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  • Choose A Pair – Your Weekly Tarot and Oracle Card Reading May 4th, 2020

    Hi there!

    I hope you and yours are doing well and hanging in there. Today wasn’t the best day for me, mentally, but life goes on… right? Every day won’t be butterfly kisses and glittering rainbows.

    But I brought a couple of decks that almost have that feel. The Wild Unknown Tarot is actually beautiful and very grounded and real, while Gabrielle Bernstein’s Miracle’s Now is whimsical on one hand, yet simple on the other.

    Choose a pair of cards for your message!

    Card Pick May 4th, 2020

    It’s May the 4th! Star Wars day! Are you a fan?

    Here’s the REVEAL!

    May 4th Card Choice Reveal


    2 of Pentacles + When I honor my feelings, I find my power in powerless situations.

    You are going to find the most balance when you also take your own feelings and needs into consideration. If you’ve been over-giving or focused on the needs of others, you might be feeling really off, turn inward and see what YOU truly want. It will feel way better!


    7 of Wands reversed + I dish out compliments sincerely and liberally.

    It might be time to stop fighting and focus on what you actually like about the other person. You can usually find admirable traits in everyone if you look hard enough. Why not share those things you  like about the other person with them instead of continuing to drag on the drama. You’re ready for peace anyway!


    7 of Pentacles + I let my intimate relationships be my greatest learning devices for spiritual growth and healing.

    The work you put into nurturing your most important relationships will help to nurture YOU as well! Sometimes the healing you give others flows right back to you AND creates a ripple effect that spreads far and wide. Revel in that energy this week!

    I hope your message serves you well today! And may the Force be with you!

    PS – If you’re new to tarot, Edelwyn provides comprehensive card descriptions on their website.


  • Weekly Card Draw October 4, 2019

    Upps! Sorry that I am a little late with this one… Perhaps it’s more a thing of Divine Timing than running late. Everything at the right moment, right?

    Take a moment to center yourself. Take a few deep, intentional breaths and connect with Spirit to make sure the message you receive is easy to understand and use for your highest and greatest good. And then choose a card…

    Here are the cards to choose from:

    the Akashic Tarot deck from Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor
    Pick a card from The Akashic Tarot deck

    Here is the reveal…

    Card 1

    Two of Scrolls reversed

    Have you, as a Spiritual Being, been having a hard time integrating the spiritual side of life with the material aspect? In the past, you might have had thoughts like, “money is evil” or had conflicts with charging for your gifts. Times are changing, though. You are finally able to more fully ground into the reality that money and material possessions are tools that you can use to make a positive impact. You see avenues for generosity toward others AND yourself. Congratulations. You’ve achieved the next level of understanding and integration.

    Card 2

    Queen of Roses reversed

    Have you been taking good care of yourself lately? Are you making sure that you are surrounded by friends and positive influences? Right now, you might be experiencing a little bit of discomfort, especially with your emotions, as you are not feeling fully aligned with the emotional side of life, relationships, and self-care practices. Gentle compassion for yourself and your own needs is what is required of you right now. Continuing to hold onto relationships or critical thought patterns isn’t serving you. Let go of what needs to be left behind so you can make room for better relationships and a more positive state of mind.

    Card 3

    Ace of Scrolls

    You are on the right track. It might not have looked right from the beginning, for sure, but rest assured that things will start moving along soon. You might just have to adjust your thoughts a bit or really get into the project to see what kind of inspiration is loosed as you get working. Sometimes a rough start isn’t an indication that you need to quit, but an invitation to explore your options and do a quick gut check about the direction you are going in. If there is an opportunity that you aren’t fully sure about, but it excites you to the core, say YES and get going!

    I hope that helped you out!

    With kind regards and blessings,


  • Weekly Tarot Reading December 12, 2016

    Well, I was going to do a video for the Weekly Tarot Reading today, but it’s about 2 pm and I don’t have my make-up on yet… 😉 So, you get the text version today!

    Cards from Erik C. Dunne's Tarot Illuminati
    Cards from Erik C. Dunne’s Tarot Illuminati

    Right in the center of the reading this week, we have the Six of Pentacles, which relates to generosity and also power struggles related to giving and receiving money. When I see this card, I always tell people to give freely (without obligation or desire to influence the other person’s actions with the money) and also to receive graciously. If you are asking for money from others, I advise that you have a plan to repay the debt.

    Generosity is OK, as is accepting gifts. What is not OK is using money to control others or to allow yourself to be controlled by others for money.

    Considering the two cards next to the central theme, it seems like you will be coming into a little bit of money in the coming week. The Ace of Pentacles shows me that you’ll experience an inflow of abundance – it might be a raise at work, a new job, or even a gift (see above. LOL!).

    Then we have the Queen of Swords on the right. She tells me that you should be thinking with your head and not with your heart. If this is to do with money, then avoid impulse purchases and also avoid the urge to give too much of yourself in return for this money. Again, see above. LOL!

    If the Queen of Swords is related to a person in your life, s/he will be older, witty, LOGICAL, and in tune with her thoughts. She might not be so emotional or let that side of her run the show, but you know that you can rely on her to give you realistic and wise advice.

    To break this one down into its simplest form for the week: Use your head, not your heart, when dealing with money (either receiving or giving) this week. It shouldn’t be emotional or create an imbalance in power.

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