• What Does It Mean When You Have A Stalker Card?

    If you’re anything like me, you consult with your cards frequently. I work with tarot and oracle cards daily, often pulling random cards for my own questions, and of course, using tarot and oracle cards to advise clients. There are times when I start noticing stalker cards in my readings. What is a stalker card and what does it mean when you notice you have a stalker card?

    What is a stalker card?

    A stalker card is a card that keeps coming up over and over in your readings, in card picks, or even as the bottom card in the deck (The Shadow Card). You start to see the card so often, it starts to feel like the card is actually following you around or stalking you.

    There are times when I pick up a deck, shuffle it, and choose a card. I note what the card is, return it to the deck, and shuffle again. Then I pull another card from the deck and… it’s the same card I got the first time!

    And it’s often not just one day that the card comes up; stalker cards can follow a person around for weeks. A stalker card will keep on coming up again and again, though, for what feels like an extended amount of time.

    If I’m working out some sort of issue in my mind and end up examining it from a variety of different angles with different spreads on different days (#dontjudge), the same card might appear over and over again in a prominent position in my readings.

    Why do stalker cards stalk you?

    Stalker cards are often ideas or concepts that you need to deal with in order to move forward in your life or get to the next level. They serve as reminders of the point you might be purposefully missing or honestly overlooking.

    Sometimes, the cards are reaffirming a message they gave you the last time you asked. Sometimes, they are reminding you that you have to do that one thing before you can succeed.

    There are also stalker cards you might associate with the “season” of life you are in or a personality trait that is holding you back.

    If you are co-dependent, for example, or need to hold on to your sobriety or work on your addictions, the Devil card might become your stalker. Or, if you need to step up and claim more power in your life, either Strength or the Nine of Pentacles might start stalking you.

    If you start to get the same deity or idea coming up while using a deck (or a few of them), that is an indication that that entity has a special message for you. For example, if Athena comes up when you use the Goddess Guidance deck and then you get out your Goddess Power deck she comes up again, I think it’s safe to say that Athena has a message for you.

    Read about my experience with a stalker card here: Pele, My Goddess Stalker

    What you should do if you get a stalker card

    If you start to notice a specific tarot or oracle card stalking you, or coming up more frequently in your readings, you should explore what it means to you and your current situation.

    • Get out your tarot journal and either go to the page devoted to that card or find a blank page to note your ideas on.
    • Take the card out and really look at it. Are there any symbols on the card that trigger your intuition? Do the colors evoke any feelings for you?
    • Brainstorm a list of ideas related to what it might mean for you.
    • Free-write in your journal. Let yourself connect with the energy of the card or of the deity shown on the card.
    • Get the Little White Book from the deck and see if the deck’s creator lists any new or different information about the card.
    • Spend some time studying what other people say about the card, what it means, and how that ties in with your current life situation.
    • Make note of any direct hits in your life or your tendencies that the card might be addressing.
    • Note WHERE in the deck it is or how it comes up. Is it a card you pull or one that is always on the bottom of the deck?
    • If the card is a deity, place the card on your altar with some libations to thank it for helping you in your life.
    • After you’re done working with the energy of the card, thank the card for the advice and guidance and return the card to your deck.

    In Summary

    Stalker cards are cards you notice coming up over and over again in your readings. When you feel like a card is following you around or stalking you, it’s a good idea to examine its message more closely and really think about what it means in your life. You can write about your stalker card in your tarot journal or make a special note of it. Oftentimes, stalker cards have a special message for you—that’s why they show up often enough for you to get either creeped out or intrigued by seeing them over and over again!

    Have you ever had a card stalk you? If so, please share your experience in the comments below!



  • 4 Simple Tarot Card Tips For The Absolute Beginner

    4 Tips for Tarot Beginners
    Learning to read tarot? Here are some tips for you!

    Have you ever wanted to get the lowdown on a particular situation? Are you looking for an insight into the future or maybe even the past? Is the path you’re currently on the right one, or should you expect a sudden change in its course? The answer to all these questions and more are said to be in your tarot cards.

    Tarot cards have been used for centuries—check out Medium Chat for a reading from the experts—and although the decks and the interpretations of the cards may have changed over the years, the idea remains the same.

    Whether you’re reading for yourself or for someone else, tarot cards can give you a deeper insight into your life, relationships and even future.
    But how difficult is it to read tarot cards? How do you begin?

