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  • How To Develop A Spiritual Based Business – Guest Post from Lisa Boswell

    How do you grow and develop your spiritual based business? What are some tips for making more money as a professional intuitive, psychic, astrologer, tarot reader, crystal healer or medium? Here are ideas for what you can do to flourish in the spiritual industry both locally and online!

    If you have hit the professional level (or are considering it) then I believe that you’re probably gifted at what you are doing. Spirit is calling you to dream big and fulfill your destiny! 

    Not only do you hear the inner calling, but you have the testimonials to prove you were born to be a psychic, intuitive, or spiritual professional. You’re not delusional or big-headed in any way, but you know that you rock at giving readings. 

    It is possible that you have even already seen some success in your spiritual based business. Even so, you want more; you’re at the point that you’re ready to ramp it up a notch, grow, and develop. 

    Below I have compiled a list of 12 ways you can grow and develop your spiritual based business. Give them a read—then give them a try!


    As a general rule, the more money you invest in your spiritual based business, the quicker it will grow. Unfortunately, however, it is very common for spiritual professionals to do everything they can in their power not to invest. 

    Withholding money from your business is a sabotaging act which deserves to be dealt with first. Not investing in your business will not only harm your growth but it also sends out the wrong message. 

    Firstly, you need to make investments for things such as newsletters and websites. I believe these two things are essential for running a successful business in 2019. If you do not have these things, you’ll end up being one of those readers who takes 30 years to build their company while you secretly survive off of income from your husband/partner/parents. If you want to rip right down the time it’ll take you to make a living giving readings then put your hand in your pocket. 

    Secondly, not investing in your business sends the wrong message not just to clients and yourself, but also the Universe. What you’re basically saying is, “I don’t want this enough to pay the monthly newsletter fee,” or “I don’t believe my business is like other businesses,” or “I don’t think my business is going to make it.” The energy that your unwillingness to invest gives off is very powerful and can set the tone for the rest of your business. If you feel like your dreams are worth it, then do what it takes to make them a reality.

    Investments in your business need not take the moon and the earth. You can sign up for a ‘drag and drop’ website host company such as SquareSpace and create your own site in minutes. Mail Chimp is free for the first two thousand subscribers. There are tonnes of free tutorials online for how to create using these tools yourself for the fraction of the cost of a developer. There are no excuses! 


    When I meet readers and spiritual professionals who have trouble selling their services, they are usually stuck in the trap of only advertising their services in one place, i.e. Instagram. 

    While there is nothing wrong with Instagram or any of the other places you advertise your services, using only one marketing medium will impact your efforts. Statistically, most people have to be exposed to your business seven times before they will consider buying. You want to make sure your business is all up in the faces of everyone you are targeting. 

    If you find you’re marketing too much online, then approach some local shops or services places where you can hang your fliers. If you’re only doing face to face events, take up blogging. Never restrict your marketing to only one place if you dream of growing and developing your spiritual based company.


    You will get potential clients who are blindly interested in your work but who need some social proof thrown their way. Your reviews are your evidence that your products and services are the bomb, so it makes sense that you should be using them. 

    Plaster your reviews everywhere. Stick them on your site, on your social media, and all over the place. Screenshot them and display them. Your reviews will help your potential customers go from sitting on the fence to filling out your intake form. 


    How many times have you performed free readings for reviews but the review or feedback is now long gone into cyberspace? Don’t let that happen. If you have done a reading in exchange for a review, make sure that review is being shared on your website. 



    Again, this point comes back to the whole newsletter thing. I know I keep banging on about newsletters but hear me out. 

    Imagine your clients are apples. You’re in a nice open field, plodding along, picking them up (giving them readings). Once you have finished looking at them, you put them back down and walk away. 

    Now, imagine that someone comes along and gives you a basket. The person says, “Hey, instead of just looking at these apples, you can collect them! You can have never-ending access to these apples, and the more you collect, the more you have! Statistically, too, every one of these apples is worth $1! And these apples will know who you are so will always want to be picked up by you not another apple picker”! Are you going to say no to the basket? 

    A newsletter is just like a basket. Essentially, you can collect the email addresses of your clients/potential customers and have access to them forever. No matter what social media does with its algorithm, not matter which blogging platforms fold, no matter if your entire business gets eaten by a t-rex, you can be back up and profitable in minutes because you have access to your customer database (their email addresses).

