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  • Best Resources for Understanding Symbols


    Symbolism is such a diverse and rich study, and there are a variety of different resources that will help you understand symbols you encounter! I’ve been lucky enough to find some real gems of books that are chock full o’ symbol goodness, and I want to share them with you!

    Some of my faves are:

    Man and His Symbols by Carl Jung

    Carl Jung is THE MASTER of symbols, and this is the last book that he wrote in his life. In the book, he explains the philosophic basics for universal themes that run through interpretation of symbols, along with his thoughts on how to apply symbols to different people in different phases of their journey.




    Symbols by Sandra Forty

    Don’t let the size of this book fool you! It might be small, but it is literally bursting with symbols from Modern Hobo to Ancient Egypt. This is one that you can pick up and just flip through to find great symbols and their meanings.


    10,000 Dreams Interpreted by G.H. Miller

    Holy symbols, Batman! This book has almost anything and everything that you might run into in your dreams. It does include very classic symbolic interpretations, so you might find some a little bit outdated. Definitely thought provoking. Definitely very diverse!

    Remember, symbols can be tied to such a variety of different things, from time of year to zodiac signs to ancient religious beliefs. Rarely does a symbol mean ONE thing – most of the time, each symbol contains a variety of different possible messages.

    Those three books are great starters for you, and I think I might start regularly featuring different books that will further your understanding of the symbols you encounter in daily and nightly life!

    Don’t forget, also, there is a wealth of information and resources for understanding symbols readily available at your fingertips! Some of my favorite sites are:

    What’s Your

    Avia, the site’s author, has a library of different symbols and their meanings. She took the time to include background information and stories relating to each symbol, and her site is an invaluable resource that I check in with often.

    Spirit Animal Totems 

    This site gives a great variety of meanings of different animals – whether they come to you in dreams or show up in your yard!

    Numerology is a pretty basic site for simple information about numbers. Of course, like all the other areas of symbolism, there is way more than the basics to cover – but this site covers the basics well!

    OK, guys and gals. That should be enough to keep you occupied for a little while. Remember, the best interpretation for any symbol you see is what YOU, yourself, think of when a symbol comes to you. Understanding the basics of the universal, classic, and modern meanings of symbols can really help you to find a lot more meaning around you than you might have originally seen!