    And what do you do if a card jumps out of the deck while you are shuffling?

    Well, first you’ll need your own deck of tarot cards and then, read on for 4 simple tarot card tips for the absolute beginner.

    Keep the entire process simple

    There are a huge number of esoteric beliefs and approaches out there, which means that there are potentially hundreds of ways you could interpret the cards. For a beginner, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the possibilities and interpretations out there, so keep the entire process simple.

    Get to grip with the most basic of techniques, how to lay the cards and stick to the most basic of interpretations and meanings. As you start to build your confidence, move onto a more complex and detailed approach.

    Make it personal

    It makes sense to try and memorise all the card meanings. However, that’s an incredible amount of information you’d need to learn and process… it’s just not practical. The most sensible approach? Make your tarot cards personal to you. What card represents your job? Or your best friend? Which card reminds you of your happiest memory? The more personal these connections are, the more insightful your instinct will be.

    Practice by drawing a card a day

    Don’t practice until you get it right – practice until you can’t get it wrong! By drawing a card a day, you can practice your interpretations and your memory as well as your personal connection to your cards. Ask the tarot: What kind of day can I expect today? Or, what energies will I need the most
    today? Then match the cards you’ve drawn with your experiences.

    Read what’s in the picture

    Look. At. The. Picture. When you’re trying to interpret words, feelings, energies and other beliefs, it’s easy to overlook the biggest piece intuition that’s right in front of you! Look at the pictures on the cards and try to figure out what you think is happening. What’s the story behind what’s going on?

    Then you simply relate what’s happening in the image to what’s happening in your life right now, the interpretation you’ve taken from the image may be able to teach you something, give you confidence, or even serve as a warning.

    Mastering the tarot card meanings is personal and fun! So try not to put too much pressure on yourself.

    In accordance with transparency laws, I do accept collaborative posts and content on my site.


  • What To Do When A Tarot Card Jumps Out Of The Deck When You Are Shuffling

    Ever have a card jump out of the tarot deck while you are shuffling? Learn what to do if one does!
    Ever have a card jump out of the tarot deck while you are shuffling? Learn what to do if one does!
    Ever have a card jump out of the tarot deck while you are shuffling? Learn what to do if one does!

    Have you ever had a pesky “jumper” or two fall out of your tarot deck when you were shuffling? What should you do when a random card falls out of your tarot or oracle deck while you are shuffling your cards?

    Honestly, I feel that the cards that fall out of a tarot deck while you are shuffling are very important bits of information for the reading. When I get a card that falls on the floor while I am shuffling or falls out of the deck, I set it aside and continue shuffling.

    I don’t include the jumper in the tarot spread that I am working with. For example, I wouldn’t use the tarot card that jumped out while I was shuffling for any of the set positions in a Celtic Cross Spread. I would, however, use it as a card of high significance, or something that Spirit really wanted to call to the client’s attention.

    What should you do if multiple cards fall out of your tarot deck when you are shuffling?

    When more than one tarot card falls out of the deck when you are shuffling, take a moment to see if you are just a sloppy shuffler, or if just a few fall out.

    When just a few (2-5) tarot cards fall out of the deck while you are shuffling, put those aside, just like you would if only one card fell out. Use these cards as additional information to the story or circumstances that might unexpectedly arise for the sitter while they are dealing with the main situation they are getting a tarot reading to inquire about.

    If a LOT of cards fall out of the deck, you might want to put the cards back into the deck, recenter and ground yourself, and start over again. Ask yourself a few questions, like:

    • Am I rushing this reading?
    • Do I feel like I am in control of my energy?
    • Is the client somehow distracting me or is their energy throwing me off?
    • Is this the right deck for the reading?
    • Should I work with a different deck?
    • Is there something different that I should focus on for the reading.

    Generally speaking, tarot cards that jump or fall out while you are shuffling are an interesting and usually important additional focus for your reading. Sometimes, though, they are actually more of an indication that the reader should slow down, recenter, and focus on shuffling the tarot cards.

    What do you think? Have you had any interesting experiences with cards that have jumped out of the deck and into a reading? Please feel free to tell your story in the comments below!




  • When The Hierophant Speaks – Using Intuition In Tarot Readings

    When reading tarot cards, it’s not only important to know the classic meanings of the cards, but also to be able to use your intuition to allow the cards to “speak” to you.