    Being in your seeker’s mailboxes every week has advantages. If they are in crisis and need a quick reading, they’re going to think of you first because you’re always showing up. Staying in contact is how you get repeat clients instead of trying to build your business every day from the ground up.


    Usually, if you have regular contact with previous clients but you still don’t understand why your business isn’t growing the answer may be in your sales page. 

    Your sales page should be about the client, not about you. It should talk to your ideal client like they are someone you know personally. You should highlight the problems they are having and then explain how your services fix those issues otherwise there is no urgency or sensitivity connected to your offer. No feelings mean they’re not going to click ‘buy.’

    Getting some type of professional help with your sales page is a worthy investment. If you have the money, hire a copywriter. If not, you can always post into business development Facebook groups and ask for opinions on your sales page. 


    This sounds extreme, but the number one reason why your spiritual based business might not be growing is because you are not providing your potential clients with something which they would actually like to buy. 

    I see it all of the time. Spiritual based professionals think they know what their clients want, but they have no idea. They race out and spend tonnes of money, time, and energy developing e-books on subjects which interest them not their actual clients. 

    You have to be realistic with yourself and ask yourself if there is there a market for what you are trying to sell? Do people even want to buy what you have? Is it even a term which is highly searched for on Google, Facebook, or other platforms? If it is, congratulations it will grow your business! If not, then get back to the drawing board. 


    You have to be very, very honest with yourself here. Is there a part of you which feels like hiding? Do you feel weird about making sales? Do you not like the attention you get when you promote your business? Are you used to playing small? 

    If these above things apply to you, then you have to fix them. There is an energy you are putting out there by feeling this way which basically says, “Go away!” to any potential client. You are putting up a cosmic block if deep down you’re telling the world you don’t want this. 

    You need to get used to putting yourself out there and being seen. Also, start to look at your relationship with money and your work and assess where those beliefs stem from. Do you believe that money is hard to come by? Do you think you’re taking advantage of your clients? Are you scared that your readings aren’t good enough? It is important you get real and get to the root of your problems.


    UGH, this is a common mistake I see tarot readers make. It’s one thing to give potential clients different choice of medium (face-to-face or email for example), but it is another thing to give them too much choice in general. 

    Having too much variety can freeze people into inaction. Have you ever walked to the candy aisle in Asda/Walmart and just stopped? You spend ages in that aisle because you don’t know which sweeties you want for movie night? There’s just too much to choose from! Well, that’s what you’re doing to your clients when you list 400 types of tarot spreads.

    Given the choice of a Mars Bar or Milky Way, you can quickly make a decision; it’s either one or the other. That’s what your readings and magic work should be like; your clients should be able to see what is right for them instead of having to weigh up the pros and cons of too many options.

    If you want to grow and develop your spiritual based business, you have to niche down your choices and services. Your offerings should all make sense together, and not include so much variety that your potential client struggles to pick one type of reading or one of the other 20. 

    The same rules actually apply to things like e-books and courses. If you have too many e-books to select from, your potential readers will not know which ones to choose. 


    Having lots of things in the same format is not the same as having things in different formats. For example, having hundreds of types of astrology readings on your site is not a good idea. Supplying an astrology phone reading, email reading, face-to-face intensive, e-books, and courses is a good idea. 

    True business development comes when you diversify your income. The only way to make any real, proper money as a spiritual based professional is to sell multiple things. The average millionaire has seven sources of income, which is probably why they are making so much money! If you want to get serious about making moolah, you must diversify.

    I didn’t begin to see any proper income in my business until I sold more than one thing. Back when I was only advertising face-to-face readings, I was super poor. Then, I started selling email readings, then I became not so poor. Now, I perform face-to-face readings, sell courses, e-books, etc. and I am much better off than I was back when I was only selling readings. 

    So, that’s my top tips for ways you can grow and develop your spiritual business. And remember its a race, not a sprint! Your business will grow each and every day if you’re committed to achieving results. 


