spotting a fake

  • Attract Abundance with REAL Citrine


    What is the crystal to use to attract abundance? Citrine, of course!

    I love using my citrine. It works almost IMMEDIATELY after I put it on; I become a money magnet. People start sending me money that I forgot they owed me, clients sign up for sessions, I get returns and gifts…. It’s a little freaky!

    And citrine is super easy to use – almost too easy. Just string it on a piece of leather (or a silver chain if you are a vegan) – put it on and viola! Easy peasy. You can even stick a piece in your pocket and get the same effect!

    Just make sure that you actually buy CITRINE – not heated amethyst – which many people are trying to pass off as citrine. Heated amethyst does have some wonderful qualities, like getting you motivated, but it doesn’t have the abundance attracting power that citrine does.

    Here is a nice write-up about the differences in composition and characteristics of natural citrine versus heated amethyst, from Pixie (Click here)

    Basically put, you need the right crystal for the right job! If the outcome you want is abundance (and confidence), go with the citrine. If you are looking for motivation, go with the heated amethyst.