photo © Ed Schipul photo © Ed Schipul

The Sun, as a symbol, is probably one of the most important symbols to humans.

Every day, it rises, bringing with it light, warmth, and the business of the day. It illuminates, helps things to grow, and allows us to see. Spring and summer are associated with the sun, as is happiness and success.

Classic symbolism

The Sun is associated with the divine in many different cultures. Because it rises each morning and sets each evening, it can be associated with rebirth or reincarnation. Its path across the sky is also associated with life – dawn being birth, mid-day being mid-life, and sunset representing death.

Many different cultures and religions also had a god/goddess associated with the sun. Most of the goddesses symbolized by the sun brought light and life to the world; the gods associated with the sun rode across the sky and battled nightly with the god(s) of the night.

Modern symbolism

People nowadays are much more knowledgable about our solar system and the sun’s place within it. While we might not ponder a daily battle between light and dark, we know that the sun brings light and warmth with it.

We consider those who are happy to have a “sunny disposition.” Many people associate the sun with spring, summer, the beach, vacation, socializing, and happiness.

What does the sun mean to you? Feel free to comment below!