you are human

  • Owning Your Humanness



    You know, one of the things I have been thinking about for the past… oh, year or more is the fact that we are humans. Sure, we are spirit in human form, but we are also human. Plain and simple.

    We are going to evolve, grow, be tested, slide backward, be beholden to space and time, gain enlightenment, feel more or less connected to God/the Universe/our Higher Selves. We are going to struggle, and we are going to soar.

    And not one of us is perfect – OK, well, we are all perfect in our unique place and time and station and situation… and so it is. But you know what I mean! There is always that paradox to consider: perfectly imperfect, Spirit in human form.

    Just as much as I think that we have this perfection within us, I also think it is important to honor the HUMAN side of ourselves. The side that is where it is and has its lessons to learn and gifts to share.

    I am going to come into every session with you as a human; I will be at my level, and I will refrain from judging yours in our sessions as my place is not to judge, but to offer a safe and non-judgmental place for you to heal.

    And I want you to share your sorrows, your fears, your insecurities with me so that I can help you! I don’t want you to keep it all bottled in, never sharing that bad with anyone because it is so low energy or disconnected from the perfection of God. I don’t want you to withhold all that darkness from me because I want you to be at a certain level and vibration.

    It’s my job to recognize where you are so that we can figure out how to get you to vibrate at a higher level. Ignoring where you are to get you straight to the top probably won’t work, and it certainly won’t honor how hard you’ve worked to get from where you were to where you are.

    That is one of the things that most concerns me and confuses me about ‘New Age Thinking.’ We are supposed to not say anything that is not in line with perfection, we are supposed to keep our thoughts and our spirits always focused on the positive, we are not supposed to speak negative words or feel negative thoughts. In essence, I feel, we are supposed to totally disconnect with a part of ourselves that is real and essential for our growth and enlightenment – that which feeds our intuition and actually guides us to the better path for our souls.



    Many of our most painful, frightening, and stressful experiences and periods in life are catalysts for extreme growth. In order to have the LIGHT, we must go through the DARK. There is no skipping around the outskirts of this darkness  — we really have to feel it, to live it, and to allow it to change us and make us better and more perfect versions of ourselves. We can’t ignore it or stifle it – discounting it’s immense power in our lives. It is vital to our existence!

     And that is why I hesitate to advise people to avoid the shadow realm of themselves.

    Don’t get me wrong:  I will totally encourage you to find positive solutions and see the beauty and wonder around you. I might encourage you to start focusing more on the positive things in life so that you can pick yourself up out of a funk. But, I am going to let you know that funk was there to teach you something, and until you have ‘gotten the lesson,’ that issue or situation that brought you down will continue to have the potential to bring you down. You have to transform that darkness into light in your life.

    And it is YOUR responsibility to do that – not mine! Some people come to therapists and advisors and readers wanting to be told what to do. They want to have someone else lay out the path for them to follow and have someone else take the responsibility for putting one of their feet in front of the other and they totally want to achieve the goals that this person set for them, but – should something go wrong – they want to have someone to blame for their failures. Bull puckey.

    YOU are the one with the power to change your life, your level, your world and you are the one that has to do it.

    I can help you to find the way, but you must be the one to honestly open up to creating and walking that path and bringing yourself to a different level. We can draw the map together, but you will be the one doing the traveling and gathering up the experience points on the way. You are in charge of your own successes and failures – and even catastrophic Acts of God or illnesses shouldn’t be used as excuses to give up.



    Why is this so important for me to communicate to you? What has driven me to write this rambling post? Well, I just KNOW you have to honor that space in yourself – the one that is uncomfortable to share, the one that brings you down, the one that frightens you and keeps you from growing. I don’t want to teach you to suppress or ignore it; I think it is valuable and important for you to own that shit and use it for fuel for building yourself up.

    Deal with it so that you can move on. Don’t fluff it up and happy-happy it away or it is going to come back and bite you in the ass. Mark my word!

    Be a Spirit in human form – and HONOR what you are! Embrace the WHOLE enchilada of the experience! Both the dark and the light do have a place within you, and those who have the darkest things to go through often transform into the brightest lights.

    With respect and light –



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