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  • 2018 – What’s Your Word Of The Year?

    2018 word of the year

    Hello Beautiful Souls!

    I have been thinking about my word of the year for 2018 for a couple of days now.

    Success and successful were pretty high on the list, but also very limiting to me in some way. They didn’t fully resonate with what I was looking for.

    I mean, I’ve been successful in the past few years on many different levels. I’ve written books and courses designed to help others, but I don’t actually feel like that word is the sum of what I want for the year.

    I looked up success on thesaurus.com (all you budding bloggers should have this address auto-populating in your search bar!) – here are a few words that came up:


    The list was kind of long, and none of the words was THE word I was looking for.

    On to look up successful… The list got better…


    THRIVE! Yes! That is the word!

    To me, THRIVING is so much more than success. Success seems so single dimensional, related only to money and business. But THRIVING seems like health, wellness, prosperity, business, family – so multidimensional and vibrant.

    Your word of the year should be inspirational!

    It resonates and makes me excited to think about, so much more than being successful or even prosperous or triumphant.






    When you are picking out your own word for the new year:

    • Make sure you find a word that feels exciting and powerful to you.
    • Try out a few different words. Don’t settle for anything that isn’t exactly right.
    • Look up different words in the dictionary or thesaurus.
    • Meditate or ask your guides for clues about what word will work for you.
    • Then embrace that word! Use it on your Vision Board. Write it in your journal. Charge that word with all of the love, hope, and energy that you have.
    •  Work to bring your word into every nook and cranny of your life.

    I hope you find a word that resonates with you in the new year! Feel free to share your word for 2018 in the comments below!

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  • Fulfillment – My Theme Word for 2017

    Did you choose a word or phrase for the year 2017?



    For the last few years, it has become common for people to choose a word of the year to describe a theme or feeling they want to achieve.

    For me, my word of the year or theme is FULFILLMENT



    noun: fulfillment

    1. 1.

    the achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted.

    “winning the championship was the fulfillment of a childhood dream”

    • satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one’s potential.

    “she did not believe that marriage was the key to happiness and fulfillment”

    1. 2.

    the meeting of a requirement, condition, or need.

    “the fulfillment of statutory requirements”

    • the performance of a duty or role as required, pledged, or expected.

    “the need to eliminate excess by the security forces in fulfillment of their duties”



    I love the word fulfillment because it gives me a goal to strive for doing what I set out to do. It also describes a feeling of satisfaction.

    You know, I work hard, and there are many times that I feel busy, but not fulfilled. When I set my sights on accomplishing goals that make me feel fulfilled – that make my life more pleasurable and give me more of a feeling of satisfaction – it puts a different spin on my work. It makes me focus more on figuring out how to spend more time doing the things that I love, that make me feel fulfilled.

    My focus is also on working smarter and not harder. 

    And for me, this means that I should evaluate HOW I spend my time and what I can do to be more fulfilled. Working can be a good thing – it pays the bills and gives me the means to do more fun things, BUT it takes something away from fulfilling myself in my relationships – which are more important to me than money. So, I have to figure out the best way to spend my time to optimize my feelings of fulfillment.

    Fulfillment, to me, also represents the big theme of doing what I’ve said I would do. So, I need to honor my goals and what I need to do to achieve them. I need to do what it takes to be healthier: go to the gym 3 times per week, do yoga most days, find positive ways to deal with stress and to minimize the stress I have to deal with (this one is huge for me). I also have to eat better.

    Aside from personal goals, I have my business goals as well. Last year, I really diddled a lot of time away on social media. I didn’t keep up with my business posts for my OWN business. I hardly blogged for myself at all. Most of my time and energy was put into building PsychicWorld.com. This year, for a few reasons, I intend to work full-time for myself and part-time for them.

    And I want to do what I set out to do. I don’t want to continue to make big plans for myself and then not work on them – not achieve them – that makes me feel unfulfilled. That’s one of the biggest reasons I chose fulfillment as my word.

    At the end of the year, I want to feel fulfillment because I’ve embodied the spirit of fulfillment during the year.

    Do you have a word of the year for 2017? If so, feel free to share it in the comments below!

    Blessed be,