    Lisa Boswell is an award-winning divination teacher who currently resides in Scotland. Through her websites http://www.divinationandfortunetelling.com and http://www.readlenormand.com she teaches both experienced and would-be readers how they can predict the future of their lives and relationships using tarot and Lenormand cards. Born into a Romany Gypsy family of fortune tellers, Lisa has had an active interest in the occult from a young age. She specialises in teaching predictive divination and fortune-telling.


  • Focus On One Thing – Sensitive Soul Business Tip

    As a Spiritual Entrepreneur or budding online Psychic or Tarot Reader, you might get overwhelmed by all of the tasks piling up on your to-do list.

    Let me tell you what you can do.

    Pick one thing to focus on today. That’s it. Give it your energy. Do your best. Mark it off of your to-do list. Then move onto the next thing. One thing. Give it all of your loving energy. Then mark that thing off of your list.

    I think a lot of the overwhelm comes from seeing others who have all of their stuff already built out, who are repurposing old blog posts, who have their sites up and running and their email sequences written and set up.

    And then there’s you, feeling like you are digging a hole in the sand. No matter what you do, you never finish your work; you never get done because more work just keeps sliding right back into that hole you just dug. It’s disheartening and a demotivating, too. 🙁

    You can’t sit there, comparing yourself to those other people. You know what they did? They chose one thing, focused on it, got it done, and then moved on to the next.

    Ready to dive deep into creating a business you love and that loves you back? Let’s chat! Book a Getting To Know You Chat and we can take an hour to explore what you have, where you want to go, and how to get there. Click here to schedule an appointment!



  • Tips For Newbie Spiritual Entrepreneurs And Tarot Readers

    When you are working to start and grow your spiritual business or tarot reading business, you need to know a few things. Growing a spiritual business can be exhilarating, but it can also be hard work. Far too often, people give up before they really even put effort into their spiritual business or tarot business. Here are some tips that will help you understand that you aren’t alone, that your efforts will be worth it — if you put the effort in, that is!

    I want to let you know that this list is honest. It’s not airy fairy and it’s not Law of Attraction based. It is the real deal. Far too many people will tell you to wish until it comes true. Well, while you are wishing, here are some things you should know…

    You are going to have to work. 

    Sorry to say it, but you will have to put some hours into growing your spiritual business. Blog posts don’t write themselves. Podcasts and videos don’t appear out of the clear blue. You can spend all the time you want journaling and wishing, but if you don’t put in the effort, you won’t make a profit or grow your audience.

    This is one reason it is so important for you to LOVE what you do, so much so that you could write and talk about it all. day. long. to anyone who will listen, up to and including your partner or your pet. My dogs learn all about symbolism when we go for our walks, and they help me to get focused on what I want to talk to my audience about.

    It’s going to take time.

    This is one thing I see over and over again — people expecting that they will write a blog post or two, put up a Facebook page and an Instagram account, and WHOOSH — the money will start rolling in. When it doesn’t, they get sad and quit.

    Patience, Grasshopper. It WILL happen, but it WILL take time, energy, and focus. Your business will grow day-by-day and with loving care from you. Nurture it. Give it love and time. Cut out weeds, prune when needed, make adjustments, and it will grow.

    Shout it from the rooftops

    “If you build it, they will come.” Even Kevin Costner got a big wakeup call when he followed the advice he was given by Spirit. It wasn’t just about building it, but also about letting people know it was there. So, share your blog posts, videos, and readings with anyone who is interested in seeing them. Keep sharing. And then share some more.

    You can and should share your blog posts and videos multiple times — that is totally OK. The algorithms limit who sees your posts to like 10% of those posting, and then they have to be online that day to see what you broadcast.

    Create great content and share it all around!

    Also, the more you talk about and share your business, the more eyes you’ll have on it. Once your audience grows, people will start sharing your blog posts and videos and recommending your readings. Encourage them to share your spiritual based business and don’t let their sharing stop you from sharing.

    I can share it for you if you want me to. Let’s chat to see kind of help you need for your spiritual business.

    You do you.

    There are millions of spiritually based businesses out there — and the difference between what you are doing and what they are doing is 100% personality. You know the old adage: your vibe attracts your tribe — well, get out there and vibe it up!

