turn inward

  • Inspired by a Tweet! Turning Inward



    This is one of the foundations of thinking that you can associate with the Hermit card. Withdrawing into yourself in order to find the peace and strength to continue on. A conscious decision to turn inward, to meditate, and to find wisdom within that will allow you to grow in spirit and in life.


    Another card that resonates with this message is the Four of Air or Four of Swords. This card, in a reading, shows that a good rest is in order. A person who got this card might need to take a break from chaos and drama in order to reflect about the issues in his or her life and to take the time to really weigh intuitive messages gained with that quiet perspective in order to best move forward.

    Of course, the Hermit card would point to a more profound, life altering withdrawal and enlightenment, while the Four of Air would be more of a day-to-day version of the experience.

    Don’t forget to honor your intuitive soul yearning. If you feel the need to pull away and quietly reflect, do so. You will save yourself stress and be able to look at issues from the perspective of one who has allowed him or herself to fully appreciate the totality of the situation from a place of peace, harmony, and stillness.

    With respect and light ~ Susan