• Going Vegan in 2015

    I’ve made the decision to go vegan for the year 2015 – and maybe longer if it sticks!

    Part of me is a little scared. This is a HUGE change in diet, as I have been eating meat again for about 7 years, and I have never given up dairy for more than a week before. I also have a family to feed and cook for who would like to continue being omnivores.

    Part of me is really excited about the possibilities! From what I’ve read, vegans are way more healthy than their non-vegan counterparts! Refraining from eating meat and dairy can significantly decrease a person’s chances of having heart disease and cancer. You can read about many of the benefits of a vegan diet here.

    Not only that, but many people say that their vegan ways help them feel more connected to Spirit/God/The Universe. Doreen Virtue often states that dairy can block a person’s ability to hear his or her angel team and higher guidance. Avoiding meat and dairy also promotes a gentler way of living that avoids factory farms, the separation of mother animals from their young, and ultimately the killing of other animals for food.

    Now, don’t get me wrong – I don’t at all think that people who eat meat cannot or do not feel connected to the Source or to the Universe. I have been connecting with my team of advisors for years, even when I ate meat! I don’t think that eating meat and feeling connected to Source are mutually exclusive states. Not at all. I am just saying that I would like to see if I feel even MORE connected when I abstain from consuming animal-based foods.

    And – this is a total ego thing and I acknowledge and totally accept it – I want to transform my body. Many advocates of a vegan lifestyle taut the fact that veganism can help a person to lose weight almost effortlessly. I don’t mind putting the effort into working out, going to the gym, practicing PIYO, being active – as a matter of fact, I LOVE IT! But, my diet hasn’t at all been beneficial to my weight loss in the past few years, and I know that something has to change.

    I know that it might be difficult at some times, and I am setting myself up with some support from a friend and fellow blogger, Lisa Frideborg, who will be taking the vegan plunge with me.

    I’ve also decided that I WILL be able to have sushi once per quarter, but I will only have fish on those visits, not any other kind of animal protein or byproduct. I will also allow myself honey, as I am trying to cut down on refined sugars. Another part of this dietary change for me is getting rid of wheat, as I tend to be very sensitive to it (I’ve noticed it triggers my arthritis, makes me bloated and gassy, etc.). So it is not only about animal proteins and byproducts, but also about eliminating substances that I am sensitive to and that are detrimental to my overall health and wellbeing.

    So there it is. My pledge for the new year.

    I’ll be sharing my journey with you – I’ll list books and websites that I find helpful. I might even start sharing recipes that I like so that you can try them.

    Wish me luck!!

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