    The thing is, when you aren’t being you, people feel it. It dulls your work and, on a subconscious level, steers people away from you to someone who is more real and honest. YOU are a totally spectacular part of your spiritual business — your personality, your thoughts about different topics, your journey, your unique take on things. Don’t hide that from the world. Embrace it and let the world get to know you!

    Speaking of honesty.

    It’s the best policy. I’ll tell you, there are charlatans and scammers GALORE on the market. Don’t be one of them. It cheapens you and your work and it cheapens our collective work as a whole. It makes people distrust all healers and readers. Don’t be the person who sows that kind of energy into our space.

    Don’t rely on unicorns.

    What is a “unicorn”? A unicorn is a client who spends bank on your services, day in, day out. Someone who is addicted to your readings and hands a huge chunk of their decision making process over to you. The bad thing is, these people are likely not making the changes or doing the internal work, but putting all of their hope into you saying or doing some magical thing that will bring them love or fortune. When the results they are hoping for don’t come to them, they’ll be asking for a refund. In full. For all the money they’ve paid you through the months and years.

    I have seen this happen more than once. It’s not good. If you find someone becoming overly reliant on you for advice, healing, or spell-casting, it’s time to draw a line in the sand and let them wing it until something changes in their lives. It might be hard to turn down the money, but you don’t want to nurture unhealthy, codependent relationships with clients.

    Boundaries will save your sanity.

    Trust me on this one. I’ve been “overly available” for clients before. I’ve let people continue to contact me after knowing (and telling them) they should see a psychiatric counselor or just give things time to unfold. I’ve let people spend my time looking things up they could Google themselves.

    People are impatient and the internet — especially things like Facebook Chat and What’s App — gives people far too much access to your personal space and time. They want to get you to do freebies or they want to get around paying or doing the work themselves. I’ve been down this road before, and it led me to burn out and resentment.

    People will value your time if you value your time by setting boundaries and being strict with them.

    Get a scheduling application, like Acuity, and do not allow your clients to PM you or just reach out to pick your brain. Make them continue to work with you over the chatlines or through a pre-paid app. Make them pay for their appointments BEFORE you send an email or spend an hour with them (you can send a PayPal invoice right through your Facebook messenger). Trust me on this one.

    I’ve talked to many other readers and healers who got scammed out of hundreds of dollars by clients — and I have as well. Keep firm boundaries and honor them, or your clients won’t honor them or value your time.


    Speaking of value, charge your worth.

    This might rub sandpaper on the nerves of many a generous and “5D” spiritual entrepreneur, but we are still living in a 3D world and we still have stuff to pay for. Our businesses have real expenses, like computers, internet access, phone lines, new decks, training seminars, electricity, an office space (or home office), gas, parking, rent, etc. — and we have needs (food and clothes) and desires, too.

    If you want to be a full-time psychic, tarot reader, or healer, you have to charge a rate that will cover your expenses and pay for your living costs, food, clothes, and the things you want in life. If you don’t want to charge for your time, then go get a job and do your spiritual work as a hobby, because it isn’t a business. I know that sounds harsh, but it is true.

    Don’t be shy about asking what you truly think your readings or sessions are worth. Factor in things like drive time, booth rent, parking, and hourly rates. Be confident that you will find people who will pay what you ask. Put your prices on your site in plain view!

    And don’t base your business on the lowest common denominator. Be valuable, not cheap. There are a million other people in other situations who might charge less. That’s OK. Charge more, but make it worth it.

    Don’t half-ass it.

    I hear about people who are running multiple instances of hotlines on their computers at once, chatting with multiple people at one time. Whaaaaat? How can you get a good spiritual connection with several people at once? That sounds like a barroom conversation, and who knows if you are getting crossed lines.

    I’ve seen people say they type slowly during the “free three minutes” when they work on chatlines or just copy/pasting readings. C’mon now! And courses — don’t just regurgitate what you’ve seen/heard other people doing. And DON’T STEAL.

    And, while the occasional typo or misspelled word can slip by without harming your reputation (even if the Grammar Nazis point it out), sloppy, hard to read, and low-quality posts and content will definitely harm your credibility. We all start somewhere and we get better as we go, but consistently churning out messy, mediocre, and just boring content won’t likely do anything good for you.

    You are building a reputation for yourself with each and every action and encounter you have. Make your reputation speak for you in a good way.