    The other day, I was doing a reading using my general go-to spread in which the Hierophant was the central card. There were other people present for the reading, which isn’t optimal if I say so myself because privacy and confidentiality can help both the reader and client focus on the reading without feeling put on the spot or hesitant because of those other people. Anyway…

    The meaning of the Hierophant, when looking at the cards from an archetypal viewpoint, would point to doing things conservatively, within the church or societal rules, etc. It is the level after the Father level. But he can also signify marriage.

    And this time, he kept telling me, “I mean marriage; there’s going to be a wedding.”

    UGH! Hierophant! REALLY?

    Most of the time on the hotlines, I am dealing with clients who are like: “I just met him and this is crazy. Gonna call my psychic – see if we’ll get married and have babies!” (You know the tune and you’re welcome for the earworm.)

    The gal I was reading for had been in a long-term relationship for years, though — something I didn’t know when I was doing her reading. Another thing I didn’t know was that her boyfriend was going to propose to her that night. A representative king was also in the bottom row or Foundations of the reading, right under the Hierophant.

    But, because of past experience and not wanting to instill false hope, I tend to tiptoe around marriage and pregnancy. These are super-charged, highly anticipated events and they are important to get right. Even when the Hierophant is whispering his message of upcoming nuptials to me, I am like… Um. OK. But I want to deliver this with sensitivity and tact – not create anticipation when and where I shouldn’t.

    Hindsight being 20/20, I should have put more emphasis on what the Hierophant was whispering (or yelling) to me. But I mentioned it in a very non-committal way: “Oh. The Hierophant can actually point to a marriage as well or sticking to traditions.”

    I do have to say, though, that the reading I gave her, despite the fact that it didn’t center on an upcoming marriage, hit a mark with her. It reminded me that we will give the clients the proper messages.

    When intuition speaks, it is really important that we take a moment to listen to it. This is also a time for a good reader to take a deep breath and a step backward and sort out how to most tactfully deliver the message. There will always be the possibility of the message being overemphasized by the reader or by the client —and there is always information (backstories, upcoming plans, other people) that feed into what happens in the lives of clients.

    As I said before, I skirted around what my intuition was telling me in this reading and I really feel like I learned a few lessons:

    1) Trust what you hear from your intuition – especially when it seems that the cards are speaking to you.
    2) Know that the client will be served by your alternate reading as well. You can even give two possible scenarios stemming from the cards. It is possible that both will have an impact on your client, as with my reading.
    3) Still, deliver messages about things like proposals, marriages, breakups, pregnancies, and even death with the utmost amount of tact and sensitivity toward your client.

    What do you think? Would you, as a reader, point out the potential wedding/proposal coming up or would you interpret things differently?

    I’d love to hear what you have to say about it!

    Blessings to you!

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  • How Do You Read Tarot Reversals?

    Reading tarot reversals. Such an interesting and diverse topic to discuss.

    I do work with tarot reversals, leaving the cards laying upside-down and examining them as being blockages, stagnation, lack of motion, the need to go back to the meaning of the card before.

    Today, I did a three card reading for my reading for the MoonCoaching assignment in Silvia “Moon Coach” Pancaro’s Facebook group for this month’s New Moon in Aries group.

    If you’ve never heard of Silvia Pancaro or Moon~Coaching ™, let me tell you a little bit about it. Basically put, each month (Silvia calls them moonths, as the months are based on the moon cycle), Silvia creates a Facebook group dedicated to harnessing the power of the sign the moon is in along with using tarot readings as a point of reflection for how to best use that power.

    This month, moonth, the New Moon was in Aries, which signals the beginning of the Zodiac Year. Aries is a fire sign, a sign of new beginnings, forging ahead, breaking out of the mold, creating change that you are excited about and motivated toward.

    I chose a couple of cards to set my intention for the month and year, to be honest. This month, I purposely chose the Queen of Fire and the Queen of Earth. Basically put, I want to reclaim my fire, my personal power, my passion, my self-confidence, my sexuality. All of those are associated with the Queen of Fire. I also want to create a positive home environment and be in better charge of my material ‘world’ – aspects associated with the Queen of Earth. I want my home to be a sacred place for my family and friends: comfy, inviting, secure, just nice. Finance is also a part of my issue right now. I want to also be prosperous and financially secure and stable – myself. Not relying on my husband, but making my own way in life.


