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  • Unboxing The Frideborg Tarot Deck

    An interesting deck from Lisa Frideborg! Unboxing the Frideborg Tarot.

    I was so excited about the tarot deck that Lisa Frideborg recently created – the Frideborg Tarot – that I bought a copy from the first run!

    Lisa is generous enough to have the deck available for a free download (click here), but I chose to buy a deck because – well, I am a tarot addict and I wanted one, OK!? 🙂

    This deck is unique because Lisa chose images for the cards that were on the public domain – so that means that the pictures on the deck were available to be used – for free. She’s also graciously allowing others to use images of her deck for free for the time being!

    Now, having known, followed, and admired Lisa’s work for a few years, I know that she is a skilled and studied reader. Her readings reflect a high level of familiarity with tarot, astrology, and angels. Knowing that she – with her skillset and at her level – was building a deck that she said she used as a study tool for teaching tarot to others, intrigued me.

    The images on the deck really do a good job of representing the key ideas of each card, for the most part. I loved the silverback gorilla for the Emperor card and the surgeon for the King of Air/Swords. I got a kick out of the deadly dead death of the 10 of Swords.

    There were a couple that kind of confused me, though, like the apple cider for the 4 of Wands and the poison pen styled black and white image that is the 8 of Swords.

    There was also a bonus XXII card – The Black Cat! I hope she explains that one to us soon!

    You can see all of the cards and my unboxing of the deck in my video:

    Please leave a comment either here or on YouTube and let us know what you think of the deck!

    With blessings,

    Sue Ellis-Saller