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  • Tarot Spread for Trump Presidency – What’s Going To Happen In The Next 4 Years

    Yesterday (November 9, 2016, the day Trump got elected) was a hard day for many of Light Workers and Healers. It felt like a blow to the Earth, to the Universe, to the Light itself to see a man of Trump’s nature get elected for what could be considered to be the most powerful position in the world.

    I, myself, was having a hard time processing Trump’s victory. There are a thousand reasons I fear what might become of the United States – the world – with him as the POTUS.

    Ultimately, though, I am a light worker, a tarot reader, and an energy alchemist who figures out how to take negative energy and turn it into positive energy. That’s the task I’ve been assigned to and the one that I embrace. Well, Trump’s victory definitely gives me something to work with – that’s for sure!

    I decided to get my Angel Tarot deck out and do a reading to see what I might expect from a Trump presidency.

    The results were kind of unexpected and helped to put me at ease. It was actually GOOD – better than I hoped!

    Angel Tarot Cards from Doreen Virtue published by HayHouse
    Angel Tarot Cards from Doreen Virtue published by HayHouse

    Temperance came up right in the center of the reading (bottom row). Patience, moderation – the cup being poured from the lower cup to the higher cup shows something impossible being done. We need to react with constraint and self-control. We need to use this total upheaval of what we hoped the US was to feed into creating what we want America to be.

    On the left, the Nine of Cups – dreams come true! Satisfaction and satiety are the themes associated with this card. It’s a good one, folks! Remember to keep your dreams close to your heart – work toward them instead of giving them up (like I almost did).

    On the right, we have the Seven of Earth. This card says, seeds well planted, and is associated with nurturing what you’ve sown. It also indicates that one might be consumed with unnecessary worry – and also reminds me of the time when the seed is germinating in the soil and you are waiting for the new, infantile and fragile plant to finally emerge from the soil. You don’t know what’s going to happen, so all you can do is continue to nourish the soil, provide adequate sunlight and hope that what you planted will grow. And don’t forget, once that seedling turns into that small, fragile plant, your work has only just begun. You still need to water and care for it in order to grow a hearty, healthy plant that will have the strength to yield a crop.

    Above or as the influence, we have such a fitting card, the Ace of Air. Um. Yeah. Totally. New ideas that might not be easy to deal with initially. A new way of seeing and thinking about things. Seeing the truth of a situation. A rough start that turns into something brilliant. OK. I can dig that.

    The Outcome for me was the Queen of Earth – and I couldn’t ask for a better one, to tell the truth. Well, maybe the Nine of Cups, but that came up in a different place in the reading! So, basically put, the Queen of Earth means stability, happiness, abundance in the home. Dealing with things from a calm and settled perspective. I associate her not with the chaos I was fearing, but with having enough and feeling good about what I’ve created and done.

    Ultimately, this reading didn’t turn up cards like the Tower and the Devil – or the Nine of Swords (self-fulfilling prophecies and worry) or even the Ten of Swords. No defeat. No cheating. Just patience, perseverance, seeing things from a new perspective, planting seeds and allowing them to grow. It gave me hope. It made me realize that what I do matters more than who is president of the United States.

    I hesitantly say that this reading made me look forward to what might come in the next four years. Fingers crossed, right!?


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