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  • 44 Positive Money, Earning, and Value Mantras

    Money Mindset Mantras


    Repeating affirmations about money, value, and service can help to break though subconscious blocks that we have toward using spiritual gifts as the basis for business ventures.

    I’ve compiled a list of 44 great money and value mantras that you can use to help you realize the value of sharing your gifts, the positive aspects of money, and the fact that it is more than OK for you to receive money for using your talents and gifts in service of others.


    Money Mindset Mantras

    1) It’s OK for me to want to be paid for my services.
    2) People want to pay me for my gifts.
    3) Money flows to me effortlessly.
    4) I easily acquire money.
    5) I am a money magnet.
    6) Money helps me.
    7) My needs are taken care of by money.
    8) I can use money for good.
    9) Using money helps me feel good.
    10) Money gives me freedom.
    11) Money gives me comfort.
    12) I happily pay my bills.
    13) I deserve money.
    14) My gifts are valuable.
    15) Money is a form of energy.
    16) Money is a positive tool.
    17) Money can help me make a difference in the lives of others.
    18) Money is positive if I use it for good.
    19) I have enough to take care of my needs.
    20) There is enough money for me and everyone else.
    21) I do not have to compete for money.
    22) People love to pay me for my skills.
    23) I like money.
    24) It is OK for me to ask for money in exchange for my gifts.
    25) Having money will not negatively affect my soul.
    26) I am not greedy to desire money.
    27) I use money to help others.
    28) Money is beneficial.
    29) Spiritual services are just as valuable as tangible items or other skills.
    30) Charging for my services helps to keep my client’s energy in balance.
    31) What I desire, I attract.
    32) When I have more money I can be more generous.
    33) I deserve to earn the average going rate for my services. (Did you know that an average psychic reading runs from $120-$180 per hour?)
    34) My skills are in demand.
    35) People value people who value themselves.
    36) My time, energy, and resources are valuable.
    37) There are people who will gladly pay what I charge for my services.
    38) I don’t have to spend everything that I earn.
    39) It is OK for me to want the clothes, house, and lifestyle that I want.
    40) I don’t need to live in poverty to prove my spirituality.
    41) Using my skills, gifts, and talents is real work that should be paid for.
    42) It’s OK for me to charge for the services, time, and energy I put into my work.
    43) I am good enough.
    44) Accepting money for using my skills and gifts is not wrong or evil.

    Do you have any mantras that you would like to share, regarding money, value, or energy exchange? Feel free to post them in the comments!