you are a god

  • Honoring YOUR Inner Goddess!

    One of the things that we must do is to honor ourselves as if we were Gods or Goddesses.

    Think about that statement for a second…what does that mean to you? Would you treat yourself differently if you were 100% sure that YOU were a Goddess or a God? If so, what things might you do differently?

    Examine your life: who you hang out with, what you eat, how you move/exercise, how you allow others to treat/talk about you…how you treat and talk about yourself… Are you treating yourself with dignity and helping your best incarnation to thrive in this world, or do you need to make some changes that would better celebrate the Goddess you are?


    What do those changes look like?

    What not start treating yourself like the heavenly being you are today? Here are a few things you can do to recognize the Goddess within YOU!

    1) Treat yourself as a divinely inspired creature who was created with love. Bottom line is that this is true! You ARE a divinely inspired creature and you were created with the love of the Universe. Don’t ever forget that!

    2) Take good care of yourself. Eat healthily – not too little and not too much. Make sure that the foods you eat are what you would serve to a God or Goddess. Bless your food before you consume it. Know that what you eat fuels your power. Make sure that you are moving and exercising – it will help you feel your absolute best and look heavenly!

    3) Surround yourself with those who worship (or at least love) you! What Goddess would surround herself with those who failed to see how magnificent and special she was!? Would a God stand to be put down or criticized all of the time? Find people who not only treat you well, but also who see you as the God or Goddess you ARE!

    4) Honor yourself! Goddesses don’t talk about their fat thighs and their stupidity – they see no reason to speak poorly of their marvelous forms. Gods know how powerful they are, so they do not speak of weaknesses or faults. Be inspired by the Gods and Goddesses. Speak only good things about yourself.

    5) Be known for your gifts! Are you smart, strong, funny? Is your intuition top notch? Do you grow a garden like it’s no-one’s business? Embrace your gifts and be known for them – just like all of the other Gods and Goddesses do!

    If you need some help with planning out the changes you need to feel more like a Goddess or a God, feel free to email