    Queen of Fire and Queen of Earth from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Tarot

    Those desires, the ones represented by the Queen of Fire and the Queen of Earth, fueled my I AM statements/affirmations for the month:

    I am driven by my passions.
    I am powerful.
    I am self-confident.
    I am sexy. (I allow myself to be sexy)
    I am the creatrix of my life.
    I am creating wealth easily.
    I am in charge of my finances.
    I am independently wealthy.
    I am the head of a comfortable and well-run home.

    Now, today was the Crescent Moon, and that meant that I should choose a card (randomly, from a well-shuffled deck), and I chose to explore the question: What concrete efforts do I need to do in order to achieve my goals for the year.

    Here’s where the question of reversals comes up that I am pondering right now.

    So, I pulled Strength, reversed; the Devil, reversed; and the Chariot, also reversed.

    Now, this reading is supposed to give me a snapshot of what I should doWhen I think about that concept, I see that reversals, in this reading and for this question, might indicate that I should be creating blocks or going against the meaning of the upright card.

    Sometimes, you have to destroy instead of creating. Sometimes, you have to hold back instead of running forward. Sometimes, you have to take a step backward in order to go forward. Sometimes, you have to backtrack to the fork in the road and take the other path.


    Honestly, I was kind of expecting the message to be what it would have been if the cards were upright. Be strong. Find strength in yourself right now. Grit through things and find your internal power (Strength). The Devil might, in this instance, be something about accepting relationships or bad habits. Then, the Chariot would show that I need to take the reins, focus, and drive myself toward my destination.

    But, considering the reversed cards, I kind of got a different take on the reading. You see, I wasn’t reading these tarot card reversals as negative at all, but reminders of where I am and concepts to consider in order to move forward.


    Strength, the Devil, and the Chariot cards from the Wild Unknown Tarot.

    There are things in my life that aren’t positively contributing to what I want my life to be like. I must admit that. I work like a horse – or so I feel – yet I am not earning half of what I would like to. Our house needs to be cleaned and sorted and aired out, painted, redecorated, etc. I want a fish tank. I want the garden to be finished. I want to have friends over more often. I wouldn’t mind to have an office in Vienna to do readings from. I have financial desires, job desires, etc. I’d love to spend as much time painting or playing with my kids as I do working. I want my self-confidence back.

    So, yeah. OK. Strength, reversed, might mean to look at things I am powering through (and the Chariot, reversed, too). Instead of just accepting or being docile or exerting control over others (or feeling the need to do so), I need to back off a little. (A-HA moment writing this). Of course, the Devil means that I am ready to give up those addictive behaviors and co-dependent relationships.

    Instead of looking to right those cards, or consider the messages that I have to fix that idea in my life or remove a blockage, I am thinking that I should create brakes, boundaries, and even block some behaviors in my life. Some of it might do with giving up on controlling things, to reset my priorities, to see what I am doing and how it makes me feel weak and powerless. To use those feelings of discontent and weakness as catalysts for change. To examine them and accept them and see them for what they are.

    Is that the same thing, though? Trying to right them? Using their concepts, reversed, as catalysts for change?

    I KNOW that I need to change certain behaviors in order to find more happiness, satisfaction, stability, and self-confidence. Continuing to do what I am doing now isn’t going to get me where I want to be. So, continuing on the path I am on right now just isn’t it for me. Gritting through it won’t bring the changes I need to see in order to embody the principles of the Queen of Fire and the Queen of Earth.

    Had the cards been upright, I would have thought ‘stay the course’ was the message that I needed to take from them. Seeing these tarot cards reversed in my reading made me want to pause and examine my priorities, how I spend my time, and what addictions are ready to be released.

    To me, either message is good.

    I guess this is one of those cases of going with intuition, knowing the totality of the situation, and viewing the tarot from an entirely personal perspective. <—this is one of the reasons you want to tell your tarot reader the truth and give details, in my opinion. It helps to fine-tune the reading.

    Anyhow. To me, the message of the cards addressed the question, What do I need to do to achieve my goals this year. It isn’t about forward motion or grinning and bearing it, it is about accepting where I am right now and looking at what I need to change. Some of this might be divinely guided.

    Ultimately, I know that the meanings assigned to tarot readings are 70% cards and layout and 30% intuition. Or 50/50. Either way.

    I’m always curious to see what others say about the meanings and messages that come up. Others interpretations give me a different way of looking at the cards; they give new insight and possibilities.

    What do you think about these readings? How would you interpret the spreads?

    Looking forward to hearing your responses!

    Sue Ellis-Saller