    Ask for testimonials.

    This is kind of like reputation building. People LOVE to see that you have helped other people. They want to see a name and a picture of a person with a testimonial.

    Make sure you ask for the testimonial from someone who has mentioned they loved working with you or said your healing session was heavenly. Also, ask if you can use the person’s name and picture on your site. Most of the time, the people who are happy with your work will be happy to provide you with not only a little paragraph of praise, but also a nice picture to use on their site.

    Check out my Praise Page for a look at how this is done.

    One thing I have to say here, though, is how icky it is when you tell people that you will give them free minutes for or ask for a 5-star rating at the beginning of a reading. When I was doing QA at the psychic hotline I worked at, that drove me NUTS! Don’t waste a person’s time — especially if you are charging like $9.99 a minute — asking them to inflate their opinion of you. Do a good job and the 5-star ratings will accumulate.

    Don’t freak out over bad reviews.

    Not every review you get will be 5-stars. It’s OK. If you are consistently doing your best, you’ll still have some person who won’t like what you said. Don’t let it affect your energy or your confidence. Just shake it off and move on.

    Click here to read more Don’t Freak Out About Bad Reviews.

    BUT, if you are getting a lot of bad reviews, it might be telling you something. A bunch of bad reviews might mean that you need to polish your skills, take time to type better, or sorry to say, do something different. A bad rating from time to time is authentic. If you are getting all bad ratings, then you need to change something.

    Hang out with people who are a level up from you, get a mentor, or join a mastermind.

    I cannot tell you how much I have learned over the last few years by participating in some great online courses, like the Sparkling Biz Academy, The Conquer Club, and BSchool. So. Much. Good. Stuff. And the people I’ve met??? Phenomenal!

    When you are working on building your business, it’s a great idea to join a group of people who are also working on building their own businesses, along with hiring a mentor who can look after your specific needs and keep you motivated. The conversations you’ll have and support you’ll receive go a loooong way in helping you learn the ropes, discover tips and tricks and go from zero to 60 in a way shorter time than it would take if you did it all by yourself.

    And last, but not least…

    Set your spiritual business up as a business from the start.

    My sweet Lamb, your business IS a business, so let it be just that. Businesses earn money – they function to profit. Businesses have business hours, products or services, payment options, savings for paying taxes, organized receipts, business accounts, separate cash flows from personal finances, etc.

    You want to realize this from the get-go so that you set things up properly. Let me tell you, I got whopped with a $2K tax bill that I am making payments on because I didn’t put the money aside to pay my taxes. It happens.

    It’s just best to be organized, keep good records (and your receipts), charge money, and start learning the biz stuff from the get-go. It will help you create good habits right from the start and also avoid costly and stressful mistakes down the road.

    Ultimately, even though there is a lot to keep in mind, running a spiritual business can be fun and rewarding. I just shared my experiences with you all to give you tips about what I’ve discovered while running my spiritual business.

    Do you have a tip to share with us? Please feel free to comment and let us know what your best advice about starting up a spiritual business or a tarot business.


  • Don’t Freak Out About A Bad Review


    What should you do when you get a bad review?

    I see time and time again – people like you and me who are doing readings and putting their hearts and souls into their work – feeling down in the dumps about a bad review or negative feedback.

    Don’t worry, Sensitive Spiritual Entrepreneur! Bad reviews come with the territory.

    You have to learn to use some of the negative feedback you get to up your game – and also to fully appreciate the fact that you won’t please or connect well with everyone. Some of the clients even lie about their situations and then get mad at us for pointing out that we see the truth!

    What can you learn from a negative review?

    Now, don’t think I am saying to ignore scores of bad reviews! If you are getting more bad reviews than good reviews, check your work. Are you giving your clients 100% of your attention or are you multitasking or having more than one conversation at a time? Are your kids making a lot of noise in the background? Is your connection clear and crisp, or do you need a new headset and microphone to chat on? Is your computer fast enough? Do you need to polish your psychic, communication, or typing skills? Are you staying logged in through the night, groggily answering chat requests when they wake you from a deep slumber? How’s your attitude?

