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Weekly Intentions WorksheetsA gift for you, the Earth Angel with a business AND a life…

Every business owner needs to have a plan for the week – a place to set intentions and tick off accomplishments.

Sensitive Souls, Tarot Readers, and Earth Angels are no exception!

And, because every business owner needs to have a life OUTSIDE of work – one that is balanced and harmonious – a life that includes friends, family, and self-care, I’ve created a Weekly Intentions Worksheet that includes every aspect of an entrepreneur’s life!


The Worksheets

  • Page 1 of this worksheet allows you to set your priorities for the week in different areas, like business and self-care. It also has space for you to note any events or influences that challenged you or led you to a growth phase.
  • Page 2 is all business! It has places to note things like appointments, blog post ideas, and much more.
You can print a copy of this valuable organization tool for every week of the year!

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No one knows a Sensitive Soul, like a Sensitive Soul.

Sue Ellis-SallerI’m Sue Ellis-Saller, a Soul Adviser and Energy Healer who wants to help you embrace your Sensitive Soul.

I’ve always been sensitive, but I haven’t always understood or even liked it!

My own struggle with taking back my own power and catering to my needs – instead of give, give, giving until I was resentful, angry, and just downright hurt and exhausted – gives me special insight into the challenges and internal battles you will face.

It is my mission to help you find confidence in yourself as a Sensitive Soul so that you can honor your nature and not even have to worry about being taken advantage of or falling into the “overgivers trap.” When we work together, you will get the support and encouragement you need to feel good about yourself and your decisions – even if they make a few waves!

Our sessions might include some Strength for Sensitive Souls training (a.k.a. advising sessions), where we will examine your weak areas and figure out how to move forward in a confident and loving manner. Then we might go on to energetic support, so that I can help you to tap up on your energy so that you are in the best position to work on your life. You can find out more about these sessions here.