• Clearing and Grounding


    Yesterday, I was intuitively guided to clear my home and then to ground myself. I grow sage in my own garden, so – luckily enough – I can make smudge sticks from sage that I grow myself and cut with proper honor and respect given to the plant that provides me with this sacred smoke I use for smudging. My intuition also led me to do a little bit of clearing of my own aura with the smoke from my sage stick, and also to do a little bit of psychic “vacuuming” with Archangel Michael.  🙂

    Wow – the combination smudge/yuck clearing was refreshing to say the least!

    Unfortunately, my husband and eldest child are not so hip to dealing with smudge smoked bedrooms, so they both got out of bed a little grumpy – but the bedrooms were cleared of any negative energy that might have accumulated in them (the grumpiness left as well after they discovered that I had make Pfannekuchen for breakfast).

    After clearing the air in my home and the energy field that surrounds me, I went outside with the intent to do some weeding in my garden. Normally, my garden is a source of much joy for me – as I grow herbs, flowers, and plenty of veggies for my family to enjoy. This year, however, I neglected my garden for the majority of the summer, so it was full of weeds…so I had a lot of work ahead of me. I decided that, instead of weeding, I was going to get the big shovel out and till the land, turning the soil and preparing it to receive the nutrient filled leaves and – eventually – water that will leave it rich and fertile in the spring.

    One thing I adore about working in my garden is that time that it gives me to connect with the Earth and with my thoughts. Yesterday was no different. Working in that soil and laboring with the task at hand really got my thoughts moving. It was as if the very act of working and turning and preparing for the fertility of the land that I cultivate helped to work and turn and prepare my MIND for the creativity that I need(ed) to work on some projects that I had been kicking around.

    After I came in, I started the first draft of a book I have been thinking about writing, and also got the first draft of my cover letter done. Whew! THAT was also a giant labor of love!

    What I need to remember is that I sometimes have to take a break from the “mental side” of my work, to clear out any stagnant or negative energy and get DIRTY (or at least connect with the Earth by taking a walk or sitting out in the sun). It will help to recharge my batteries and refresh my soul.

    Do you feel the same? What rituals or daily practices return calm to your space and help you to find your creativity?