front, that while I am a Sensitive Soul, my style might be a bit too “energetic” for some. I curse a bit and I don’t post a lot of cute little fuzzy animals (LOL), I like hard music, vivid colors, and I can get into the darker side of things too – things that seem to be too much for the “regular Sensitive Community.” Because I am the way I am and I KNOW there are others like me out there, I really felt the need to support people who are Sensitive but who can’t really relate to the softer, more fragile part of the Sensitive community because they, themselves, are much more edgy. Those are the people I want to work with: people like myself.

Is this you? If not, then I wish you the best! If you can relate, then read on!

Should we work together?

I am not going to lie to you – Finding Strength in Your Sensitivities can be hard work. It will require you to do some soul searching and internal evaluation, it will change some relationships in your life, and it will make you doubt yourself sometimes. If you are not up to working to create positive changes in your world or if you want someone to offer you the magic bullet, I am not the right gal for you. What we will be doing is not merely accepting who you are and tiptoeing around that person so that others won’t be offended. NO WAY!




I want to teach you to:

  • Honor Who You ARE
  • Own Your Life
  • Take Responsibility for Your World
  • Create Loving Boundaries

I will offer advice and give you homework – especially regarding things that hold you back, habitually keep you stuck in weakness, or that continue to feed energetic blockages in your world. If you choose not to do your homework – or your work in general – then you need to know that any lack of movement or positive change in your life is the direct result of the effort you put into it! If there is anything you resist, we can take a deeper look into the resistance to see if it is habit or fear holding you back, or if your assignments simply don’t fit your reality! I will support you – I KNOW how challenging some of this is because I, myself, have been through it. I will be there for you and encourage you – but the choices are yours to make and the work is yours to do. Sound good?


What do you need?


Business Mentoring

Ready to take your Spiritual Business to the next level? Let me help! I’ve been building businesses from the ground up for about 5 years now, and I know and understand the work that needs to be done – and also the feeling of overwhelm that can strike sensitive souls in busienss. When I mentor you, I will break your tasks down into manageable chunks and cheer you on along the way. You will gain confidence in yourself and your business will prosper as a result.

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Sue Ellis-Saller

Readings with Sue Ellis-SallerReadings

Are you looking for information that will help you to make decisions for your future, clarify relationships, or help you move more confidently into your future? An Angel, tarot, or oracle card reading might be just right for you!

My reading style seeks to empower you, rather than to just give you a fortune and send you on your way.

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Sue Ellis-Saller

Reiki Therapy

Simply put, working with energy can help make a world of difference in a person’s life. I love seeing a person go from stressed to relaxed after we work together, and I love hearing that people I work with are pain free after a session with me. When we work together, you will likely leave the session refreshed and better than you have in a while.

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Sue Ellis-Saller