Shamballa Reiki

  • Pele – My Goddess Stalker


    I have to laugh. Really. Why? Because Pele has been stalking my readings.

    What do I mean by stalking my readings? Well, out of the 13 decks I work with (equaling over 500 cards), she comes up in my readings about a quarter of the time. Well, maybe one fifth of the time – either way, it is very, very often.

    I have given this thought before, as this stalking has lasted for a couple of months now. One reason I feel that I have a special connection with her is because she encourages people to pursue their authentic passions. As a Certified Transformational Life Coach, it is my mission to help people do that as well (if you didn’t know I am a Life Coach as well as a Tarot Reader, now you know!).

    What else could Pele and I have in common? Perhaps she is calling me to go to Hawaii? She is a key Goddess there…Here is a Story of Pele. I have been fantasizing about not only a Hawaiian trip, but actually moving somewhere tropical as the weather in Austria is just not to my liking about 7 months out of the year! Hawaii is definitely an option for a future residence for the Ellis-Saller family.

    Could she be applauding my pursuit of my passions and dreams? Is she telling me I need to start being more fiery and temperamental? Let’s see what she has to say to me.

    I got out a red candle to pay homage to her and my lapis lazuli try to make contact. The lapis is the blue stone in the middle of the candles – used to stimulate transmissions from your Third Eye. As she is a part of the Gods, Goddess and Ascended Masters, I used Shamballa Reiki to strengthen our connection together.

    As I meditated on her message to me, I saw RED around me. I asked her to please tell me what it is she would like to communicate with me. This is what I heared:

    [tweetthis]Take the fire from within you and give it to others. Make something tangible and permanent with it, as I have done with my molten lava as it meets the sea…[/tweetthis]


    Part of the image or information that I received was about the fertility of the soil in Hawaii – how that fire mixed with emotion creates such a rich environment that helps feed the growth of any plant that touches it. I know that this, too, is a part of what Pele wanted me to ponder.

    After I got the message and typed it out – lest I forget the specifics – I went back to ask if I could interview her with the Lenormand decks. She let me know that she had told me everything that she wanted to, and a card reading wasn’t necessary at this point in time.

    As I feel very connected to Pele because of our shared mission, I will definitely try to honor her advice. Look for more in the future because I need to figure out the best way follow her guidance.