• Value Your Gifts

    Lightworkers and Tarot Readers need to learn to value their gifts!

    It is funny, but not funny at all. When you work with Angels, tarot, and energy healing like I do, you find a lot of people who think that your gifts should be freely shared — without any benefit to you: the reader, the healer, the one with the gift!

    These people wouldn’t bat an eye about paying their accountant because he is a whiz with numbers. Nor would they think twice about paying a gifted stylist who could color and cut their hair like a pro. So why the difference between ‘us’ and ‘them’? Shouldn’t a gifted healer be paid a fee that suits his/her level of talent with healing, just like a doctor of Western Medicine? Shouldn’t a card reader be paid the same amount as a therapist of any other sort – especially when the end result would be the same?

    Most of us Tarot Readers and Lightworkers started like many other successful professionals. We recognized our gifts at a young age. We started working with them on a basic and natural level. Then we realized what our talents and interests were and we pursued knowledge. Many of us have studied (ravenously, continuously, and broadly) on our own. We’ve taken classes, courses, gotten attunements, practiced with and on friends and relatives. We’ve honed our crafts and learned to help others with them.

    We Lightworkers and Tarot Readers have put as much time and effort into learning about our gifts and how to use them as any person who has gone to college to get a degree so that they could pursue a job that they loved.

    But for whatever reason, some people don’t expect us to value our gifts and our efforts. They feel we should live in poverty and piousness – or they point to the olden times when healers and seers were revered tribe members who might not receive money for their services.

    They forget that we, too, have physical needs that have to be met.

    What they might not be aware of, and what you need to keep in mind as a Lightworker or Tarot Reader is that, in the olden days and in tribal cultures, the healers and shaman were given tokens of appreciation and gifts for their healing work. Their food, shelter, and clothing were provided to and for them by the tribe in return for their services. They didn’t go without. Their gifts were valued.

    And just because you are a Lightworker doesn’t mean that you don’t have a mortgage! Your physical needs aren’t less because you believe in and speak to Angels. Tarot Readers still have to purchase food, clothing, etc. Personally, if someone thinks that I should ‘get a job’ to pay for those things while asking for a reading or healing from me, well… I’d bless their heart and send them on their way!

    I’ve chosen Reiki, energy work, business mentoring, and card reading for a profession — or they have chosen me. And so that is the field I will work in. And, what I do IS WORK, too! I write, I sit down and devote time, effort, and energy to each and every one of my readings. I have administrative tasks, like emailing potential clients, advertising, travel to events, tracking expenses, etc. So the cost associated with a reading covers my time, effort, study, etc.

    Not to mention, what I do is a valuable service to begin with. The Reiki that I channel helps people to relax, unwind, de-stress, and put their bodies into states that allow for healing to occur. The card readings I give bring comfort, a different perspective, A-HA moments, and peace of mind. The advising I do revolves around increasing self-worth and value. All these things are worthy of payment.

    And really, money is the new form of energy exchange. The cash that you give out for a service or session represents the value that service or session has for you. Zero cost, zero value. People who are willing to invest in themselves and in their therapies tend to do better as a result. Those who pay for a reading might take the outcome or advice more seriously than those who don’t.

    Ultimately, as I mentioned before – this profession chose me and I chose it. I honor my gifts and feel they are valuable services to pass on to others, therefore, I will charge according to the value these gifts give to others and also for my time, education, and administrative costs. I am super generous – but I won’t give all of my gifts away to benefit others.

    What are your thoughts on this, and are you a Tarot Reader or Lightworker? Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on the topic!


  • My Fees – The Value of the Gifts I Share and My Training

    Wow. I have been wanting to write a piece about the value of sharing my gifts as a tarot reader, life coach, energy healer/Reiki practitioner, and intuitive for a while now. For some reason, this is a HARD topic to write about … but these things need to be said.




    I love what I do – honestly and completely. Working in this field is my passion – it is my authentic dream and I adore it. But it takes time, energy, and money to do what I do. I have to charge fees that address those expenditures on my part.


    [tweetthis]Money is the simplest form of energy exchange, and so it is commonly used to compensate energy and Lightworkers for their time and efforts.[/tweetthis] 


    Working for clients – whether they pay me or not – takes time away from my family. When doing readings or healing sessions, I focus all of my energy on the people I work with, intending for the cards or healing to be centered on their highest and greatest good. It is the same when I write blog pieces that are meant to help others grow in their craft. While it is beautiful and fulfilling and fun, it is work.


    What I do is not only my passion, it is MY PROFESSION, MY JOB – not just a hobby. Simply put, I need to charge fees that will honor my skill level, pay my bills, and create a balance in the energy and value that I put into this work.


    I have supplies to buy. My cards and books – necessary parts of my business – cost money. The crystals and scents that accentuate my energy sessions and add to their potency cost money. I pay for the web sites I run and for a little bit of technical support so that everything runs more smoothly. I have to hire an accountant to do my taxes. I have bills to pay that should be covered by my work.


    I don’t want to have to work another job to support this one. 


    Aside from that, I actively work to increase my skills, learn new techniques, gain certifications, join guilds that offer education as a part of the fee. Classes I attend can run anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars – or even a couple thousand, if I want to take a certification course through a reputable school like Southwest Institute for Healing Arts, where I got my certification as a Transformational Life Coach and where I would like to get a certificate in Hypnotherapy so that I can help even more people. I refuse to seek education or wisdom from anyone who doesn’t offer a very high quality program or course. I prefer to seek out better quality training – even if it costs more – because it is totally worth it. In turn, what I offer will be a higher value for those I work with.


    There is a great value in the gifts I share and the training I have gone through to get to this level.


    As a Certified Transformational Life Coach and someone who has worked with tarot for 20+ years, I bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and ability to support and guide my clients. I didn’t just pick up my cards yesterday, and my fees reflect that. I am not a cut-rate energy worker, tarot advisor, or coach. I need to make sure that the fees that I charge are fitting.


    When I am running energy for another person, it is a service to them and they are receiving something very valuable. When I take hours of time out of my schedule to help someone to formulate a question for the tarot that really addresses the gist of what they would like to know, those hours are devoted to the client, I should be compensated for them. My fees are also about an energetic exchange between myself and the client; they are the cost that my clients pay for working with me. I don’t mind trading for energy work or donating to people who are in need of pain relief – but I do feel that those who are able to afford it should pay for their sessions.

    Honestly – too – I really need to remember my own worth – and the fact that honoring my worth is a good example for other Lightworkers and clients I work with makes it even more important.

    The gifts I share with my clients have value, and my fees should reflect that.


    What are your thoughts about this topic? Please feel free to share in the comments.