    If bad reviews aren’t a common thing for you, then your bad review or feedback might be due to one of the following things:

    You don’t say what the client wants to hear

    Many of our clients are lovesick souls who call in or chat with a tarot reader or psychic hoping to hear that the ex WILL come back or the married lover will leave the spouse. When the cards or Spirits say something different, the client gets mad (not at you, but at the Universe) and either leaves a bad review or clicks on that one-star review.

    Learn to let these bad reviews roll off you. It’s not about you or your reading. It’s about something the client likely needs to know but doesn’t want to face.

    Sadly, these people will usually visit as many psychics or tarot readers as it takes to find one to say what they want to hear. And then they’ll expect a refund when the ex doesn’t come back. Go figure.

    You don’t connect with the person

    No matter how in tune you are with your Spirit Guides or how you’ve mastered the cards, you are going to come across a client from time to time who you just don’t jive with. Everything you say will be met with either a negative response, silence or “that isn’t a message for me.”

    When this happens, it’s OK to tell the person that you just aren’t connecting with him or her and to either offer a refund or give a referral to someone who might be better able to connect with the person – or both. (You might even want to take a moment to meditate, cleanse your deck, or take the afternoon off if you’ve been pushing yourself.)

    You won’t connect with everyone. It is important, however, IMHO, to tell the client that you don’t feel that you are connecting and offer an alternative.

    In these situations, you will often cringe while you wait for a bad review. Some people are nice enough to just move forward without dinging your reputation. Others leave a bad review.

    You won’t connect with everyone you read for, and everyone you read for won’t be ready to hear what you have to say. That’s OK. Just refund their money, bless them, send them on their way—and DON’T take another appointment with them!

    You don’t offer what the person is looking for

    A client might reach out to a tarot reader when looking for a medium to connect with someone who has passed on or talk with an angelic healer when hoping for a shamanic experience. Some want medical advice or even Power Ball numbers!

    These mistakes in direction happen simply because the general public doesn’t understand the distinctions between psychics, tarot readers, healers, and other modalities and what specific people can and can’t do.

    When confronted with this issue, it might take a bit of time to figure out what the client really needs or is looking for – or it might be obvious right away. I’d recommend letting the client know what your services cover and don’t cover, offering a refund, and referring the client to someone who specializes in the service he or she is looking for.

    I also joke that I wouldn’t be doing readings if I had the lotto numbers! I’d be winning multiple millions often and using that money to better society (and myself, honestly)!

    Again, one would hope a client wouldn’t leave a bad review for a misunderstanding of services provided. Some will, though. And you have to learn to shake it off!

    The client is lying

    There are times when you will get a client who isn’t being wholly truthful about the question he or she is asking about. Some clients will flat-out lie about their situations.

    When your Spirit Guides, your cards, or your deep listening skills pick up the contradictions, the client might exit stage left (and leave a bad review on his way out) or get kind of miffed that you figured them out and leave a single star for your review.

    It always cracks me up in a way when people try to pull one over on their readers, because – well, many of us kind of just see or feel the dishonesty. That’s what we do. It’s the basis of our work.

    If a person values the money he is putting into a reading and the advice being given, it would be wise to be totally honest so that the reader can properly advise. After all, we aren’t trying to judge our clients about their lives, but to help them!

    Unscrupulous competitors and trolls

    Last, but certainly not least, are the bad reviews left by unscrupulous competitors and/or trolls. Some readers contact new readers on the sites they work on, get a reading, and leave a poor review.

    Most websites frown on this type of behavior and threaten termination in their T&Cs. Unfortunately, though, it might cost a new reader clients and money before the perpetrator is discovered.

    Other times, people with far too much time and money on their hands will troll readers, getting readings about fake topics and leaving bad reviews.

    If you think that you are being catfished and dinged by someone who works on the same site as you or a troll, make sure that you document reading times, dates, subjects, and reviews. And don’t be afraid to contact your rep to alert them to the issue.

    Ultimately, I use bad reviews as an opportunity to grow. I know that there are some people who just won’t be pleased with me, the messages I have for them, or the extent of the services I offer. I fully expect to get a bad review from time to time and I don’t let them affect my confidence in my skills or my overall feelings about the work I do.

    What do you think? Have you let a bad review get to you or do you use them for learning opportunities?

    Feel free to comment below!